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NOTE: Below are two visions sent to me after I prayed with the lady who sent them. I have also posted a comment by a Mr. Bollow who happened to be on our informal e-mail list at the time. Our original understanding of these 'net' visions were that they represented a loose, unforced 'discipleship' between believers that did not depend on title, position, or status.  We leave these 'net' visions here as testimony of this lady's newfound understanding of the ever-changing discipleship Christ intended between His Living Stones, with all believers as His priests in His Kingdom.
-Teri Lee Earl

Visions of The NET

From: anonymous (name withheld by request)
Subject: fishing net...
Date: Sun, 11 Jun 95

This is what I keep seeing:

I have seen this very many times now. The first thing I always see looks like a fishing net outstretched in the air. When I look closer it becomes three dimensional and looks more like nervous system or something - pretty complicated anyway. And then I see what looks like people standing in those different meetingpoints of threads and when I am looking everything and everybody starts moving in different directions.

I have understood that this has to do with church - the way we should be structured somehow. That it is not a question of authority one over another - more about servanthood and relationships. Also that everybody is under some people and have others under him / her. People get to this network from different levels - the network was growing multidimensionally when the people in the different points invited others in.

Also the idea that keeps coming to mind is the verse where Paul says to follow him as long as he follows Christ - that in every position there are many people that have gone further and they act like mentors / tutors to me as long as they do what is christlike and sound in the biblically. And also You where ever You are have a responsibility to those who are under You in some areas - to be christlike, loving and teaching, equipping etc. etc. This all is very facinating to me but I can not say that I understand what this is all about.

Hope to hear from You soon again!!

From: Norbert Bollow
Subject: Re:  fishing net

(Anonymous) shares some interesting aspects that she has seen of "The Net": [..]

Interesting... When the Lord revealed His intention to start that church plant (in Zurich, Switzerland) that I'm now part of, a brother had a somewhat similar vision. He described it as "a fine net of blood vessels", but (even though he has the spiritual gift of making prophetic utterances) no explanation was given. He was only able share an impression that it had something to do with what the church that was to be planted should be like.

What do I think about this? That being church means not to be an organisation, but a living organism, held together by love!

May grace and peace abound on you! Norbert.

-- Norbert Bollow

(Zuerich, Switzerland;
serving Christ Jesus; co-owner of the CHURCHPLANTERS mailing list.


Date sent: Sat, 29 Mar 1997
From: anonymous

I saw one lonely figure with a HUGE NET that was thrown all over the world to harvest - he was holding it on his appointed place and tried to lift it up etc. He was looking around him and there seemed not to be any people on the both sides of him - all one could see was this outstreched NET that was laying on the ground - this as far as You could see on both sides. I thought ´well he is lonely, trying to do his own thing´ but immediately was corrected somehow. I saw that God was in the process of calling the right people to their right places and was assured that in the right time they would appear on both sides of him. Even he seemed to think that he was alone and doing ´his´thing but there was this longing to do it together. end of vision.

After this God reminded me of the vision of Rebecca - that the time had come for the big harvest and the NET had been tossed out already by GOD himself!! He is in the process of lifting up the people on their proper places.... We are ALL a part of that BIG THING wheter we want or not, wheter we understand it or not. It seemed to me that God has drawn a line on the water between the old (like the other boat in Your vision - the old way of harvesting souls) and this new. There is no possibility to go back to the old anymore... At times it may seem to others and even to us that we are just doing our own thing - BUT WE ARE STILL CONNECTED - the NET is thrown out by GOD and NOBODY can frustrate HIS plans for this earth to be harvested.....

(according to this person's spouse, this person was also impressed that we are either a part of God's 'net', or we are not at all) 

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