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Visions of America
is a small book available from

IMF Publishing
P.O. Box 3079
Denton, TX 76202 U.S.A.
(940) 566-3260

(cost is $7.50 which includes shipping and handling for 1-3 books. Discounts for bulk purchases available)

just released in 1999. I thank my friend, Eric Weiss at (home page) for sending it to me.

The book covers the subjects of judgment/justice, judgment on America, and mass exodus toward home churches. The visions and teachings are not vague. The author writes from a perspective of prophetic intrinsic understanding, rather than a 'me too' revelation put on the market for sale to the highest bidder. This is not a shallow message--nor is it a message that is delivered without passion or compassion. Most of the book was very confirming for myself and a few others I know who have received similar types of revelation (for myself, especially about the home churches).

I had specifics concern or questions regarding a few portions of the book. My detailed concerns were graciously accepted and answered by the author. Our contact with him has been very encouraging and a blessing!

I know that some feel very strongly about ANY type of up-front charge, due to Scriptural standards concerning the 'love of money' and the serving of mammon rather than God. Examples of standards they would hold in high regard would be similar to those practiced by David Wilkerson or the late Keith Green. Also, those who feel this way do themselves preach and write the Word without ANY up-front charge themselves. So they are not merely being cynical or critical: they are holding to their ethics and do not expect of others what they would not do themselves.

If this is the case with you, please be encouraged with the following facts about the author's ministry, and this book in particular:
(I post these here because the book itself does not have most of these facts therein, and there is no real description of his ministry!)

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