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A Word from the Lord received 31st January, 2005

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Date:          Mon, 12 Oct 1998
From:          Intercessors Network <>

Warfare Note #13

The Fathers House - a House of Prayer.

Building begins with the Father. The art of protection and provision is the art of the Father. Building is the work of the Creator and Upholder. Building begins in the heart of the Father. Praying begins with "Father". Living intercession is a living, ongoing experience of and relation to the Father. Praying as an art, as a lifestyle is a returning to the Father. An intercessor is anyone who has thoroughly learnt the art of abiding in, of waiting on the Lord, Ps 62:1-2. Ability to abide and to wait is more, and something else, than being harnessed and disciplined. One cannot discipline oneself to rest. Discipline is a sign of willingness, allowing God to save, to sanctify and to bring to rest. The Father's house is a house of rest and restitution. Building a house of prayer begins with rest. The Father's house, a house of prayer is a Shalom state. It is a Sabbath position. It is reconciliation practically manifested. A house of prayer is a work unit before the Lord, established on the fact of the Sabbath, on the fact of the possibility of finding rest. The Sabbath assembly is the most pregnant reminder of the Father's covenant, of his will and intention to honour his own covenant. To profane the Sabbath is to violate the covenant. To profane the Sabbath is to pervert the ways of God's salvation. To profane the Sabbath is to add to the Lord's protocol of prayer. The Sabbath assembly is a House of Prayer, a Shalom state, a peace pocket in a time of upheaval. Being at rest, staying at peace is to be prophetic, to speak and act prophetically in a time of incredible hype. The Father's house is a house of prayer, Christ's house, whose house we are, Hebr 3:6. The Father's house is a house of rest and restitution. Hebr 4 is a solemn warning not to take lightly the offer to enter the shalom state. Resting is the very foundation for real intercession, for the House of Prayer. Such a house is a house of waiting, waiting on the Lord. Such a house is a process of sanctification of the people involved, an ever deepening concern for the society and an ongoing battle to guard what is accomplished. Rushing for quick solutions and mighty victories, running for big names and a great show is to become part of the problem constituting the end time. Modern Church profanes the Sabbath Modern church states that hype equals experience of the Lord. Modern Church needs to find its way back to the Book, who very definitely states that rest equals experience of the Father. Rest equals Redemption and Restitution. Talking these things over, a friend landed the following remark - hype equals hypocrisy, the more intense and manipulative the deeper the hypocrisy. An old prophet in our region had a profound vision from the lord some 45 years ago. A faceless crowd displaying immense, overwhelming holiness. Asking the Lord for an interpretation, he was told that he had been allowed to see a part of the Faceless Awakening, the true awakening that has no name and no Names up front. Building well is a matter of foundation. "Behold, there is a place by Me, and you shall stand there on the rock." - Ex 33:21. Building well is a matter of alignment and measurement - Christ being the cornerstone, Eph 2:19-22. Building well is a matter of purpose, being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit, Eph 2:22. Building well is a matter of shape and nature, holiness befits Thy house, Ps 93:5. Building well is a matter of priorities, the Peace and welfare of Jerusalem, Ps 122:6-9. Building is a matter of priorities, a house of prayer for all nations and their leaders, Isa 56:7, 1Tim 2:1-4. The Father's house is a House of Prayer. The Father's house is a Shalom state. The Fathers house is a Sabbath position. The Father's house is a state of Rest, an invitation to rest, a prophetic establishment of the promised rest.

Lars Widerberg



Lars Widerberg
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