Cult Awareness Network -- R.I.P. 30 Oct 1996

On October 23, 1996 the Cult Awareness Network, Inc.'s servicemark and trademark rights, including rights to the use of the CAN stylized logo, were sold to a Scientology-related law firm as part of a $20,000.00 purchase of CAN assets in the federal bankruptcy court. The purchase became final on October 30, 1996.


Do *not* contact CAN or send financial or other contributions to this organization -- you will be contacting, from 30 Oct 1996, an arm of the Cult of Scientology.

This page is a mirror of CAN's original home page.

  • 2421 W. Pratt Blvd., Suite 1173
  • Chicago, IL 60645
  •  312-267-7777
  • Press Release:Please Read!

    Cult Awareness Network attempts to provide information to the public on what a cult is , and what you can do.

    CAN has several books for sale , and packets on different groups available as well.

    CAN has a monthly newsletter that is available for $35 per year. You can see sample articles here.

    If this Web Site has been useful to you or you feel is serves a valuable purpose on the Internet, please click here to find out about the crisis CAN is facing and how you can help.

    The CULT AWARENESS NETWORK is a national, tax-exempt non-profit educational organization, dedicated to promoting public awareness of the harmful effects of mind control. CAN confines its concerns to unethical or illegal practices and does not judge doctrine or belief.