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Our unmoderated NETChurch e-mail list was open for several years and was quite successful during a time when most e-mail lists were strictly moderated. Below is the history of that e-mail list, with links that described our philosophy for running an unmoderated e-mail list.

Short history: This list began with a small group of people who were led to one another by direction of the Spirit via the Internet, beginning in fall of 1995.  For some, this was a completely unexpected direction. Teri, for instance, had no interest in the Internet or knowledge of computers prior to this. However, it seemed clear to us that the Lord was showing us that the Internet would be more than an 'information highway', and that we could not underestimated how the Lord might use it.

Our study of scripture led us to conclude that an unmoderated list provided the best dynamics for Spirit-led cyberspace fellowship. We wrote, Establishing the Agenda for the Unmoderated E-mail List for NetChurch, to expand on this thought. That webpage expands a little on the subjects of agendas, moderation, leaders, rules and personal boundaries, and hosting lists.

Over the years, the feedback from the active listmembers of Netchurch indicated that it was very successful as an online fellowship. Quite a few people testified how certain e-mail messages on netchurch have blessed them. Many said that it provided a way for meeting other people or exchanging useful information. Mature Christians on the list were very successful in closing down the rare moments of useless or disintegrating debate or strife. In over seven years, only one person had to be removed from this e-mail list due to his refusal to stop teaching that fornication was okay, and both the warning and the removal were done openly. That's pretty amazing for an open-to-the-public e-mail list. The main complaint by those who unsubbed was that sometimes they had more e-mails coming through the list than they would have liked to receive.

We have 1700 years of religion and tradition to work through in order to get back to simplicity in Christ. In March of 1999 we started another e-mail list, called the TCList, for this more specific purpose. The TC (Tranforming Church) email list was about tranforming the Church as described by Wolfgang Simson's 15 Theses Towards a Reformation of Church .

On Feb. 1, 2006, we opened the HarvestNet forum as a replacement for our e-mail lists. It is "Dedicated to those searching for the truth about how to be the Church" Anyone can view the forum, but only registered users can post.

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