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Posted are various evangelism helps for witnessing to unbelievers. If you have anything that would belong to this page, feel free to contribute here. No religious formulas, please. The ministry of the Holy Spirit must guide evangelism efforts. This can only be found in prayer  and yielding to the will of God. So far, all below are links.

A Guide to Web Evangelism
a very comprehensive page

Witnessing to Atheists
Written by someone who was once a self-proclaimed "AynRandianObjectivistLibertarianCarlSaganTypeAtheist".
(of the "First Generation Ministries" webpage)

Defending Your Faith
This website was "constructed for the purpose of helping Christians defend their faith against all manner of anti-Christian assaults. Not only will you find a tremendous amount of evidence to bolster your faith in time of trial at this site, but there are links to other websites that will help you quickly answer any skeptic's assault."


Book reviews at the 'Sacred Cow' website:
The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus
         318 pages 
       By John R. Cross 
       GoodSeed International 

review at:

Portion of what the reviewer says:

"The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus is basically the panoramic story of redemption presented in an easily accessible form for an English-speaking audience. It is a tool designed to be placed in the hands of the seeker...A big plus is the book’s non-sectarian approach. It sticks to its main task, and does it well. This means that the book will be useful with a wide number of denominational backgrounds."

“True For You, But Not For Me” 
       192 pages 
       by Paul Copan 
       Bethany House Publishers 

review at:

Portion of what the reviewer says:

"Relativism (all beliefs are equally valid) and religious pluralism (all faiths eventually lead to God) are two of the heavyweight contenders which Christians will often encounter in the battle for souls. These ideas underly much of the postmodern American mindset. Often, in witnessing, one will encounter, not a rejection of the gospel, but a qualified acceptance of it The qualification being “Well I’m glad that is true for you, but I have my own truth that I have discovered.” At this point, the Christian may find themselves floundering, wondering where they should go next in the conversation. It is at this point that the book “True For You But Not For Me" steps into the ring..." 

A little tract related to this:
Right, Wrong, and the Gospel by Eric Weiss 

Below are some testimonies that tell how ordinary people like you came to know the Lord Jesus and experience His salvation.  If you are touched by these testimonies, we urge you to also experience the new life that only Jesus can give.  No religion on earth can substitute for a relationship with Jesus. 

Testimonies posted on this site:

Bum on The Bridge-the story of a hopeless drunk on his way to Jesus

From Darkness to Light-a 'white witch' teenager turns away from witchcraft and calls out for help from a God she doesn't really believe in.

Individual testimonies outside this site:

Fred Worth's testimony-from church religion to a relationship with Jesus  

Collections of testimonies:

Salvation testimonies from the U.S.A and Canada. (There are numerous testimonies and collections of testimonies on this website. This is just a good place to start)

A collection of Testimonies at the my website

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