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Blazing Trails Too
(Dissertations and testimonies of those who have left the I. C., or as I call it, the 'System')

Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that they may run that readeth it. Hab. 2:2

It has been reported that some pastors are using their pulpits to condemn those who leave the Institutionalized Church (I.C.), as it is often called. They assume that God could not be behind this mass exodus, and that nothing good can come without the blessing of organized religion or a religious organization. Neither of these are true or fair assumptions.

By compiling this list of revelatory teachings, prophecies, and testimonies we have come across in the last five years, we are making a testimonial against these assumptions. The 'sheep' can and do hear the Voice of the Lord for themselves, and things can and do happen apart from the blessings of an institution.  Indeed, following the Good Shepherd out of systems and communities that are harmful and that interfere with a relationship with our Living Lord in good standing, is an 'exodus' that God does bless. (see Ezek. 34:20-31)

-Teri Lee Earl
(introduction written year 2000)

*Note:  None of the authors below knew of each other's revelations before their independent publications. In fact, all or almost all expressed being unaware of anyone else who had like revelations.

It is sometimes difficult to divide up 'revelatory teachings' and prophecy. Those expressions that can be defined as prophecies alone are in the table below this first one:

Inside links:

Living Stones by Teri Lee Earl
The is a 150k 20 part comprehensive revelatory report with scripture from 1997. It was re-edited and improved in 2002 and all changes were in keeping with the original message. Although not detailed in this document, a prophetic revelation also came soon after. This revelation notified me of a new thing the Lord was doing that previously I did not know existed (the 'Un'church includes the house-church movement as well as other ministries that were completely independent of the more organized ministries). We stepped out of the corrupt Ezek. 34:20-31 'System', as I call what has passed for much of American Christianity, never to return again. Just like others testify also, It's been wonderful, ever since. We have both learned more and ministered more since leaving Organized Religion than in our whole Christian walk prior (that was 20 years for me!)

'position paper' written by a moderator of the HCDL list. Someone who was familiar with my rough drafts of "Living Stones" sent this to us off the HCDL list. I thought it was very good so I put it up. It is not that long and it was encouraging to see God show similar things to others.

Outside links:

Please Allow Me To Tell You Where I'm Coming From by Buff Scott the Reformer.  This link is not so much a dissertation as a wonderful little testimony of what the Holy Spirit showed him. Elsewhere, Buff says he served as a "pulpit minister for a number of churches," and "gave up pulpiteering years ago in favor of freedom in Messiah Jesus." He states, "it is difficult if not impossible to be free while enslaved to some sect or denomination." Buff and my oldest daughter has had some wonderful conversations via e-mail, which has been a blessing to her. 

Getting Out And Going On by Steve W. Morris. Please also check his articles index page for numerous articles regarding leaving the I.C. and recovering your Christianity afterwards. Does Anybody Out There Hear Me? is just one of these articles.This article begins with: "Today, when we speak of the “church” we have a mental image of what we have known all of our lives, good, bad or indifferent. However, when Paul speaks of the “church” in the Bible, he is talking about a living organism composed of the true saints of God that functions as a family does and that met in homes to be the body of Christ." He charges that the "institutional church" is now a "biblically illegal, antichrist system that has long since departed from the truth of the Bible and runs totally contrary to God’s will and purpose." This view of course would be considered controversial, but it is a good description of the fallen state of any church system.

Where Is The Body? by George Davis, Michael Clark, & Ron Stoothoff. An exhorting article commenting/explaining in scripture the state of the "I.C." today verses what the Body of Christ really is.


"A move of God starts in a cave and dies in an institution"
                                                 -Barry Linville

Below are some examples of more 'prophetic' -type visions, revelations, and impartations/visitations for the "non-I.C."
(see above for ones that are mixed with revelatory teaching):

A New Wineskin- August, 1995, regarding the Jesus Movement and the 'Un'-church. This has blessed many 'older' Christians who have been with the Lord for 20-30 years, and understood the times. We have not trumpeted it but nevertheless many have found it due to search engines and key words.

The Net- loose, informal yet vital, connections! June 1995 and later

The Woman and the Green Chest and Exodus And The House Church by Michael Clark. 

Letter #Eight: The Day of Thy Watchman and Thy Visitation Cometh-Micah 7:4,  Ed Hintz writes: The Lord is saying in Rev. 18:4, come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. I believe the remnant of believers that escape will be an underground church. Isaiah 26:20

Visions of America  - a book by Timothy Sheaff. This was published in 1999 and most of the visions were as much as 20 years ago. It is included here because of Timothy's prophetic indication of a mass exodus toward home churches which is coming true now. We had a nice visit from him in the fall of 2000.  He has no website.

From Europe (Netherlands):

excerpts taken from "The Royal Way" by Frans Horsthuis
These are excerpts of a book written by a priest of the archdiocese of Utrecht in the Netherlands, who left his 
ordination and priesthood behind. The book itself is really for the Church in Europe, for it contains what has been impressed on him in prayer over the last thirty years.  Although the author gave his permission to put up these extracts, he does not want it treated as a curiosity. It is posted here due to the prophetic messages contained that speak of small groups of people who will meet in a bond of love and "take up their places as priests." 

From New Zealand and Australia:

The Underground Church:
Robert Holmes of Storm-Harvest Ministries (Australia) stated in his "2001, the year ahead in review," (should be published somewhere on his site: that,

"It will be a year with broken down walls (indicating unity) and broken walls (indicating war and turmoil). A year where significant networking will take place (especially among the 'underground' church), and where unity will be established.... "
The "underground church" has been known by ourselves and others to our knowledge, since we've been a part of it, since 1995. Here is just one example of a letter written to us by a lady (L. W.) in New Zealand in 1998, which again refers to the underground church:
"I was very interested to see that you mentioned the "undergound church" in your reply as I had a dream about this a while ago in which the church was underground in a huge cavern/cave but was very organised and modern, it had lights everywhere and was really nice; not quite what you'd expect to find underground!  And everyone was busy doing something! Perhaps this is yet another meaning of the Unchurch?!  Underground, Unstructured, Unlike Church!"


Most of the above was put on this page between the years 1995-2000.  There is no organization of the prophets, no meetings between them to divine the 'consensus' of the prophets, and none of the above was or is directed by an institution or denomination.


-Teri Lee Earl

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It's not pleasant, but our initial travels were a bumpy road indeed.  We submit a webpage of testimony to this fact.  It as a frank conversation about what God helped us through as well as some of what we learned through it in these early years. Go here to read "Snakes and Critters Along The Trail" .

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