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Note: This article was once published at by R. Johnson, and was discovered by ourselves in year 2005. However, his website came down without explanation. We found the article again using the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine at 

It is reproduced here in full. 


Generation X ... The Psychic Hot Line ... Phone Sex ... Waco ... Heaven's Gate  
Vampire Cults ... Kiddie Porn ... Gangster Rap Jimmy Swaggart ... Jimmy Baker  
Susan Smith ... QJ ... Tim McViegh ... Jon Bonnet Ramsey

Each phrase represents just one small sound bite from our culture. In this nation there are millions of sound bites, equal in devastation, that never makes it to the national news. However, each sound bite has one common denominator, Morality. As a student of Christian and secular history, it appears that this generation is in some very serious trouble. In fact, the entire planet seems to be hurling itself towards a pinnacle of moral decadence that will surpass any other in all of history.  

I do not want to waste your valuable time with my personal belly aching over the moral condition of our nation and the world. Many others have stood upon the box or screamed from behind a pulpit while expounding on the ills of this nation and the world. I, however, want to offer you a serious answer to the problem. I am going to ask you to think.  

Does anyone really expect any level of the government to stop the drug problem, the divorce, or the crime rate. To keep things in perspective, remember that everything we see and hear in the media about drugs, crime, violence, divorce, and the breakdown of the family are just the immoral symptoms of our society. (Merely, the leaves on the tree.) The tree itself is deeply rooted and drinking from the cesspool of immorality. It cannot help but to bear fruit after its kind.  

Not one government in all of human history has been able to produce one cure for its own immoral sickness. Not one law will ever be written that can bring morality to the heart of anyone.  

The ability for individual, personal morality has never been given to any government, nor will it ever come from government. Just how sick is this day we live in? Think about this for a moment. It is a sad day when the collapse of the family is so evident that the family has become a political platform for politicians.  

When people begin to look towards the government for a cure and the government actually thinks it can solve such moral issues, total collapse is imminent.  

Many nations throughout history have collapsed in total devastation under the influence of this immoral virus. There is a real cure.  

Again, I am going to ask you to think. I promise you this will not be a shallow religious answer of the world's desperate need for God. That is the obvious easy way to avoid a real answer to the problem. Ranting about man's need for God has never effectively cured anything. It is obvious that man needs God. Again, that is only one of the leaves on the tree. It is not the tree or the root source of the problem.  

When we hear of any deadly diseases that are rampant and out of control, everyone naturally fears becoming infected. Those who are infected have only one hope for a cure. The hope that someone would develop a Vaccine for inoculation. Nearly everyone will agree that year after year, with increasing intensity, the side effects of this immoral lawlessness within our society, has encroached more and more into their lives. This immoral disease of our day is so rampant that eventually, even if you personally suffer no symptoms, in the end, it will destroy even you. Many innocent lives throughout history have suffered because of apathetic indifference to massive immoral decadence.  

While I am not into the Nations of the earth or their agendas, since I am a child born into the Kingdom, of a Holy Nation, a citizen of a different Government, which is above. I do, however believe that we can learn a lot from history, since God our Father is the author of all history. I would like to offer you a warning from what I understand about God and how he has related to the Nations throughout History. This nation, or any other nation, will be destroyed unless we act quickly.  

There is a real cure,  
If you are a Christian, your role is vital.  
You may not like the needle, but I believe  
There are no other alternatives.  
Reformation Must Come To The Body of Christ  
Brethren, We must do three things,

Locate the Virus, Effect a Cure,  
And then Inoculate the Victims.  
Think with me.

Since the cross of Calvary, God has ordained one sovereign institution to address individual morality for all of humanity. The church was to be the Moral Voice of God on the earth. Its voice was to contain both salt and light. The voice was to speak with a clear call, while the light was to shine as a beacon for troubled souls. Calling them to come to a safe place no matter what storm their life was facing. Compelling them with a clear voice in the midst of life's storms, "This is the way." With open doors of hope offering everyone that enters another pathway than from the sinful one they were traveling. While many Christians love to visualize the church functioning in this manner, nothing could be farther from reality nowadays.  

The Father has also ordained only one way for humanity to exchange immorality for morality. There is still only one way that a wicked heart can be made moral, and that is, on its knees in repentance before God. There is no other channel; there is not one other effort by man anywhere which has the power to bring about real moral change within the heart, other than repentance before a Holy God. Let those who are wise agree or show another way.  

The church has the tremendous responsibility for being the Moral voice of God on the planet. That voice was to send out a clear signal, a bright light, with no variation or shadow of turning.  

A constant pure call to Holiness, coupled with the sounding alarm of a loud trumpet. A trumpet, warning those who do not turn and rend their hearts from the error of their ways, that they faced impending judgment. The great danger of this responsibility should cause every man who opens his mouth to speak, in the name of God, to tremble with great fear! That Voice must be full of Integrity, Honor, Virtue, Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth, with Truth in its purest form, as the Chief Cornerstone in the mouth of the speaker. 'Without pure truth the other fruits are impossible. Anything less than pure truth and that voice is not of God!  

Is society responsible for the level of immorality we see today? A thousand times no. There is something wrong with the institution that has the divine responsibility for being the Moral Voice of God on the earth. That voice no longer has a clear call, the pathways are undefined to the hearers, the light is no longer bright, and there is no salt in its message.

Total responsibility for the immoral breakdown in this nation and around the world lies behind the church doors. It stands behind the pulpit and speaks on Sundays with an unclear impure sound. The ora-tor sounds a trumpet while its own lips and life is full of hypocrisy, sin, heresy and lies.

Without exception,

We must recognize that the moral sickness in this nation  
Is directly proportional  
To the moral sickness of the pulpits  
In our churches.

To continue to deny this truth and blame the government, society, or just the evils of our day, is to lie to God and man. We proclaim to have the answers, the way, and the cure for what ails your soul. If we do, then why are we so powerless and unable to turn back this immoral, rampant, ever growing virus sweeping our nation? Physician, heal thyself!  

Locating the virus is quite simple, but nearly undetectable in many instances. Most sermons today resemble a "Show Time" style, complete with jokes, rather than a real word from God. While these sermons may amuse and entertain the hearer, they will carry little impact on their overall lives. It would actually stun most members if they knew that the word they thought was coming from God was actually nothing more than a prepared speech written by a professional writer. Preachers nowadays order their sermons on a disc complete with jokes for an entire year or more. Have you ever noticed how you can hear one sermon and say that was good, and a few days or weeks later hear someone else preach or say nearly the same thing? It is not the spirit speaking. The Emasculated Cheerleaders of our day are only parroting the latest hot releases from prepared sermons.  

These men have become nothing but Echoes of one another, forgetting that God (if he did) called them to be a Voice, not an Echo. I have had the privilege on several occasions of delivering a real word from God, and let me assure you, frivolity and joking was not present. What was present was a solemn fear, a silence, and great seriousness. I have seen people sit in stunned silence for long periods. Some covered their heads with coats, while others got on their knees or sat in the corner of the room quietly. Most left the service wondering if they even knew God. Never, did I feel compelled to reassure them that all was well between them and God. Woe to the man who adds to what God has spoken to the heart!  

To emphasize my point think back with me for a moment.

There was a time, not that long ago, when the majority of society listened to the moral voice of the church. In the 40's and 50's, the influence of the church carried the power to close shops and bars on Sundays. While I am not sure if it had any impact on individual morality, what is significant here, is the fact that society was, at least, still willing to listen to the churches message.  

Today, the moral voice of the church is at such a low level and sickened condition, that in all of my studies of church history, this condition has never been seen before. Never before has the culture of any society risen above the church in such a mocking and arrogant manner as we witness in this generation. Even in the dark ages, the church was never perceived by society the way it is today. Poking fun, ridiculing, and desecrating Christianity on every level of culture in our society is now the norm. "Christian" has become a dirty word. Do not make the mistake by believing that this is just some form of worldly persecution. It is not! What is taking place is justifiable retribution by a society that is angry at a church cloaked in hypocrisy, worldliness, heresy, and sin within itself. A powerless church, unable to demonstrate to a desperate generation in search of the truth that this is the way. One thing I like about Generation X is their refusal to follow just the mouth of proclamation; they want to see a real demonstration!  

The church no longer possesses one ounce of influence in spite of all its speaking. This powerless-ness is largely due to the obvious hypocrisy and blatant public sin of its members and leaders. How can the church offer society a cure when its roots drink deeply from the same cesspool of immorality? Society is shouting back at the church, "Get your long bony finger out of my face!" Don't you dare tell me about my sin or the evils of money, you hypocrite! You are supposed to show me the way, go take a good look in the mirror at yourself. In all of this we can see that there is a deep spiritual hunger and a real searching for reality in this generation. This is why the psychic hot line is having such success.  

Again, I must ask you to think if  
You are a Christian,  
You are vital to the cure.

We have located the source of this immoral virus and looked at the affects it has had on society. I feel that as we begin to develop the vaccine we must examine one more issue before we can truly effect a cure. I would like to repeat a statement I made earlier. The sickness in this nation is directly proportional to the sickness of our pulpits. The problem is not in the White House or the State House, as many TV. Preachers would have you to believe. It is not in Congress, the Senate, or the Supreme Court! Something is wrong with the Voice of the Moral Agent of God.  

We must answer two questions.  
One, How did it get like this?  
Two ... What will it take to fix it?

There is a major doctrinal error and spiritual deception practiced by nearly every church today. Please Read Carefully. I promise you no matter what church you attend, you will find some or all of this False Doctrine being practiced.  

In early church history  
Organized religious leaders  
Who sought control over the body of Christ  
Quickly removed this Serious Foundational Doctrinal Practice  
of the Early Church.

In the Early Church Hypocrisy, Heresy, and Sin were dealt with Publicly and Openly. This is not the way we handle things in our day. Why, we are more civilized. Listen to the sickness of our day. Nowadays, when a preacher is exposed for being with a prostitute or molesting children, all of the closet deviates that claim to be of Christ immediately talk about restoring this fallen preacher. This is nothing but a false perversion of love.

What kind of a book would we have if we read that the Apostle Paul had a whore on the side? On the other hand, suppose Peter had a lifestyle of great abundance and wealth because he found out that his shadow could heal people, so he held Miracle Crusades to justify his Greedy Carnal Appetite. The great Apostle Peter said, silver and gold have I none, but such as I have, I give freely. Can you name one person who sold the spirit for a dollar in the book? How sick is this day ... How great is our Call! How dangerous is this hour for those who are being caught by these Wolves in Sheep's clothing.?  

We have Foundational Fathers who set a pattern that we must follow. Fathers who followed the same pattern as Jesus, Fathers who issued a call to Holiness, Virtue, Honor, Integrity, and Righteousness all covered with a robe of Pure Truth. Paul cried out over and over. Let not this be named among you ... Be not deceived those who do such things will not inherit ... Come out from among them ...

Don't even eat with one who says he is a brother and is a fornicator.  

He screams from the pages FOLLOW ME as I follow Christ! Honestly, would you follow Paul if he had a whore on the side? Then why would you have a problem understanding why the lost in this wicked hour are not looking to the church but the psychics!  

What Doctrine  
Was practiced by the Early Church  
That needed to be taken away?

Open Public Confrontation

Strip them of Godly Discernment!

Stop the Holy Spirit from speaking to or through them!

This doctrine, if not removed from the structure of the Early Church, carried the power to stop them from creating the office of a Holy Man. (another high priest) A man who would appear as if he was closer to God than the common man. Once removed, it would make them accountable to no one but themselves and, certainly not a body of believers. It would also empower them with the ability to create False Doctrine for their benefit, as well as cover their own Hypocrisy, Heresy, and Sin. The problem is not a new one, as you see, but an old established one.  

Before you go off on The Pope and the False Doctrines found in the reprobate Catholic Institution, let me remind you the Protestant churches have a Pope in every pulpit spewing out variations of many doctrines, differing from one another every Sunday. While the origin of this False Doctrine has its roots in Catholicism, it is also practiced in mass by all of Protestantism. In fact, the Protestants have perfected it. For organized religion to accomplish their goal of instituting a holy man, false doctrines, and unaccountability for their actions they needed to Destroy This One Structural Early Church Doctrine.  

Just convince the people that this man is More Holy and closer to God than they are. Get them to trust what he says as being from God, even if it is off scripturally a little. Make them think what he says is a result of some kind of special divine insight or comes to him because of prayer, fasting, or celibacy. (Nowadays it's called the anointing)

Create a board or group of other holy men that we select to hold us accountable.  

Teach them not to question the Holy Man. (Touch not mine annointed)

Teach them to come and sit down, shut up, pay their tithes, stand and praise God, then to go home. Teach them that church matters are a private issue and not a public one.  
Teach them that the only way we deal with church matters are behind closed church doors. Teach them personal sin is also a private church matter to be kept behind church doors. Teach them to remain silent and never allow open rebuke or questions publicly at anytime. Teach them that we never discuss any dirty church laundry publicly!

Teach them that it is not love to discuss these things openly.

All we have to do is teach one generation that these things are so and they will teach it to their own children as a church truth.  

All of which is a lie, and none of which, was a practice of the Early Church.  

This is why the pages of Church History are filled with one Reformer after another who was moved upon by the Spirit of God, from Stephen and the Apostles, to Luther, Huss, Wycliff, Wesley, and George Foxx. All of these men followed the Master Pattern set by the Master Jesus Himself.  

Church history is full of the blood of Millions of Martyrs who stood up and spoke out against what they saw taking place within the leadership of the church. Men and women of God who refused to sit down and shut up when they saw heresy, hypocrisy, and sin within the leaders and members of the church.  

All of Church History shows that Open Public Confrontation has always been God's way of dealing with a sick religious institution that was claiming to be the Moral Agent of God. God has always used Public Exposure, in full view, for the Entire World to see.  

From the days of Jesus to Jimmy Swaggart it has, and will continue to be, Open Public Exposure of Blatant Hypocrisy, Heresy, and Sin. As long as we refuse to address the problem, God will continue to use the media to show us the problem.

If we examine Jesus' ministry,  
And the way he related to the temple  
And the Pharisees we can learn a lot.

Think with me.  

Do you realize that Jesus was the will of God in the flesh while he Openly and Publicly Condemned the very religious system that God had ordained. In fact, he spoke so bold to the Pharisees that he Publicly called them Hypocrites, Vipers, Tombs, and Blind Guides many times. He warned the people against them continually. He also warned people many times, "To make sure that YOU do not become like the Pharisees." Listen to the most profound Open Public Confrontational statement Jesus ever made to the Pharisees. Can you imagine the Son of God speaking to the leaders of the temple, as he Publicly Declared to them, "You are of Your Father the Devil and His Deeds will you do!" I can hear you saying, well that was Jesus and I am not Jesus.

Why Jesus, don't you know that these are God's anointed chosen priests? Jesus, haven't you read what the bible says about touching Gods anointed? Jesus, if you keep this up the world will think that the Great God Jehovah and the Nation Israel are not the right way. Jesus, your "gonna" be in trouble, your "gonna" bring a curse upon yourself. Jesus, don't you know anything about spiritual authority? Why don't you just go and talk to them in private? Surely Jesus, there must be a better way to do this in a more Loving Godly Manner.  

Our Early Church Fathers understood and followed the same pattern set by Jesus. They understood that foundational in All Church Structure there would have to be zero tolerance for Heresy, Hypocrisy, and even Blatant Sin within the lives of church leaders and members. They chose to deal with such issues openly and publicly just as Jesus had done. Why? They knew that if such serious matters were dealt with behind closed doors, then the heresy, hypocrisy, and sin would remain within the church. They knew that if these issues were not constantly rooted out, the very Moral Voice of God (the church) would itself become hypocritical to those it was called to offer a more excellent way.  

For this reason, Paul openly rebuked Peter before all the brethren about his hypocrisy of eating one way with the Jews and another with the Gentiles.  

Can you hear the voice of today's leadership? Why not discuss it in private Paul, after all, it was not that big of a deal. Why embarrass Peter? Paul, don't you realize he was the anointed one who spoke on Pentecost? Besides, he actually walked and talked with Jesus. Why Peter was personally trained by the Master Himself for three years! You were not! Paul you need to be more tactful and kind. Perhaps, you're not complete in love yet, Paul.  

For this reason, Paul publicly discussed the Blatant Sin of a man who was sleeping with his own father's wife before the whole church.  

For this reason, Peter openly rebuked Annias and Saphira for their sneaky ways of trying to appear to be something they were not before the body of Christ. Their lying hypocrisy cost them their lives.  

For this reason, Paul went into the temple daily and reasoned (contended, debated, argued) from the scriptures contending for the faith.

For that reason they beat him, kicked him out, and in the end killed him. The very same Evil Religious System that God used as a tool in his hand to crucify Jesus would also be the same one that would destroy the Apostles and the Millions of Martyrs that would follow.  

Two things are evident from Jesus' ministry and throughout all of church history.  

The first being, the religious system will kill you if you expose it. Secondly, this is the battlefield of all true heavenly spiritual warfare. Jesus not only paid the price to redeem the lost; he also exposed the more serious evils of what a corrupt religious system will do to the voice of truth.  

This fight is not for the faint hearted.  
Read the following Scriptures closely.

1 Tim 5: 20-21  
Those who are sinning Rebuke in The Presence Of All, that the rest also may fear. I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that You Observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality.  

Gal 2:11-14  
Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I Withstood Him To His Face, because he was to be blamed; for before certain men came from James, he would eat with the Gentiles; but when they came, he withdrew and separated himself, fearing those who were of the circumcision. And the rest of the Jews also Played the Hypocrite with him, so that even Barnabas was carried away with Their Hypocrisy. But When I Saw that they were not Straightforward About the Truth of the gospel, I said to Peter Before Them All, "If you, being a Jew, live in the manner of Gentiles and not as the Jews, why do you compel Gentiles to live as Jews?  

Rev 3:19  
"As many as I love, I Rebuke and Chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.( NKJ)

1 Cor 5:1  
It is actually Reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and such sexual immorality as is not even named among the Gentiles--that a man has his father's wife!  

1 Cor 5:11  
But now I have written to you Not to keep company with anyone named a Brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner--Not Even To Eat With Such A Person.  

2 Tim 4:1-3  
Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, Rebuke, Exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure Sound Doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;  

The plan to remove Godly Discernment  
Was conceived in hell, and placed in the hearts of men.

If we can take away the Voice of Godly Discernment from the body of Christ, then, we can take away the Moral Voice of the Church to society. If we can get the members to look the other way and remain silent when they see Hypocrisy, Heresy, and Sin within the Church. Then the Voice of the Moral agent of God will itself appear as a Hypocrite, full of Sin and Void of Reality to the very people it was called to reach.  

The Church needs a good dose of Open Public Debate;  
A real contending for the faith,  
So it can recast its anchor upon the Rock again.

You are vital to the cure!  

How many times have you sat in a church service and had the Divine Alarm of the Holy Spirit go off, over something that was said, which you knew was just not quite right. Normally, the Alarm will be a counter scripture that will come to mind instantly which would dispute what is being said or taught. How many times have you stifled the voice of Godly Discernment because of the fear of offending the speaker, or your fear of being labeled a troublemaker? When the Alarm goes off within you, is your first method of handling the Alarm a choice to go to them in private? After all, Matthew 18 says, go to them in private. Yes it does, but we are not talking about a "personal offense," we are talking about the Voice of the Holy Spirit and Godly Discernment being sacrificed on the altar of fear within your heart! All because you are afraid of offending the speaker.  

When truth is repeatedly sacrificed on the altars of fear and compromise within the heart, you are destined to be given over to apathy and complacency. If you continually deny the Alarm of the Holy Spirit and stifle the Voice of Godly Discernment, eventually deception will cover the eyes of your heart.  

The church you attend will become trapped in the vain traditions of men. If you and the other members in your church continue to remain silent, you will eventually come to tolerate and believe the very lie that the Holy Spirit was warning you about as a truth.  

I am not talking about petty issues or simple mistakes, but Major Alarms. Alarms that go off when building proposals are introduced that will lead the church into debt, as a move of God. Alarms that scream from deep within the heart over violations of sound doctrinal issues, alarms that disturb both the soul and the conscience when it sees Heresy, Hypocrisy, and Blatant Sin within the lives of leaders and members.  

Remember this! Truth is all Authority; thy word is Truth. There is no rank with God or Authority given, except it is founded on Truth. No matter who is speaking, Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, or Pastor, remember, God says, "if they speak not according to my word it is because there is no light in them."  

In other words, God will not endorse deception or even error. I promise you the Holy Spirit is still speaking to many hearts every Sunday about multitudes of serious errors. Here's the problem. The ones he is speaking to refuse to stand and speak. Sitting in silence is turning the Alarm off. Is that you?  

Today, tolerance for Sin, Hypocrisy, Heresy, and False Doctrine are all cloaked in a robe of false love that is far from biblical truth. Many times I have wondered if the sheep are not under some kind of a spell. Real love cannot remain silent when it sees injustice, false doctrine, error, hypocrisy, and blatant sin. Real love will speak out every time! It is quite simple to understand. Would you stand by and watch an innocent child be molested and remain silent? Then why would you stand by and remain silent in the presence of deception? Who do you think it is that shows you these things, who sets off the Alarm?  

Let me add that yes we are to judge within the body. Even Jesus did not say that we were not to judge, as many have been brainwashed into believing. In Matthew 7, (read it) He said we were not to judge as hypocrites. Do not say to someone, "Do not smoke when you do." Jesus said, first remove the beam out of your eye THEN you may help your brother remove his speck.  

When anyone stands to speak publicly for God or prints public articles and books, they should be held accountable publicly. Every society on the entire planet does this. Why have the leaders in the church risen above accountability for their words and actions? How did they turn off your Alarm? Even Movie Critics have a field day with a bad movie. Think of all of the off the mark, boring, repetitious sermons you have heard. It's time to speak up about it, not shut up. One thing is for sure that the church will not be the boring, head-bobbing event it now is.  

Wake Up. Answer the Alarm!

The Church needs a good dose of Open Public Debate, a real contending for the faith, so it can recast its anchor upon the Rock again.  

If Godly discernment had not been systematically  
Programmed out of the body of Christ by the sit down, shut up,  
I'm God's anointed with a word for your attitude we see today.  
I am convinced we would not have the charlatans of this generation we now  
See selling the gospel for a buck Every time we turn on the television.
We have located the virus.  
We have examined its symptoms  
And side effects on the Church and Society.  
We have developed the Vaccine of Truth  
And A Cure Named ... YOU!

Now it's time to Inoculate the Victims.  

Why do we need such Open Public Confrontation? We desperately need real change within the church. The bible and history are full of one confrontation after another. Every time things drifted too far away from the truth of the Real Gospel, our Father has always raised up a reformer or two to stand in the face of the religious leaders. From John the Baptist to John Wesley this is how Our Father chose to bring about real change to many dead religious systems.  

Our Father has fixed his method of change as sure as he set the sun, moon, stars, and the air we breathe. He intended it to be this way. Change will only come through Confrontation. Think about this. Change came into your life internally when the Holy Spirit confronted you about your sinful life and your need for a salvation. The same thing applies when a wife or husband confronts their mate about the real issues within their marriage. When any individual is faced with the confrontational reality that things are going to change with or without you, change will surely take place, one way or the other.  

It will take Open Confrontation Within the Church to drive out the damnable doctrines, heresy, hypocrisy, and sin. We must clean it up, or we will continue to be the mocked and ridiculed as hypocrites in the eyes of the world. Yes, there will be some mistakes but that must not stop us.

The Heritage of our Foundational Fathers has been trampled by gospels of prosperity, politics, and escapism. Coupled with enough Cheap Grace and Sloppy Agape to make it appear that anyone can continue to wear filthy garments and enter the Kingdom. Millions before us were violently beaten, stoned, fed to lions, burned at the stake, and had their children killed all because they stood up and publicly con-fronted the errors of the religious system.  

Our Fathers knew that if they did not expose the many false deceptions of the religious system that it would yield a more critical death than the physical death of the body. They knew that the evil system had the power to deliver the serious spiritual death of the soul.  

They refused to forfeit Godly Discernment to the fear of offending within the chambers of their own heart. They stood boldly, refusing to compromise on the smallest issues like circumcision. From deep within, they personally drove out any altar of compromise from within their own soul, so truth could never be sacrificed. Instead, they chose without fear to become a living sacrifice themselves. So that truth and Godly Discernment might live on to the next generation that was standing by and watching to see if this God they served was real. This desperate generation is watching us.  

We are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. Many peer over the balconies of heaven in this hour to see if the Men in this Generation will stand and speak.  

It is not a question of if we will stand and speak, we must! It will take more than one generation, but if we will begin our children will inherit a Godly Christian Heritage without Shame. Let's not sit down, let us endlessly and tirelessly expose all that is counterfeit. If we will repent, stand, and speak with a fervent heart I know God will send his spirit into a glorious church in a profound way. Then and only then will the Real Demonstration, the Genuine Reality of the Gospel of Christ, be visible to society. When the world sees that this Christ we serve has the power to produce Holiness, Integrity, Honor, Virtue, Righteousness, and Truth in the hearts and lives of His children...

Then society will once again listen,  
When the Church,  
The Moral Voice of God speaks  
And healing will come to our nation.

R. Johnston

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