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Hierarchy/Spiritual Abuse

This page is devoted to exposure and useful education regarding the control spirit (witchcraft) and the authority structure it prefers to operate in, Hierarchy. We do not sit in your churches or live your lives, but we can endeavor to equip you so that you can discern!

page maintained by Teri Lee Earl


What is Spiritual Abuse? on the Non-Conformist Christian website

On Spiritual Abuse

by Pastor Tom Friedheim

Recognizing Manipulation and Intimidation, Controlling Spirits and Manipulation, and Scriptural Guidelines For Today's Apostasy by Steve Morris

Characteristics of Spiritual Abuse: Manipulation by Ron Henzel

Arrogance God Hates by Neal Griffin

Why I Will No Longer Affiliate with Hierarchical Church
This was written by a former WCG member (Church of God). On their main website, they complain that: "For years, we believed that we were the one true church preaching the true doctrines. In reality, we preached many true doctrines, but were dead wrong about being "the one true church". " The article contains many scriptures.

Voices From The Fringe
by Dr. Ronald Enroth
Former members report the tragedy of churches that drift into the distorted behavior more expected of a cult

Church Abuse Poetry Therapy -  A haven for spiritual healing.

The Zadok Priesthood! (Discerning the Difference  Between Holy and Phony Ministries!) by David Wilkerson

Battered Sheep Ministry (some interesting and thought provoking articles on church authoritarianism and spiritual authority)

Spiritual Abuse/Cult page- numerous fine links at 

Abusive Churches : Spiritual Abuse an apologetics resource page with many links


Mentoring and Accountability by Teri Lee Earl

The Unfolding War Against Spiritual Abuse by Teri Lee Earl

For those who have left the I.C: See: Onward and Upward page


My 'quice riews' about a few Christian books about spiritual abuse I have read:
-Teri Lee Earl

Faith that Hurts: Faith that Heals, by Arterburn, Stephen, and Felton, Jack,Thomas Nelson,Pub, Nashville. Originally published as "Toxic Faith" in 1978, has been republished about five times. Arterburn is the founder and chairman of "New Life Treatment Centers, Inc." and has years of experience as a practicing psychiatrist
Quickie review:
Someone once said this book "should be required reading for all seminary students and all ministers." They are right. It is not a pleasant read, but it will point out clearly the difference between toxic faith and true faith in God.  It helped me personally at the time I read it in the late 1980's, because I was able to identify myself as being the 'outcast' in these toxic churches or fellowships and understand why I was.


The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse by Dave Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderan.  The publisher is Bethany House Publishers, out of Minneapolis, MN.  They are a ministry of Bethany Fellowship, 6820 Auto Club Road, Minneapolis, MN  55438.  From the back cover, "Churches are meant to be safe places where spiritual leaders help and equip the members for the work of service.  There are some churches, however, where leaders use their spiritual authority to control and dominate others, attempting to meet their own needs for importance, power, intimacy or spiritual gratification..."

Quickie review:

This was an excellent book for symptoms of spiritual abuse. However, by the time I read it in the mid 1990's, I knew these symptoms already. I found that the book fell short on pragmatic 'advise' for those in spiritual abuse situations, because it did not address the options of what to do from a Biblical perspective. For that, I turned to my own studies of the Bible (the internet was not available as a good resource on spiritual abuse then) I have heard this book  is better than"Churches that Abuse," because that one tended to white wash abuse in the main line churches.  That one was by Enroth.

2000 and beyond:
Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement by Stephen Crosby,WinePress Group P.O. Box 428, Enumclaw, WA 98022, (360)-802-9758 Book description: "There is a new apostolic movement afoot, and it is leading many from the simplicity of the pure gospel...the new apostolic reformation movement, with its emphasis on apostolic authority, “spiritual covering,” loyalty, honor, submission, and government, has become the vehicle to build the philosophies and kingdoms of men. Dr. Stephen Crosby’s third book, Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement, probes these and other authority/submission issues from a biblically disciplined, Christ-centered, New Covenant perspective. Within these pages, every believer, church leader, apostle, or prophet who may have wandered from the simplicity of the gospel can find the road to recovery."

Quickie Review: By the year 1998, I noticed a disturbing development as certain leaders propagated their prophecies and teachings through their high-priced conferences. I sounded the alarm, but few people listened because they thought I was overly concerned. However, as this movement named itself and sought to establish itself, by year 2000 I posted a web page with links about it: New Apostolic Reformation. My hope was to at least warn fellow believers about what they were getting into before they paid up to $300 per person to hear the so-called "cutting edge" prophecies and teachings-- many of which sounded like variations of a rehashed Shepherding Movement to me.  In October 2006, the Winepress Publishing Group sent Dr. Crosby's book to me for review. I can't recommend it highly enough. Dr. Crosby not only exposes certain modern day (yet old) teachings that predictably lead to spiritual abuse, but he presents enough Biblical material to 'innoculate' the believer from being fooled again by a wide variety of other authority/submission teachings. Even if you are out of organized religion or have left the 'Institutional Church', this book is still an invaluable resource. It contains enough matierial for all groups and individuals to be able to thoroughly examine and settle the hotly debated issues of spiritual authority and submission.


Above quickie reviews are by Teri Lee Earl

For a more extensive list of books and reviews on this subject, access the following outside URL:
Spiritual Abuse & Cult Book List

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Note: If you are confused about the difference between physical, sexual, psychological, and spiritual abuse, a brief example of the differences is given on the front page of Henry Sheppherd's Recovery From Spiritual Abuse website. However, keep in mind though that any authority figure which we are dependent upon and vulnerable to (example: mother and father) has the power to influence us spiritually by their actions or inactions--at least until we acknowledge that influence and call upon God to correct any errors we have taken from the experience.
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