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(Jezebel says) You can have what is not yours....

NOTE: This article is about the Jezebel spirit was originally sent out in April 2002 by European Prophet College and Intercessors Network, based in Sweden. Their website does not exist at this time, so the article is reproduced here, and reformated into paragraphs for easier readability. Below that is contact information so that the reader may get more teachings of prophetic subjects from European Prophetic College.

You can have what is not yours....

You can have what is not yours....
By Lars Widerberg

Ahab, the son of Omri became king over Israel . . .

And Ahab did evil in the sight of the Lord more than all who were before him. And it came about, as though it had been a trivial thing for him to walk in the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, that he married Jezebel the daughter of Etbaal king of the Sidonians, and went to serve Baal and worshiped him. 1 Kings 16:29-31.

The thoughts gathered under this rather provocative heading find their beginning in a royal family where dignity and testimony was lost and gone in the name of an individualistic approach to national prosperity and security.

This meditation focuses on the spiritual dynamics which produce and aggressively mould the moral climate and attitude of the late days of this dispensation, when the Lord is occupied with a recovering of the Testimony within his house.

We find ourselves involved with a description of the spiritual dynamics opposing the Testimony of Jesus Christ in the name of an improved Christianity adapted to contemporary society.

Our story begins with the less than great king Ahab returning sullen and vexed in spirit from a business tour. He had not been successful in his efforts gathering to himself a piece of land, a vineyard, a loved and cherished family lot - the inheritance of the fathers of Naboth. The king’s great dream was to turn this quality vineyard into a vegetable garden, turning the many years of hard labour of cultivating quality grapes into a simple operation of mass-production for personal pleasure.

Ahab is remembered as the number one in producing evil - at least up until then. Ahab is remembered as the sobbing, sulking, sullen king who in this very significant and delicate situation appeals to his spiritistically inclined wife and queen for help. Ahab is remembered as a most childish ruler, the epitome of fleshly desire. And Jezebel helps sobbing, sullen flesh. The spiritual, spiritistic - even prophetic - dynamics of Jezebel are designed to help the one who is hurt, who cannot have what he wants. She defends the rights of men who will not bow to the prospects and ways of the cross. She is aiding in trespassing. The Queen uses her position close to the throne to twist and distort the concept of authority. Her name is used as a label, a abbreviation for the definition of the spiritual complex of power operating in the Church to help and to force her to claim rights and walk walks never willed and designed by Heaven.

In Revelations 2-3 she appears again with the same strong connection to rulers, rulers of churches. In these pregnant letters of reproach and also of commendation, the Lord divides between flesh and spirit with the sword in his mouth, Rev 1:16, 2:16, also Hebr 4:12. Together with her companions and male counterparts, the Nicolaitans, she moves to the forefront as the main obstruction of Heaven’s rules and heavenly conduct. Her aim is to establish a concept of authority which is twisted and blown out of proportion. Under her tuition priesthood and prophets become people-pleasers or rulers of men’s hearts and thoughts. She bends and teaches her disciples to bend Heaven’s rule to man’s will and desire. Desire is the big arbiter. In the letter to Thyatira she is graphically described as the prophetic paramount leading leadership astray while working as a stimulating and arousing factor over sexual desire, need of belonging, security and recognition and over the protecting functions neglecting and rejecting the cross as the sole way to proper provision in the spiritual realm, the relational area and in regards to physical needs. Her main lesson which she teaches with utmost fervency is unfaithfulness.

Jezebel regards herself as the perfect interpreter of the redeeming message of Heaven. She redefines the love of the Father, she represses the redemption of the Son, she redirects and restructures the operations of the Spirit. She adds the nonessential and leaves out the necessities. Love becomes lax and lustful her fashion. Holiness becomes harsh according to her apprehension. The Spirit transforms into spirit, as in spiritism, because of eternal enmity between her and him. Man’s sobbing becomes major priority. God’s sovereignty is turned into a serving toll, a servant’s apron. The revelation of Jesus Christ is ever sufficient, ever growing, never changing. According to the workbook of Jezebel, this revelation is most unqualified and must be added to. His appearance must be changed to fit circumstances.

We do well in shedding light on and defining her presence. She is something more than a spirit. She cannot be cast out as if she would be just another demon. She plants and develops attitudes. She produces a moral climate. She is a way of life, a set of principles or perhaps better, the absence of principles and character. Isaiah 47 defines her as pride personified, as desire running wild, as one who believes she can run the world as an item yielding to magical manipulation and bizarre authority. She belongs to the market and the market belongs to her. She dares to try to make money on the presence of the altar. She turns the House of God into a market place.

This woman draws you, entices you to move outside the realm of true faith in the name to faith in the extraordinary as being the true realm and revelation of the spiritual. This evil woman offers you a sense of belonging by her messy mega-gatherings. Big deals and large quantities take the place of genuine togetherness for the sake of the Testimony, the presence of the Lord. Commotion has been put in the place of Life in her economy. She allows you and opens way for you to have what is not yours, but denies you the possibility to be touched by the major work of the Holy Spirit unto a character like our Lord’s.

The Greek word husteros is one given to Paul by the Holy Spirit to set a limit to the last part of the existence of civilisation as we know it and call it. The word means "the last part", "the things and objects that are situated at the end", "on the edge" - time and things taken to the extreme. The psychologist uses the word to determine and define deviating, aberrant and unbalanced states of behaviour and consciousness.

The Endtime is the time of husteros, hysterics and extremism. Our time is out of balance. Thinking and behaviour is taken to the extreme. The Endtime is the time of Jezebel. She generates this unquenchable urge for the sensational and the fantastic. The Endtime is the time of fantasy and megalomania, cyber-societies and dream-worlds. Our civilisation provides tools to break the limits of reality and veracity.

This sequence of time is indeed the time of the monstrous jezebelic quest for emotional bliss and material prosperity. This sequence of time is the time of judgment coming down on this whore. She is indeed unfaithful - no truth. She is indeed a barren woman - no fruit. Her barrenness haunts her - she tries to track down a solid method to prophesy forth her own future. She takes everything to the extreme.

You can have what you want. You can have what is not yours. This woman, Jezebel, takes you beyond limits. And we all want to be set free from limitations and the grey, sullen, tone of our tardy, traditional, uneventful everyday-living. Her method majors on exaggeration and hype. She loves to pump things up and blow them apart in our faces, leaving us with disappointment and bitterness just to be able to start the whole process over again.

She stretches things and ideas out of proportion, she turns you into a trespasser of her own sort. Her words are: overstep, overdo, overheated, overcrowded, overemphasis, overrule - please, fill in your own. You can have what you would never try to take if you were not forced off limit. She laughs at and scoffs those who believe thinking and evaluation hinder the Spirit from doing his work. She brings you what should never be received.

One of her standard statements - "Don’t judge" - opens for her mysterious activity. Her name is "The great Mystery"; indeed mysterious simply because we do not allow ourselves to consider her activity and because her atmosphere and ways of expression are commonly accepted as "normal".

"But I have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess." Rev2:20.

"Don’t judge, be of an open mind, show tolerance. Love is God. Tolerance is Lord." This twists the message to a church that is infested and infected by the twisted Gospel according to Jezebel.

"Be of sound judgment and sober spirit for the purpose of prayer." 1 Peter 4:7. A praying church is a tool in the hands of the Lord to move in proper judgment in these hysteric times to establish the Testimony. Be of an open, fully operative mind showing no tolerance towards perversion. The Church, the household of God, is meant to be the pillar and support of the truth. God is love; he therefore sent his Son. . . to eliminate sin, and to establish sound judgment. He so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son equals he so hated sin that he gave. . .

This sword in the mouth of the Son goes after mixture and compromise. Purify your hearts, you double-minded. James 4:8. To be open-minded requires a thorough cleansing from the mixture and blend of the concoction prepared by the hands of Jezebel, poured into the mind and will of Christians of this late hour. A sulking king comforted by the hands and the words of an adulteress is a matter of immaturity. A Christian moving along the forbidden paths of the very same woman is gross immaturity.

The Church of Jezebel lives by an improved Christianity, a Christianity blown out of proportion. There is no cross in that Church. Flesh has moved to the front row and dwells safely by decisions made by a board that is placed firmly beyond correction. Fantasy equals prophecy in her presence. Her Church majors on prosperity, enrichment and self-gratification. This whole system understands the times and contemporary culture to be the ruling pattern set up for the Church. Real love, true truth and prophecy dies under her provision. Hers is a Church full of trespassers who believe they can have what is not theirs.

This Church of Jezebel is prophetic indeed. It fulfils certain words in regards to the Endtime, uttered with strict finality by the One in whose mouth is a blazing, sharp, two-edged sword, Rev 1:16. This woman Jezebel pretends to be prophetic, never giving second thought to what name she uses as her final authority, always quick to add the Name of Jesus to any and every word she utters. She is indeed bold and daring, always ready to speak positiveness and prosperity through her willing vessels. These prophets are led out into the realms of unfaithfulness in the name of faith, into areas in which no true prophet ever moves. Her mode is prophetic overdrive, speeding ahead into confusion and collapse. Her source is flesh and fantasy, therefore the door is wide open to any spirit but the Holy Spirit. She forces the Church into the spiritistic realm.

Prophets know the time, the Endtime - husteros, and therefore they avoid the hysteric mode at all times. Prophets know sources, they are trained in the art of identification. Prophets are those who are able to lead the people back to the cross. Prophets are those who dare to move against the tide. Prophets are those who are eager to move with the Lord for a recovering of the Testimony. This Testimony speaks against the Jezebel dynamics. This testimony speaks against the flesh and its strategic connection to the spiritistic realm. The deeds of the flesh are evident, which are immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery. . . Gal 5:19-20. The mood of Jezebel brings in sorcery which belongs to the spiritistic realm.

The righteous are the victims of Jezebel. She arranged for the stoning of Naboth to allow for the vineyard to fall into the king’s hands. She hands over the Church to the ruling party of the strong and self-willed. The poor and needy always pay the bills.

The prophet is the victim of Jezebel. She condemns his words as belonging to the realm of the Old Testament where there is no grace. She shuts her ears simply because she thinks she deserves approval. Her main defence against judgement is a bold "I always help God", "I am fully on his side". "Please, do not judge, show tolerance".

The message of the prophets, of the pastors, of the evangelists and the Church at large has to be one of repentance, repentance out from a deeply felt need and urge to become different from what is in this world at this very late hour. Jezebel does not give up as if she is a spirit who can be cast out together with other evil and foul spirits of lust, greed and whatever. She is something else, something much more complex and much more disastrous. It takes the cross to begin to deal with her. It takes the message of the cross of Christ to confront her. It takes the Testimony of the cross of Jesus Christ to take her to judgement and annihilation.

It takes the cross to show that you cannot have what is not yours, as is her promise. It takes the cross thoroughly applied to bring each and every one of us out of her world of folly and fantasy. It takes the cross to convince the Church that she cannot prophecy her own future. It takes the cross to bring out a solid Testimony of the mind and measurements of Jesus Christ in the midst of an unruly, unwilling people.

We are, as the Church, called to fight the good fight, 1 Tim 1:18, to allow ourselves to become involved in good warfare according to heavenly standards. The Lord is pictured as one who has a sword in mouth when he speaks to his Church. This is a prophetic picture pointedly illustrating the effects of the Word once and for all given to the Church and the prophetic application of this Word within the Church of today. It leaves no room for any tolerance of the woman Jezebel, of her view of reality, of her way of handling truth and certainly not of her way of treating the prophetic realm. Prophets bring you back to Christ. Prophets bring you back to prudence and sobriety.

The dynamics of Jezebel are defeated at the cross, and consequently this hysteric activity leads up to a final denial of the cross of Christ.

Hers is a different way of overcoming. Hers is a haughty overcoming of obstacles set up to hinder her in her paths to rulership. She helps the sulking king to take what is not his, She is everywhere present to help a sullen, pleasure-hungry Church to get what will never become hers. The true Church has made herself available for the Testimony of Jesus Christ to be restored. This Testimony is in itself the prophetic realm. This Testimony brings and establishes the very things it carries as testimony. There is no discrepancy between what you see in the appearance of that Church and what you will receive from the gathering of such a spiritual unity. The presence of a prophetic testimony equals the presence of the Lord himself. It is Life and within the limits of that Life there is no need going beyond, there is no need of reaching out for something else because the Life and Testimony of Christ is inexhaustible. This is yours. . . This is ours. . . This you can have, and have it abundantly.

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