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The purpose of this portion of this website is not just to collect prophecies for their own sake. They are here for encouragement, exhortation, and instructional examples. So, if you come across a prophecy on the site that does not quite sit right with you, remember that you may be looking at an example only-- one that has been posted primarily for historical or instructive purposes.

Even so, we try to be good stewards of what we post and we fully acknowledge that we know in part and that we, as well as others, prophesy in part (1 Corinth. 13:9)

Most of the best sources of genuine prophecies have been the 'unknowns'--regular sisters and brothers of the Lord who have no stake in churning out a prophecy every week to the thrill of their followers, or because they just believe this is expected of them.


About being different from the Institutional Church:

See the article: What is the I.C.? for an explanation of what the "Institutional Church" is.

About the Non-I.C.
This is a collection of earlier prophecies. The collection includes:
New Wine Skins  and The Net

River Theology by Tim Honan - a prophetic parable (11 chapters) about the experience of Christianity as seen through the lens of the Columbia River

Outside links:

The Terrain Has Changed

by Cheryl McGrath
Jan 31st, 2005


The Burning City

by Cheryl McGrath
March 27, 2007

Some thoughtful

Now! Is The Time To Build!
by Rick Johnston
a passionate exhortation about the Spiritual 'Ark'

Prophesy Pertaining The Coming Move of the Spirit
Douglas B. Clark February 2006

Douglas B. Clark, March 9, 2006

The Breath of the Holy Spirit
Douglas B. Clark, March 31,2006


Also: about "Street-based" ministry (Note: this starts out with a vision called, 'A Vision of the Lost'. This is an older vision by William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army)

Some Miscellaneous individual prophecies:



The Trampled Harvest

Some collections of prophecies:

Prophecies regarding America 


( you would be surprised at what is here in these collections!  Some are presented for historical purposes.)

A few other things to consider:

The internet has been glutted with lists, ministries, and websites who too often promote 'prophets' or prophecies that are frankly, highly suspect or outright false. E-mail list-owners have been known to make unbelievable statements such as: "I don't feel 'called' to hold anyone accountable for their (false) prophecies, so I just pass the prophecies on." These moderated lists are known for also  actively preventing any 'public' Christian challenge to the prophecies they pass on.  Since you might get some of these prophecies in your e-mail box, check out:

Answers to Questions about how to discern Internet prophecies

Eventually, the Lord's Spirit alerted us to those who were quickly dubbed "prophets for profit" by others. We were told by the Lord that if left unchallenged, false prophecies and those who served the god of Mammon would once again create a 'backlash' reaction to the gift of prophecy.  It happened after the defunct "Latter Rain" movement and it would happen once again. To help offset this development, we were commanded by the Lord to demonstrate by example that Spirit-filled, prophetic Christians are not always apathetic to the  outrageous and shameful misuse and abuse of the gift of prophecy.  

'Prophetic' concerns:

A Look Back At Some Prophecies (Because Prophetic Irresponsibility May Provoke Over-all Despisement of Prophecy)

Important: Our purpose is to encourage discernment. If you believe you will be offended by careful exposure or discussions of various types of public announcements or teachings from certain public ministries, please access our "truth page"

Please visit our 'un'school version of Prophet School  at no charge ("..Freely you have received, freely give" Matthew 10:8)!

'Apostolic' concerns:

New Wave?Apostles and Prophets
a discussion/collection of prophecies about new leadership. How many of these prophecies true and how many are false? You decide!

By and large, these prophecies came from those who are in traditional church systems.

When we ask ourselves "What would Jesus do?" The answer is sometimes rebuke, warn, and cry out: "Make not my Father's house an house of merchandise!" (John 2:15b KJV).

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