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Spiritual Authority
Psalm 23; John 10:11-16; 1Pet. 2:9-10; Zech. 2:10-11/  Isaiah 3:11-15; Jeremiah 5:26-31; Ezek. 34

Equippers' or 'facilitators' pronounce truth!

General articles:

The Kingdom of Man by Shimei

Servant Authority
modified with permission, by Teri Lee Earl

All below are outside links:

The Authority In The Church, by George Potkonyak
A delightful discussion of both valid God-appointed and man-appointed authority.

The Royal Priesthood by W. Carl Ketcherside
"A plea for the restoration of the priesthood of all believers in the churches of God."

What Kind of Obedience To What Kind Of Leadership?
book excerpt by Maurice Fuller
Heb.13:17 has "been used to require the obedience of church members to pastoral leadership, often for no better reason than he is the Pastor and therefore he should be obeyed. Unfortunately, our English translators were raised in and taught under a heavy clergy-driven church model and felt they had to reflect this in their translation. A closer and perhaps a little less biased look at the Greek text yields quite a different result..."

Pastors For Hire
by Roger Upton

More articles:

The first published 'book' on this site, back in 1997:

Living Stones
by Teri Lee Earl,
deals with authority issues, especially sections 2 (The Cornerstone) through 10 (Elders).

Other early articles that have been linked on this site from the beginning:

Falling Away from the Simple Faith  By George Davis & Michael Clark. 
An excellent scriptural expository on the process of apostasy, beginning with the spiritual pride that would have us set ourselves 'above' our brothers in Christ, by title or other means.


This is the only printed book on this subject that we recommend. It is useful for all groups:

Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement
by Stephen Crosby

The following pages are related to the subject of spiritual authority:

Truth  Apostles  Prophets  Women In Ministry  Spiritual Abuse  Cults   Pharisees vs. Anointing

Spiritual authority is often used to either dictate, guide, or direct meetings and the tone of a fellowship. Go to Blazing Trails  and beyond, for materials that address these issues during the mass exodus out of the Institutional Church

Other subjects covered in this 'Basics' section:
Triune God Fellowship Worship/Prayer Empowerment/Anointing
Atonement Ordinances/Sacraments Money End Times

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