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Prophesy Pertaining The Coming Move of the Spirit

Received in February 2006

When Paul said, “the invisible things of God are hidden in the visible things around us I always thought of the examples in nature, but the other day I received this:

What we see happening in the natural is also happening in the Spirit.

As God pours out His Spirit we will see a new type of ministry (vehicle) birthed. The gas-guzzler-sport-utility type of vehicles that run on fossil fuel, (the energy of the flesh, i.e. money and self-promotion) is being replaced by smaller, energy efficient vehicles, (new ministry.) We see in the natural a trend toward hybrid engines that are less dependent on fossil fuel; the same is true of the anointed ministry God is raising up at this time.

In the natural we see entrepreneurs who give birth to new ideas that make large companies seem like inefficient dinosaurs, so will this movement of the Spirit be. Many ministries have become inefficient and their dependency on foreign oil (energy of the flesh) makes it difficult for them to clearly hear the voice of God as the Spirit redirects to meet the needs of a changing market, (the people.)

God is raising up visionaries who see by the Spirit the potential for what He is about to do. These spiritual entrepreneurs will flow with the Spirit and hear the voice of God with great clarity. They will be sensitive to the needs of the people in a way like we have never seen before.

In the natural some companies fail to see the change in the market because the change often threatens their very existence. The same is true of many ministries who were once a shining light, they will be out of touch and out of date with what God is doing, only they won’t know it.

Some ministries have become like Enron. They have tried to convince their stockholders (God’s people) that they are profitable (rich in the Spirit) when the reality is they are bankrupt and they do not have the anointing of God’s Spirit.

Others have been faithful to what God has called them to do and He has blessed the works of their hands, however, the efficiency of God’s Spirit in what He is about to do will make many ministries seem obsolete. There is a new ministry paradigm breaking forth in the earth. Listen and be ready. Watch and see where the anointing breaks out.

This will be a day of small things. In the past God poured out His presence on large congregations. Expect to see more of His anointing in small groups than what we have seen before.

In the natural marketers are realizing the power of network and referral based marketing. Look for the same pattern in the Spirit as God begins to cross paths and connect members of His body in an independent way.

Past outpourings of God’s spirit have emphasized His power. This one will emphasize new understanding and revelation of God’s plan for the ages. There will be a spirit of TRUTH poured out, dispelling false teaching that has kept God’s people in bondage, especially those in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles.

The Internet has affected all of our lives changing the way information is disseminated. With the popularity of podcasting and blogging, individuals have been empowered with the ability to have their voice heard all across the world. Look for many individuals anointed by the Holy Spirit to step forward with new anointed ministry.

Just as the bloggers have been at the cutting edge uncovering the truth in stories reported by mainstream media (think of Rathergate), God’s supernatural bloggers will declare the TRUTH before you hear it from many established ministries.

This new move of the Spirit will shake up the status quo.


Douglas B. Clark


March 12, 2006

I got up early this morning in Indianapolis. I read about Saul and David in the book of Samuel. Here are a few things I received while praying. I felt there is a sequential order to what will happen.

  1. God’s Kingdom will be propagated, neighbor-to-neighbor, and friend-to-friend. Truth will abound as the true message of Jesus spreads throughout the Earth.
  2. His power will arise in those who have been faithful and who have matured.
  3. A strong demonstration of His power through His people.
  4. The collapse of many ungodly things in this world.

I heard: It’s time of the teacher: we are moving into the time of the teacher. An anointing will arise for teaching and understanding His truth. Traditional interpretations will be dispelled. False teaching will be exposed. TRUTH WILL ABOUND.

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