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The New Wave? Apostles and Prophets

There have been quite a few prophecies regarding a resurgence of new leadership in the Church, and indeed a new 'type' or character of leadership.   Certainly we need a new 'type' of leadership today--one which would fulfill the standards that Jesus taught for authority (See our Servant Authority essay for a brief over-view of attitudinal issues when it comes to authority), and those who would 'fit the bill' would fail to be ego-driven or ego-centered.  Below is an example of a prophecy that in my opinion, expresses the coming of new leadership which fails to be ego-driven:
Subject:     The New Wave/ Apostles and Prophets
Sent:        12/13/97 12:17 AM
From:        Kelly Weiler,

... so much of what we bring to the table in our current limited perspective is at this point often so speculative because we to some degree relate all things out of our previously tainted experience base. I suppose many look for a new breed of hotshots who will be so much hotter than the rest.  They'll flash bigger smiles, have more confidence, walk with more polish, and teach the flashiest sermons.  But how many of us have walked with Paul, or Peter, or Thomas or Matthew?   The offscouring of the earth was was they were sometimes called. Crucified, homeless, despised by some, recognized and honored by others, overly honored by some others still.

I will call it a 'new wave' because I think what God sends us in an expected coming release of prophets and apostles will bring a whole restored paradigm that Jesus, Paul, and John the baptist especially lived and taught.

I believe the Lord has been preparing for some time now a whole special generation of apostles and prophets. Though they may first appear on the scene in a somewhat typical fashion, ultimately I think what is brought to the church will strongly change the appearance of what we currently call church.

You see, apostles and prophets are foundation layers; that's what makes their heart tick.   When they look at the church they see what the neccessary foundations are, and the principals of construction that are to be followed on those precious foundations.   The may not be experts at every detail of the outworking of all these things, but they come with THE FOUNDATIONAL ESSENCES out of which every timber and every stone are to be fashioned and set with.

The zeal of the Lord is the prophetic burden that has been growing for some time now in their hearts, a passion, a vision, a clearer perspective that what we have yet known as 'church'.

It's not a political revolution, exercising a new type of dominion or papacy.  What they bring is a revolution of heart foundations, which will inspire a revolution of leadership and ministry; returning the church to the foundations of 'one body, one family, one for all and all for one.'

The revolution they bring is a returning to the foundation of Christ, the one His apostles laid; who refused crowns, who brought no manipulative slap on the cheek, as Paul said some of the church of even his day had already degraded to becoming attracted to in some leaders.   Any ecclesiastical/political revolution will be the result of the content of their lives and ministry, but not throne seeking on their part.   In fact I doubt if any thrones are here for them, perhaps more crosses than thrones, that's the way it was for the first twelve.

The call of this release of apostles and prophets to the church will bring a whole new (new to us) blood line so to speak into the leadership of the church.   It will infuse the leaders in every area of ministry to a whole turn around in their perspectives of life and ministry.  A new day may be ushered in for the church to experience the real life of Christ in community.  Others I think will obstinately refuse this move, lovers of crowns and thrones, both those who sit on them, and those who love to have others sitting on them.

Gone from these ones who follow the heart of true apostles and true prophets will be the paradigm that ministers live to be served, to be the privileged amongst the many.   Gone will be the paradigm of despotic attitudes where men have allowed themselves to be made kings, or made themselves into such.

At first I believe many prophets and apostles who have waited on the Lord for this time, waiting and refusing to become self-promoters, when the Lord releases them into the beginnings of His promotion, some will probably then falter.  They will probably slip into the same old ruts that have been so well worn into these roads we have rutted out now so deeply it's difficult for anybody given any anointing and attention to not fall into.

I think though, and I hope I'm not just thinking optomistically now, that the training they have been through, and the deep convictions the Lord has entrained in their spirits and hearts will come through, and many that leave the right track will return to the inner track worn into a path for their hearts and minds by years of hiddeness and laying it down, to keep it down, and only walk in the way of the Lord.

Jesus laid out the path so clear for the first twelve apostles, and they called Him 'Master.'  And His path became engrained by those lessons He lived with them daily for those several years.

Let us all, as many as hear the call to Father the church in a coming day, where we may live what we teach, and prove by real genuine deference that we mean what we speak.  God is watching you right now. How well do you defer to your wife, your sons and daughters, others at church.

Do not be afraid to stand when the Lord tells you to stand; but never be afraid of moving out of the way, in fact be looking for it, so the Lord, and others may be brought higher, not you.   Your job, if you are called to anything significant, is measured by how high you can lift Jesus up, and help others proceed into success in Him; and how far they can run. The measure of your assistance to others, usually without pageantry or a microphone in your face, is what meets out value of lasting substance in the presence of our Lord and of His Christ.

Do you choose valour and honor and prestige in the sight of men, and based on the inventions of their measuring rods; or do you choose to simply be about what your Father gives you?

Jesus was the best example of an apostle.   If you study and follow His behavior, His radical way of loving, His abhorence for ceremony and religious protocol, His simple way of BEING AND DOING, without trumpet, without earthly accord, avoiding earthly thrones, crowns, and titles.  He loved, more than anything He loved.   He showed.   He served.  He shepherded (a lowly job).  He was patient, like a Father with His children. He then turned it over to them.

Paul was the second best example of an apostle.   He closely followed on Christ's example.

John the baptist was the best example of a prophet.   He lived to introduce Christ.   He lived to bring the people to the living Christ and not himself. His joy was to hear the bridegrooms voice with His bride. He did not want to get in the way, but lived with one passion, to bring the bride to her waiting groom, to enamor her with Him.

If you're looking for apostles and prophets, look for this!

Kelly Joel Weiler

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But that's not the end of the story!

My understanding from the Lord since 1996 or so was that there would be a spontaneous work of the Lord, one in which He  independently called and commissioned many out of the spiritual desert. They may be called prophets and apostles by the Lord but they need take on no such titles for themselves, for they will be busy going about the work of apostleship or prophet, rather than stroking their egos with titles or self-promotion. They would also largely be unaware of each other at first and work very independent of one another. If they connected up with one another, it would not be due to an organized effort by man or religious organization, and it would not be under the control of any hierarchy for they would know to avoid that. This is why I paid attention to Words like the one above, and noticed others too--examples of which are now placed further down on this webpage.

It has been my observation that upon the heels of these promises of a resurgence of servant authority, others have come who have eventually laid claim to being this 'new leadership', and yet they are a mockery to godly leadership.  Some, like blind men, have counteracted their own stated good intentions or promises by the conduct of their ministries and the suspect messages of their teachings. As examples, I mean:

1) Their prophecies are presented from a showmanship and prominence stance, as though they are 'the' prophets/apostles of America. It is  somewhat dismaying, even shocking, that a group of prophets can get together and decide they are 'high level' 'national' or 'international' prophets, announcing themselves as though they are the greatest voices of America. Jesus said, "they love the place of honor at banquets and the most important seats in the synagogues... The greatest among you will be your servant. For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted."  Please discern any spiritual pride in their presentations, and please beware of any who 'posture' by making themselves to 'sit at that table' of 'high level'  pre-eminence.

2) A great deal of money handled and exchanged as the price for learning their 'new wave,' 'cutting edge' Words or teachings. The charge is up to to $300 a person per conference! (not to mention the number of books sold) These practices have served to coin the term, "Prophets for profit."

Present day prophets need to differ from present day psychics, cult leaders, and secular Hollywood superstars. Otherwise no one can tell the difference. Showmanship, posturing, superstar-status and money-charging practices have provoking a variety of responses, from some caution, to open scrutiny, to private or public rebukes or warnings.

I know that many  people are anxious for good news and for any new thing of the Lord, yet I also hope and trust that they would appreciate knowing some specific concerns before they get involved with any group or plunk down their money for any book or conference.After I was sufficiently alarmed by these "cutting edge" prophets and apostles, I put up my initial warning of  1999: Just So You Know: Regarding some 'Apostolic Summits'. (If you disagree with speaking out, please check out our "truth page" for various articles on truth telling). Since the internet has continued to be saturated with advertisements and excited announcements about 'apostles' and 'prophets' and their books or conferences, I have continued to put up more information to further educate people about the kinds of teachings that are being promoted. Just take the first webpage above from 1999 and you will be able to follow the links from there. For years I have been warning about the developments that have now come upon us.  I believe the Lord's strategy was to avoid a cynical 'backlash' against all things prophetic or all things that relate to spiritual gifts as much as possible. This can only be accomplished by reasonable exposure and a speaking out by those who do not deny spiritual gifts.

It is important that anyone who is a mature Christian treat this in a mature manner.  We must not shrink back. Instead, we must speak out the knowledge and wisdom God has given us.  Otherwise, we let those in error define what "prophetic" or "apostolic" IS.

-Teri Lee Earl

The following are quotes or links to public warnings from the prophetically gifted that I became aware of after I began the warnings and research God wanted me to engage in.  I can personally testify that almost all of these were spontaneously inspired and they were not influenced by anything I did or said.  They are in order of appearance, from earliest to last.  Like myself, quite a good number of the writers have witnessed what they speak of firsthand.  Some I have had personal contact with and others I have not.

From Steve Snow:

Sep 20, 1999

I sense in the Lord that the Apostolic reformation is about to burst forth upon the church. There will be 2 streams - the one - will seem prominent with many "big-name" people declaring their apostolic credentials. The other stream will be the "unknowns" those who have been trained and developed over time - those who are "nobodies" in themselves.

I also sense a warning - the apostolic stream - the prominent ones by those who are known to many - will be used by the enemy to turn the church leadership into a dictatorship. I see in this stream a return to the same conditions that occurred in the 2nd C AD when local elders - called Bishops became higher ranking regional leaders and eventually - one became the Pope. Beware of that spirit because the new apostolic will take of the shepherding heresy and magnify the wrong spirit - claiming apostolic authority. The Lord though is raising up the apostles - his apostles - those called, those created, molded over time, those who are humble, those who are broken for upon these will the Lord's authority be poured out. These are the ones who understand authority and will give their very lives for the church of God should that be required. The Lord says - resist the apostolic that seems right - the one that seems as if it will succeed - resist the push for power and see His heart. In the true apostles - the Lord's heart will be seen - the cross will be seen and the love, mercy, compassion and determination will be seen.

(c)1999 Steve Snow - Was published at one time at Eagle Watchman Prophetic Resources website (no longer in existence now)

From E. J. Hintz of  A Closer Walk With Jesus :

September 21, 1999 10:55 AM
Subject:  Apostles & Prophets
Dear Saints

Refer to my statement about the proclaiming of the restoration of these afore mentioned offices.   (Referring to recent articles circulating in prophetic circles about Apostles & Prophets)  Question.  If the church age is being phased out and the Kingdom age is at hand, why should we be looking to the old wine skins, when Jesus is bringing forth a new wine?  I could have started a church a long time ago and built a good reputation in the religious realm and got in with these brothers that are in the prophetic web ring circle. (Instead),I chose by the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit to be set aside in a lonely place so as to be set free from what ever would hinder my hearing and seeing what was in the heart of our God. These brothers are saying the same thing we are to an extent, but I believe they veer off when they try to revive the old order.  Consider what Paul said in Hebrews Chapter 5 about the priesthood after the order of Melchizedek. We are being made over into the same image of Jesus with the sufferings to perfect us to minister to others.

The old will coexist along with the new until the new is completely established and then the old will be discarded.  Example: II Samuel 3:1.  I have been shown already that I will be met with opposition for the things that I will say will undermine a lot of present ministries doctrines.  In 1995 I was prophesied over and this is what was said. "You are a plowman and will plow straight furrows and plant seed. The earth will welcome the plowman."  I expect I will plow across some one else's furrows and I don't think they will be overjoyed with that. 

There is also a word going forth in the prophetic realm that there will be a change in leadership or the passing of the baton to a new group of runners.  These Saints will represent Jesus with all offices of   Eph. 4:11 functioning through them.  Some will say these are Wild Fires or loose canon balls.  When these called out ones come forth they will come forth in the image of their Father Jesus being led by His Holy Spirit because they know His voice and will obey Him. Consider Prov. 30:27, "The locusts have no king yet go they forth all of them by bands."  Here we see the Wisdom of our God to create an insect with the ability to unite and even with one purpose know their objective.  How much more should we have the ability to be united and with one heart and purpose (to do the will of God) Because we can have direction from the king of kings who sits on his Throne in the Heart of the Believer

A Dream

A dream I had a long time ago just came to mind it has to do with what I have been saying.  I was traveling on a highway (walking) and I came upon two men.  One was in a business suit and holding a bible. I asked him did he know what direction we needed to take to get to the Kingdom of God. (We were at a cross road) He said he knew but some how I had a inward knowing that he did not know.  The other man was dressed in a gray uniform (gray stands for rebellion) He had no understanding of what I was talking about.  So I continued on in the direction that I knew was the way that I was to go.   End of dream.


The suit and tie brother was  in the religious prophetic circles. The brother dressed in gray was the rebellious religious church that has no understanding of what Jesus is doing in this day.  A lot of our brothers in the prophetic realm are looking at things through the natural eyes and not with a spiritual eye. They have not really entered into the full faith realm of living by every word that Jesus speaks.  This can and will be attained by these brothers...  by fire. I've said enough.

See also on Ed's website: My Beliefs About the Continuance of the Office of Apostles and Prophets. at
and An Apostles Calling.
(both are brief)

Joel's Army...Predator Or Protein...Come Let Us Reason Together by Steve Morris, Feb. 15, 2000

From the first paragraph of: "What Is An Apostle?" by Michael Clark at

"Right now there is a move afoot to establish a new hierarchy in Protestant circles. Men are teaching that we must come under the covering of an apostle to have any legitimate place in the body of Christ. At first glance this seems like a rightful restoration of the office of apostle to a church that has been out of order for 1700 or more years, but let us take a deeper look at just what an apostle is and whether these men who are claiming this title fit the bill."

That was written back in year 2000 or so. A more recent (year 2003) follow-up to this article is:

The Last God to Go by George Davis and Michael Clark 

If you would benefit from taking a look at more examples of prophecies about leaders and leadership, browse around through these pages: AGAINST AUTHORITARIAN RULE , ABOUT 'FACELESS' LEADERSHIP, and GIDEON-TYPE LEADERSHIP.  Warning and disclaimer: Some of those who have prophesied these are known to conduct their ministries well, others presently have very suspect practices, and others are 'unknowns' to this author.

Update: Published book, Oct. 2006:

Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement
by Stephen Crosby

Book description: There is a new apostolic movement afoot, and it is leading many from the simplicity of the pure gospel. To be legitimate, the teaching emphasis and ministry expression of present-day apostles and prophets must reflect a correct gospel foundation:

• the person and work of Christ as its focus,
• spiritual death and resurrection as its method,
• and the indwelling Spirit as its power.

Instead, the new apostolic reformation movement, with its emphasis on apostolic authority, “spiritual covering,” loyalty, honor, submission, and government, has become the vehicle to build the philosophies and kingdoms of men.

Dr. Stephen Crosby’s third book, Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement, probes these and other authority/submission issues from a biblically disciplined, Christ-centered, New Covenant perspective. Within these pages, every believer, church leader, apostle, or prophet who may have wandered from the simplicity of the gospel can find the road to recovery.

This is the only printed book on this subject that I recommend. It is useful for all groups. See my amazon review of it!

*Exhortation from Teri Lee Earl: Dear Christian brothers and sister: Please value those who have not compromised to the religious Babylonian system or gone the way of Balaam. Do not give your favor to those who swoon you with their pomp, dazzle you or impress you with their 'power', tickle your ears with their promises, or manipulate you with religious guilt and bondage! Be wary of those who self-promote, who lend superstar introductions to their "members" of their prophet/apostle club, and who posture as though they are from any lofty 'high level' precipice. Avoid those who boast of their past success of their "on-target" predictions or 'words of knowledge'. I have found that these boasts are often not true anyhow! Bless, give, and pray for only those whom the Lord and Spirit would lead you to, and you will have blessed the Lord's work (Luke 4:24; Luke 6:22-23; Luke 9:48).

Acts 2:18  "Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy."

1 Corinth. 14:5  "I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy. He who prophesies is greater than one who speaks in tongues, unless he interprets, so that the church may be edified."

1 Corinth  14:39  "Therefore, my brothers, be eager to prophesy, and do not forbid speaking in tongues."

1 Corinth. 13:9  "For we know in part and we prophesy in part,"

See also John 15: 8-16

-Teri Lee Earl

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