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Dear Teri,

I feel like I am supposed to share this one with you.

First, the Lord gave me a word about the great harvest.  I wrote it down as I received it and shared it with the leaders of the local church I was attending at the time.  A few months later God gave me the word about a famine coming.  I did not want to hear it. I did not want to share it either.  I believe it is for all of America.

I believe that most Christians in America are unaware about the things that are going to happen because they have been "protected" from hearing about judgments. I admit that sometimes I have been scared by some of the things I have read relating to judgments while some of the same things have also been confirmed in my spirit.  God does not change.  He is a holy God.  He also is merciful and mighty.

This is what I received:

I am going to send a severe famine to the land.  You allow homosexuals to parade in the streets!  There will be a shortage of food.  Give to others in need.  Give and do not hold back.  I am going to make it easy for you to give.

It was in the fall of '95 that the Lord spoke these words to me. A couple of weeks or so after the Lord spoke to me, He also said “There will be an assassination.”  In my heart I thought well if there is an assassination then there will be a famine.  Then when Yitshak Rabin, Israel’s prime minister was killed, I knew this was an important event.  I also knew that the Lord was giving me a sign that there will indeed be a famine.

Then in my spirit I heard “the beginning of the end.” I was amazed to see TV Pastor John Hagee talking about his book, The Beginning Of The End.  The book was about the assassination of Yitshak Rabing and the coming antichrist.

I kept my eyes open whenever I read about famine in the bible and took comfort in Ps. 33:18-19: "But the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine."

Then one day I was reading Isaiah chapter 3.  It was a judgment on Jerusalem and a famine. See verses 1, 8,9 & 10. There are similarities in verses 9 and 10 as in the word the Lord gave me.

In addition the Lord has told me not to pray for mercy anymore, but to say that true and right are His judgments.  I believe these judgments will cause many people to turn to Him.

Matthew 24:7-8

God bless,


Alisa lives in the far Western part of the U.S.  She believed that her warnings about famine were not just spiritual, but physical too. According to the August 16, 2004 TIME article, "The West Dries Up" (pp 47-51),  a dry spell has "plagued a broad swath of the West since 1999, and is more typical of the region than its 60 million inhabitants would care to admit."  No one knows when this drought will end.  Extensive studies of the tree ring record, tropical Pacific corals, and oceanic sea temperature changes indicate that the West has suffered drought in previous centuries - even extensive 'mega-droughts' like a 16th century drought and the droughts between A.D. 900 and 1350 that lasted between 140 years to over 200 years.  Across "Mexico, Gautemala and the Four Corners region of the Southwest, unreliable rains threw the ancient Maya and Anasazi civilizations into crises. In the Great Plains, peat marshes dried up and sand dunes resumed their wind-driven march..."

Currently water levels in the West continue to be at record lows and the snowpack is shrinking across the West.  In addition,  the snowmelt has been "starting four weeks earlier in the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades." A longer growing season with less precipitation puts stress on trees, grasslands, and of course acricultural crops.  As massive wild fires sweep the West each season and if past droughts are any indicator, we may indeed be in for what the Lord's Spirit would call a "shortage of food" -- Even though there were some heavy rains and floodings with mudslides in southern California in the winter months of the year 2005, drought conditions continue for a large, multi-state, swatch of the northwest U.S. Certainly failed agricultural conditions in the West in comparison to what we have enjoyed in the recent past are more than just a little possible.

Please also read this post from the StormHarvest list (boldened words my own formatting):

Davies Nderma - Survive and Prosper in a Famine 9/11/04 [StormHarvest]
Date sent:       Fri, 1 Oct 2004 15:47:58 -0500

One day when I was praying I felt that God said, "The coming days will be tough days for those who don't live in the Word of God".  As we look around today, we observe many things happening.  Today it is difficult even to travel.  There are so many attacks on many ministries, churches and ministers, more especially prophetic.  When we see what is happening economically, spiritually, politically, socially, academically ... we sum up the circumstances with one word "FAMINE".

The Bible says in the book of Genesis 26 that there was famine in the days of Isaac besides of the days of Abraham.

As I was praying one afternoon, I was taken in the spirit and set for a journey.  I found myself walking on a road and as I was walking, all of sudden I saw wolves with their mouths wide open covering the whole road. I stopped because I could not go any further. The road was covered by grievous wolves with their mouths wide open.  When I stopped I heard Jesus calling me:  "Davies, come over here".  I said, I can't come Lord, because there are grievous wolves covering the road.  Then Jesus said, "Call on me to walk before you".  I called on Jesus and said, "Jesus come and walk before me."  Immediately I saw Jesus before me and all the wolves disappeared.  Jesus and I walked for a distance, Jesus being before me and I following him.  Then Jesus disappeared and I began walking alone.

I walked for short distance when all of sudden I saw a huge mountain covering the road. I could not go further, therefore I stopped walking. From beyond the mountain I heard Jesus calling, "Davies, come over here."  I said to Jesus, "I can't come there because there is a mountain covering the road", then Jesus said, "Call on me to come and walk before you".  Once again I called Jesus to come and walk before me, and all of sudden I saw Jesus before me and the mountain disappeared.  Jesus and I walked for some distance then Jesus turned unto me and said, "Davies, whenever you call unto me and allow me to walk before you, you shall succeed, but when you walk alone you shall fail in whatever you are doing".  Then Jesus disappeared and I found myself in the place where I was praying.

In this experience I found one thing for survival and success:  allowing Jesus to walk before us.  It doesn't matter what situation you find yourself in even if it seems difficult or impossible, but when you call to Jesus to come and walk before you, the situation will disappear.  One of the things to take note of is that Jesus asked me to call him to come and walk before me.  That means we need to call Jesus and allow Him to walk before us.  Don't expect Jesus to come unto your situation if you don't call him to do so.  Both wolves and mountains covered the road I was walking on.  But when I invited Jesus to come and go before Me, both wolves and mountain disappeared.

After this experience I was surprised that Jesus said, "Call on me to come and walk before you". It is only when you invite Jesus that He will come on your way. You are going to survive and prosper in famine situation when you allow Jesus to walk before you in your situation.

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Dear Teri:

It is interesting that at the same time you upload  the word about famine in
the US I got the following prophecy for America given some years ago in Australia.

Bless, Pr J. Conrad Lampan

Subj:   Prophecy about America

The following is a prophecy that was given in Australia several years ago during a YWAM meeting.  It was submitted to us by Jay Bennet who is currently serving with YWAM.

    “My hear is broken for America, says the Lord of hosts.  Who will weep for the pleasant land, the pleasant land which I built with My own hands? For it was I who built her and I will tear her down.  I built her  mountains and forests. I built her fruitful fields. I built her pleasant streams and waterways. It was I, even I, who built the factories and mills. It was I who built her pleasant cities with schools and courts and parks.  It was I who filled the land with churches that America might know My ways.  Yes, it was I who built the pleasant land to be a blessing to the whole earth.

    I built America to be a mighty instrument in My hand to harvest the nations, that every tribe, tongue, people and nation might know My Son.  I filled America with every resource needed to reach the ends of the earth with My salvation, but my people have become hardened to My Spirit and have squandered the resources on their own vain pursuits. Therefore, I will call for a drought on the mountain forests, and the fields will languish, your water will be scarce, your minerals will be few, your factories will go silent and your mills will close.  My heart is broken for America, the pleasant land which I built.  I have removed My blessing from you cities, they will be a blight to the land, your schools will become a terror and your courts a mockery.

    Will you weep for America for her ruin is at hand?  Yet you will say to Me, ‘But Lord, we have been involved in missions.’ But I will say to you, America is like a son whose father told him to plow  a field which he plowed in a day. At the end of the day the father returned to find only a tenth of the field plowed.  The father said, ‘Son, why have you disobeyed Me?’ The son replied, “I haven’t disobeyed you. Look I have been plowing.’ But the father said, “Son, this field could have been plowed in a day.  You have disobeyed me and you must be disciplined....”

    Therefore, America, hear the word of the Lord; I have given you much leisure time, but you haven’t used that time to cry to Me for the lost.  You have simply ignored them and used the time for your own pleasure.  Therefore, I am taking away your leisure time.  I have given you much wealth.  But you haven’t used that wealth to extend My kingdom to those perishing in darkness; therefore, I will take away your wealth.  I have given you many sons and
daughters, but you do not release them to My kingdom’s work; therefore you will lose your sons and daughters to the world.  I have given you peace in your cities that you might do the work of My kingdom unhindered, but you have used the peace only to deepen your slumber; therefore, I am removing the peace.

    Oh, America, that you would change your ways and obey Me.  My heart is broken over the destruction of the pleasant land which I have built..  I long to bless you, but day to day you increase My anger with the utterly selfish way you use the resources I have blessed you with.  The more I give you, the more you spend on yourselves, and when you give, it is only out of your abundance.  Bring Me no more sacrifices that cost you nothing.

    America, I call you to change your ways quickly.  Lest I tear this land to pieces and there be no one to deliver you.  Cry no more to Me about  revival. Do you actually think I will bless your selfish way of living?  Does no one understand My word and My ways?

    Does not  My word say that I give the Holy Spirit to those who obey Me? Does not My word say that those who know Me will be a people zealous for good deeds?  Bring forth deeds that are suitable for real repentance.  Does not My word say that whoever has the world’s goods and beholds his brother in need and closes his heart against him, that My love does not abide in him?  DO you not see that the world is overflowing with  people that I love who are filled with anguish, and hunger, spiritual darkness, sickness, despair, hellish oppressions?  And you sit in your living rooms night after night watching garbage on television as millions perish-- and you are so unconcerned.

    Am I not rightly angry at this selfish nation?  And will I continue to bless thee?  ‘I will Not”, says the Lord of hosts. But My blessing will go to those nations who will obey Me.  And as I live, says the Lord, This pleasant land will become a desolate wasteland.

    Yet even now, says the Lord, ‘If this land will repent and let your hearts be broken for the lost in your own city and around the world, if you will live as My Son showed you, giving your life and your time and your goods to reach those in need, if you will obey My command to go make disciples of all nations, then I will pour out a blessing on this land again such as the world has not seen.

    Oh, if My people would obey Me, I would use them to finish My great commission, I would fill them and guided them, I would delight in them and prosper them if they will diligently do my work.  Oh, that My people would obey me, says the Lord.”

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