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What an awesome God we serve!

(John 4:24: "God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.")

Worship Is a Way of Life
by Roger Upton

Genuine Worship Involves Feeling
Chapt. 7 of Whatever happened to Worship
by A. W. Tozer

Larry's Free praise music site
"This page was established to provide, with no expectation of profit, new and original songs of praise and worship that may be freely copied and
used to the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Hands, by Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)

The story behind Albrecht Durer's,
"Praying Hands"

(Matt. 6:5-13, Phil. 4:6-7)

The Necessity
of Prayer
, by E.M. Bounds (a classic!) 

Prayer That
Is Pleasing to
The Lord!

by David Wilkerson

The Necessity Of Standing Alone

by Charles H. Stalker 

Helpful Notes 
To Intercessors
by: Don MacIntyre

Corporate prayer - a vision shared during a "Watch Of The Lord" (all night praise and prayer)

The Gatekeeper: The Ministry Of The Intercessor by Froukje Eibrink Jansen. Based on Ezek. 43:11 

For more, go to
our collection of links regarding prayer and revival!


Spiritual Warfare

Through Christ's work, God transfers us out of the kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom (Col. 1:12).  The only 'influence' of spirits He wishes to be upon us is His Holy Spirit!

Some short notes on spiritual warfare/demonology:

Please be aware that we would disagree with any of the following qualities on any website or ministry regarding demons or demonology:

  1. Any inappropriate obsession with demons or demonology that overrides or replaces a focus on Christ. There is no need for insecurity over one's freedom in Christ. The truth shall set us free and the power and work of the Cross is sufficient.

  2. Any "if this, then it must be that" thinking when it comes to what is best left to the leading of the Holy Spirit. (I Corinth. 12:8-11). Demonic oppression is not to be assumed to the 'fault' of a person nor should a person be ashamed of seeking help or prayer.

  3. Deliverance 'sessions' or prayer sessions are not to sold or treated as a commodity. (Matt. 10:8)

Other subjects covered in this 'Basics' section:
Triune God Fellowship Spiritual Authority Empowerment/Anointing
Atonement Ordinances/Sacraments Money End Times

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