On October 23, 1996 the Cult Awareness Network, Inc.'s servicemark and trademark rights, including rights to the use of the CAN stylized logo, were sold to a Scientology-related law firm as part of a $20,000.00 purchase of CAN assets in the federal bankruptcy court. The purchase became final on October 30, 1996.


Do *not* contact CAN or send financial or other contributions to this organization -- you will be contacting, from 30 Oct 1996, an arm of the Cult of Scientology.

This page is a mirror of CAN's original home page.

DO's and DON'Ts

A guide for families who think a member or friend is involved with a destructive cult:

DO record all names, addresses, phone numbers of persons known to be associated in any way with the individual's activities.
DO maintain a written chronology of events associated with the individual's activities relating to the group.
DO answer all communications from the individual in a loving, sincere, non-critical and consistent manner.
DO collect related items from newspapers, magazines, and other sources, as well as publications of the group.

DO NOT send money to an individual in a cult if you can send non-cash gifts such as clothing, non-refundable airline tickets, etc.
DO NOT spend large amounts of money for treatments or seminars until you have verified such programs' credentials and qualifications for handling your problem.
DO NOT GIVE UP! Remember the individual is a product of your love, training, heredity, and home environment. These influences can never be permanently eliminated by any technique.
DO NOT feel alone. This is a common problem faced by thousands all over this country and abroad. It affects families of every religious or socio-economic background.
DO seek help, establish and continue an association with an organized group of families with similar situations. We care about you!


Inform yourself, your family, and your friends about these groups and what they represent.
Encourage your school, college, synagogue, church, or office to arrange a program on cults.
Donate books on destructive cults to your local library.
Investigate any "training" program offered or required by your company, place of employment, or in the military; do not use current advocates of the program exclusively in your investigation.
Write your members of congress, senators, state and local officials. Tell them of your concern and report illegal or unethical activities of destructive cults. Assure them that the issue is not one of beliefs but of human rights.
Encourage media outlets to cover cult activity and respond constructively when such programs air or appear in print.
Find out if solicitation permits are required in your area. Ask what limitations/ordinances apply to collecting/selling door-to-door, soliciting in shopping centers, or on the street.
Always ask questions about a solicitor's identity or affiliation. Ask for a valid Federal identification number from charities you want to give to. Call the IRS to verify legitimacy. Be suspicious of charities that have not obtained such a number. Check the Attorney General's office in your state to make sure of registration.
Check on zoning restrictions regarding single/ multiple dwellings and regulations concerning frequent "gatherings" by cults in any neighborhood.
Never accept an invitation, give money, take a course, or join any group until you have thoroughly checked it out with someone you trust.

The CULT AWARENESS NETWORK is a national, tax-exempt non-profit educational organization, dedicated to promoting public awareness of the harmful effects of mind control. CAN confines its concerns to unethical or illegal practices and does not judge doctrine or belief.

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