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Depression Helps Page

Webpage authors note: Over the years, I have both encountered and ministered to many depressed Christians who have come to the point of suicidal thoughts, or who have been suicidal. Much of what qualifies me for this ministry is my own very serious battle with depression came to a crisis point at 18 years old when I suddenly and surprisingly (to me) became so suicidal that if it were not for another Christian my age who helped me through, I would have most certainly attempted suicide. This crisis came in spite of the fact that I was a very strong Christian full of faith in the Lord, well-versed in the Bible, and operating in many spiritual gifts at the time.

Currently as then, religious churches are ill-equipped to minister to Christians who are depressed. Oftentimes, as happened to me, an extremely unloving peer group or fellowship will contribute to depression rather than alleviate it.  Both myself and my grown daughters, who have also encountered their share of suicidal friends while in high school, have consistently observed past or present abuse and neglect as a major contributing factor to depression.  Similarly, spiritual abuse exacerbates the problem too.

Starting today (March 15, 2005) this page has been constructed  as a help for one of those 'emergency' situations of severe depression, for a sister in the Lord who is out-of-state.  I will add the "bells and whistles" (artistic background, etc.) later. Most of the links today are lifted from the internet helps recommended in Douglas Bloch's 1999 book, "When Going Through Hell Don't Stop: A Survivor's Guide to Overcoming Anxiety and Clinical Depression"

-Teri Lee Earl
If you are thinking about suicide, read this first

SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Contains a depression checklist, facts about suicide and depression,
and suicide prevention facts

Have A Heart's Depression Resource
A Rest Stop From Depression and Thoughts of Suicide
written by a survivor of depression and suicide thoughts

Depression and Bipolar Disorder Alliance
a non-profit group that provides educational information and support groups
Website has a confidential screening for depression and bipolar disorder, psychiatric hospital guide, and link to finding a support group in your area

Emotions Anonymous
Emotions Anonymous is a twelve-step organization, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous

The National Foundation for Depressive Illness, Inc.
NAFDI is dedicated to the cause because, as quoted on their website:
"Depression is, through suicide, the seventh greatest cause of death in this country; it's third greatest among adolescents and young adults; it breaks up families, ends careers and costs U.S. businesses an estimated forty-four billion dollars per year. Yet, even at the current level of knowledge, we know enough to end almost all of this suffering..."
Want Information on Depression? Turn to The Internet
Advice from NAFDI news

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