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I've been to websites where I wondered how I might donate to their work.  Perhaps you are here for the same reason.

What we are doing now is putting out a tip jar. Just like the one you might see in the coffee shop.
Picture of a tip jar

A reminder: This is a faith-based ministry. We have fronted all of the expense by ourselves as God supplies through our own jobs or resources, or in any other way God provides. Of course, we can do more ministry with your donation than we can without it. So if you wish to donate to this ministry, that button down there is a link to PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can donate via credit card, or set up an account with them and donate from whatever funding source you wish to use.  It is less complicated than it sounds.

Please feel free to click here:

If not, no problem - really.  We hope that our site has been useful to you in some way, and that God blesses you through it.

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