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* indicates the only occurrence of this Name in scripture
Hebrew Pronunciation  English Meaning(s)  Reference*
Abba ab-bah' Father  Romans 8:15
Addiyr Jehovah  ad-deer' ye-ho-vaw' The Mighty Lord Is 33:21 * 
Addiyr Mahrom Jehovah  ad-deer' mah-rohm' ye-ho-vaw'  Mighty Is the Lord on High  Ps 93:4*
Adon Jehovah Tsaba ah-dohn' ye-ho-vaw' tzah-vah' The Lord, The LORD Almighty  Isaiah 3:1
Adon Jehovah Tsaba Israel Aveer   ah-dohn' ye-ho-vaw' tzah-vah' aveer yis-rah-ehl' The Lord, The LORD Almighty,the Mighty One of Israel Isaiah 1:24*
Adonai ad-o-noy' Lord Luke 6:46
Adonai Jehovah Elohim Tsaba adoh-nahy' ye-ho-vaw'eloh-heem' tzah-vah' The Lord, the LORD God Almighty Amos 3:13,15
Adonai Tsoovah adoh-nahy' t-shoo-vah' The Lord My Salvation Ps 38:22*
Attiyq Yowm at-teek' yome The Ancient of Days Daniel 7:9
Aveer Israel aveer yis-rah-ehl' The Mighty One of Israel Isaiah 1:24
Aveer Jacob aveer yah-gakov' The Mighty One of Jacob Gen 49:24/Ps 132:2
Bahrah bah-rah' Creator Ec 12:1, Is 40:28
Cether say'-ther My Hiding Place Psalm 32:7
Chyahlooth chyah-looth' My Strength Psalm 22:19*
El ale God; The Strong One Gen 35:1
El Aman ale ah-man' The Faithful God Dt 7:9*
El Chuwl ale khool The God who gave you Birth Duet 32:18
El Deah ale day-aw' A God of Knowledge I Samuel 2:3
El Elyon el-yone' The Most High Genesis 14:19
El Elyon Qahan Shahmah'yim
ale el-yone' kah-nah'
shah-ma'-yim e'-retz
God most High, Possessor of Heaven & Earth Gen 14:18*
El Gadol Gibohr Jehovah
ale gah-dohl' gib-bohr'
ye-ho-vaw' tzah-vah'
The Great, Mighty God, the
LORD Almighty
Jer 21:18*
El Gadol Gibohr Yare ale gah-dohl' gib-bohr' yah-reh' The Great, Mighty and Awesome God Dt 10:17*
 El Ghah'y ale gha'-y The Living God Jos 3:10
El G'moolah Jehovah ale g-moo-lah' ye-ho-vaw' The LORD, God of Vengeance Jer 51:56*
El Hakabodh ale kaw-bode' The God of Glory Psalm 29:2
El Kahvohd ale kah-vohd' The God of Glory Psalms 29:3*
El Melech ale me-lech' God the King Ps 68:24*
El Mohshahgoth ale moh-shah-gohth' The God of Salvation Ps 68:20*
El Nahsah ale nah-sah' The God who Forgives Ps 99:8*
El Nathan N'Qamah ale nah-than' n-kah-mah' The God who Avenges Me Ps 18:47*
El Qana ale kan-nah' The Jealous God Ex 34:14*
El Rachum ale ra-ghoom' The Merciful God Dt 4:13*
El Roi ale ro-ee' The God who Sees Genesis 16:13
El Roi ale roee The God who Sees Me Gen 16:13*
El Sehlag ale se'-lag God my Rock Ps 42:9*
El Shaddai ale shad-dah'-ee The Almighty Gen 17:1
El Simchah Giyl ale sim-khaw' gheel God my exceeding Joy Psalm 43:4
Eleloheisrael ale el-o-hay’ yis-raw-ale’ The Mighty God of Israel
El-Nasa ale naw-saw' Forgiving God Psalm 99:8
Elohim el-o-heem' The True God/God the Creator Gen 1:1
Elohim Bashamayin el-o-heem' shaw-mah'-yim God in Heaven Deut 4:39
Elohim Misgab el-o-heem' mis-gawb' God my Defense Psalm 59:17
Elohim Tsedeq el-o-heem' tseh’-dek God my Righteousness Psalm 4:1
Elohim Yakol el-o-heem' yaw-kole' The God who is Able Dan 3:17
Elohim Yare el-o-heem' yaw-ray God most terrible (fearful/dreadful) Neh 9:32/Ps 68:35
Elohim Yeshua el-o-heem' yesh-oo’-aw God my Salvation Psalm 62:1*
Elohim-Kedoshim el-o-heem' kaw-doshe' Holy God Josh 24:19
Elohim-Ma Arakah Yisrael el-o-heem' mah-ar-aw-kaw'
 God of the Armies of Israel I Samuel 17:45
Elohim-Yachal el-o-heem' yaw-chal' The God of Hope Roman 15:13
Gelah Raz (Aramaic) ghel-aw' rawz Revealer of Mysteries Daniel 2:28
Jehovah ye-ho-vaw' The Self-Existing One Exodus 6:2
Jehovah azar ye-ho-vaw' aw-zar The Lord my Helper Psalm 30:10
Jehovah Ori ye-ho-vaw' ore The Lord is my Light Psalm 27:1
Jehovah Tzva'ot ye-ho-vaw' tsaw-baw' Lord of Hosts Psalm 46:11
Jehovah-Bore ye-ho-vaw' baw-raw' The Lord Creator Isaiah 40:28
Jehovah-Ga-al ye-ho-vaw' gaw-al' The Lord Thy Redeemer Isaiah 49:26
Jehovah-Jireh ye-ho-vaw' yir-eh' The Lord will Provide Gen 22:14
Jehovah-Nissi ye-ho-vaw' nis-see' The Lord is my Banner
Jehovah-Raah ye-ho-vaw' raw-aw' The Lord my Shepherd Ps 23:1
Jehovah-Rapha ye-ho-vaw' raw-faw' The God Who Heals
Jehovah-Shalom ye-ho-vaw' shaw-lome' The Lord our Peace I Thessalonians 3:16
Jehovah-Shammah ye-ho-vaw' shawm'-maw The Lord is There
Jehovah-Shaphat ye-ho-vaw' shaw-fat' The Lord our Judge Isaiah 33:22
Jehovah-Tsidqenuw ye-ho-vaw' tsid-kay'-noo The Lord our Righteousness
Jehovah-Tsur ye-ho-vaw' tsoor The Lord my Strength Ps 144:1
Jehovan-aman ye-ho-vaw' aw-man' The Lord who is Faithful Isaiah 49:7
Maowz-Dal maw-oze' dal A Defense for the Helpless Isaiah 25:4
Melek Kabowd meh'-lek kaw-bode' King of Glory Psalm 24:7
Olam Zerowa o-lawm' zer-o'-ah The Everlasting Arms Deut 33:26-29
Qadowsh kaw-doshe' Holy One I Samuel 6:19
Rumn Ro'sh room roshe The One who lifts my head Psalm 3:3

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