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Note: There have been many heavily advertised conferences over the past few years regarding 'apostles and prophets.'  Using a set of informal reports spread across the internet written by attendees to a January, 1999 conference, this page is posted so that others know the 'norm' for the types of teachings and people being heard at these conferences. This webpage is not intended to be an academicly thorough commentary on the ministers who are most often involved in these summits.   As discerned though, these folks became more organized and their agendas more obvious. See the reproduced GI newsletter of the year 2000 for the first known stated organizational intent by these ministers.

Just So You Know: Regarding some 'Apostolic Summits'
 "The New Apostolic Reformation"
(My brief comments are 'wine' colored)

This is a synopsis of what was reported to be  taught about the 'apostolic' at the last Colorado conference National School of the Prophets: January 28 -30, 1999.  It was run and hosted by a group that have often been found together, announcing the dawning of a new age of apostles (Speakers such as: C. Peter Wagner, Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Hamon, Dutch Sheets, Rick Joyner, Kingsley Fletcher, Mike Bickle, Jim Laffoon, Barbara Wentroble and Ted Haggard. And there were many references in the reports about some of the speakers, including those not mentioned above, who were of the 'KC prophets' era)

What is reported below is from people who attended the conference. Of course, I have no assurance that their notes sent out on the internet were perfectly accurate, but I trust them not to be terribly inaccurate, especially since these notes were sent out by those who say they were blessed by the conference and were therefore not written with the idea of editing out what may be controversial. I have taken the trouble to go through the numerous prophecies in these reports and snip them out, leaving only the teachings on the subject of apostles.



The central theme of the conference was that the office of apostle is now being firmly established putting the God-ordained government of the church in place for the first time since the early days of the initial believers of the first 300 years. The church was awakened to evangelism, prophetic, and now the apostolic. All are called to work together under the apostle in each body of believers, especially prophet to apostle, (as a watchman to a king). The prophet will bring prophecies to the pastor (apostle), and the pastor has the final say on what to do with it. The Light grows brighter as the pieces are in place for world revival (and world persecution and hatred of Christians) such as has never been seen before.

That particular comment on prophet being like a watchman to king apostle probably came from Haggard, and may have been said more completely in this report:

TED HAGGARD - The meetings actually took place in the church pastored by this man (located across the parking lot from the World Prayer Center. This is New Life Church.  He is co-founder of the World Prayer Center with Peter Wagner, an author, teacher, respected board member of NAE, Global Harvest, Every Home for Christ and the Center for Christian-Jewish Dialogue.  He is senior editorial advisor for Ministries Today and a member fo the Mission to all the World 2000 Board of Reference.

The topic of his message was THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPHECY

This Man of God spoke of the blending of the offices in the church. The pastor is the local authority, and the prophet must submit to the pastor in the church setting.  The act of submission is emphasized all through the message -- submission and the attitude in that submission. He gave some examples in his own church -- adding that humility, humor and love will conquer most any obstacle involving feelings and attitudes in a church setting.  He explained that mistakes are made, and will continue to be made, but that does not disqualify one from bringing future Words. He cited a particular example in his church where a brother stood up and began to prophecy (their local protocol is to take all Words to the pastor for his review, and he will accept or decline, and select the forum if it is to be used).  The brother began to set dates for the rapture and other outlandish assertions. Pastor Haggard stopped him and reminded him, in love but in authority, that this was out of order -- then had the congregation stand, extend their hands toward the offending brother and tell him they forgave him for the false prophecy and they prayed for the brother.  Since then, that offending brother has brought many good Words to the local Body and is loved and respected. In his message, he used the following scriptures.

ICor 12:28, 8-10
Romans 12:6
!Cor 14
Joel 2:28
Acts 2:17
Ezekiel 13 -- False Prophets

(BTW, Tedd Haggard's local protocol is the same as Vineyard practices on how all prophecy should be handled, although I do not know if he is or was Vineyard. While I am sure it would solve all 'messy' problems for any pastor who is tired of inappropriate prophecy and wants complete control, this formula cannot be justified by the Scripture of 1 Corinth. 14:29 and 14:32, which seems to indicate a discernment by 'others' who are most likely prophetically discerning. In no way does Scripture of New Testament Christian practices indicate that formal leader was like a 'king' who makes ruling on all prophecy in a Christian meeting, if that is what he was teaching here)



PETER WAGNER -- The moderator of the conference -- Dr.  Wagner is the founding president of Global Harvest Ministries, focusing prayer on world evangelism.  He is coordinator for the AD2000 United Prayer Track.  He is also cofounder of the World Prayer Center and Cofounder and president of the Wagner Institute for Practical Ministry and chancellor of Wagner Leadership Institute.


1.  Church government is the harness -- the strongest apostle needs a harness.  For the first time since the early church, church government is in place (Eph.  4:11).  The New Apostolic Reformation is the most radical way of doing church since the Protestant Reformation.

2.  Apostles are crucial.  A.  Vertical Apostle -- Heads an apostolic network.  B.  Horizontal Apostle - Anointing to mobilize apostles, but no network.  C.  Hyphenated Apostle - Teacher-Apostle, Pastor-Apostle, Prophet-Apostle, etc.  D.  Marketplace Apostle -- Under the church covering, but they work in the marketplace.  3. Prophets are crucial -- prophets are hitched to an Apostle.  4.  How the Apostolic teams are beneficial when hitched together.  A. Prophet submits to the Apostle - Ephesians 4:21 B.  God speaks to the Prophet - Amos 3:7 C. Prophet speaks to the Apostle.  D.  The Apostle judges, evaluates, strategizes & executes the Word.  E.  The Prophet submits to the Apostle.  Two major models: 1) Paul & Silas - ongoing relationship, covenanted together.  2) Paul & Agabus - tied together for a period of time.  5.  Execution - He gave examples from his personal life.

Corporate Intimacy results in the birth of Corporate Vision.


The statement above, "For the first time since the early church, church government is in place (Eph.  4:11)," is quite an amazing statement! Please go to our apostles page for brief discussion on Eph. 4:11. This page does not state that 'equippers' are not for the contemporary Church (cessationalistic), yet it will make you think twice about such claims.

BILL HAMON -- The founder and Bishop of Christian International Ministries, and was clearly held as a forerunner of the restoration of the Prophetic office in the Church.

Mark 4:26 Described the paradigm of the Kingdom of God likened to a seed -- blade, mature, then harvest.

Rapture -- This will take place in the fullness of time -- it is not a set time -- it will happen when the bride is ready!  The Church has a destiny to fulfill.  Acts 3:19-21 Heaven will hold Jesus until the time of restoration of all things.  He will return as a roaring lion for vengeance on the ungodly.

Rev. 5:10 Kings & Priests to God & we shall reign on the earth.
Heb. 6:13

1500 -- Protestant movement
1600 -- Evangelical movement
1700 -- Holiness movement
1800 -- Faith Healing movement
1900 -- Pentecostal movement
1940 -- Latter rain movement
1950 -- Deliverance movement     began restoring the Evangelist
1960 -- Charismatic movement     began restoring the Pastor
1970 -- Faith movement               began restoring the Teacher 1980 --
Prophetic movement       began restoring the Prophet 1990 --
Apostolic movement --     began restoring the Apostle

Steps into Activation -- Hear, Believe, Receive All are acts of Grace --
Ephesians 2:8-9 -- By GRACE are you saved through faith.


This is not misrepresentation of what was probably taught at the conference, since this is a duplicate of what is on page 107 of  "Apostles, Prophets and The Coming Moves of God" by Dr. Bill Hamon.

It would be instructive for the reader to know that there is nothing 'new' about these teachings at all. They reflect the restoration theory, which has been repackaged since Latter Rain Days, at least, and has been accepted and preached in various forms by some Pentecostals since I've been a Christian. It might be more accurate to call this a 'restoration' instead of a 'reformation,' since this is repackaged 'restoration theory'. It definitely cannot be called or portrayed as new.

See The Second Pentecost leads to the World Church?
            by Dr. Orrel Steinkamp, D. Min

for a brief yet more detailed analysis of some Pentecostal fringe-group teachings that have been recirculated for the past century.

One should question the supposition that the Church has languished without evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets, or apostles all this time, or that any part of these 'equippers' were not present in previous generations. Scripture (Ephesians 4:11-12) states that the equippers are given to the Church "until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fulness of Christ." (vs. 13)

Each generation since the time of Christ's death has had believers who believe they are the last generation. Unfortunately, this means they may listen to extra-Biblical theories that would make themselves the ones who would 'finish' the job or to somehow be more 'special' or loved or blessed than previous generations. Every generation is a Special One, because every generation has unbelievers to be evangelized, fellowships to be labored over, and believers to lead toward maturity in Christ.

Ironically, I have yet to see anyone prophesy that this 'special group' or 'equippers' will rise up 100 years from now when they and their audiences are long gone and dead. Somehow, it is always stated that 'now' is the time and 'this' is the generation. It is the same in this instance. I notice Hamon has reconstructed the old 'restoration' theory so that they are up to apostle by year 2000. However, making 'apostleship' seem restored or prominent by calling people by that title does not make it so. It does not even make anyone an apostle. It is only that now there is a more emphasis on a title that was ignored or unknown to the ears or experience of their audience.

Check out: "Apostles" page, and our "About Reformation and Change" section



Much was said about the coming change in Church leadership & the return to an apostolic gov't. This was balanced by showing the inter- dependence of the prophetic & apostolic, as well as the other 3 offices. Being the "third day" Church, with new identity & glory. Rick J. had a great message on lawlessness & it's prevalence in the Church. Lawlessness is the #1 attack on love & God's greatest commandment to us - many could be caught off guard in it. Several taught on the prophetic/apostolic -it's characteristics, role & what God looks for. Many taught out of Josh. 3 & likened the Church to being mid-stream in the "transition" across the Jordan into the "harvest field". The role of the leaders in seeing that everyone makes it across while keeping the "ark" of God's presence before us. Importance of the harvest & the nations.


AND, here we are told the new church structure emerged in 1997!

CHUCK PIERCE -- Executive Director of the World Prayer Center and prayer leader for the Spiritual Warfare Network, as well as leading the intercessors of AD2000 United Prayer Track.


1998 (AKA 5758 in the Jewish Calendar) was the Days as of Noah -- a
time of rest -- the Beginning of Favor.

1999 (AKA 5759 in the Jewish Calendar) is the Day the Lord of
Redemption and Salvation.

We're entering a time of redemption and Salvation -- a time of
Transition.  This transition ends October 1999!

1.  Ending -- dying to the old
2.  Confusion
3.  New beginning!


1.  Recognize that these are different times -- think and connect prophetically.  2.  Stay alert to activities and the unusual around us.  3.  Keep our spirits alive and active so we can discern properly. 4.  We must know how to get in touch with each other immediately!  5. We must learn to understand each others ways and methods of communication.  6.  We must not let petty issues distract us -- they may be religious spirits.  7.  STAY FOCUSED on the mission that the Lord has given each of us!

1.  Comfort
2.  Encourage
3.  Edify/Exhort
4.  Direction
5.  Redemptive

THE THIRD DAY CHURCH IS ARISING!!  John 2 -- On the Third Day, there was a wedding in Canaan of Galilee Third Day people are obedient -- Abraham was just such a person, and by leaving Ur, he caused all of us to be blessed!

Genesis 1:11-13 -- God spoke the seed principle of regeneration.
Genesis 22:4 -  ON the Third Day, Abraham saw his place afar off.


Esther 5:1-6

Below is related to above apostolic summits report, as it is an announcement of 'THE' new church structure that "emerged in Oct 1997":

Below is taken from the original URL of It is portions of an announcement of a meeting that was held at World Prayer Center and New Life Church Colorado Springs, CO on April 8 - 10, 1999. These are rather typical of the announcements regarding these meetings, which usually involve many of the same ministers at each meeting. This one is significant because after many teases of something 'apostolic' coming up, this one finally announces The New Apostolic Reformation:

On the THIRD DAY, Esther put on her royal robes and
stood in the inner court of the king.  He asked her what did she want --

her people were delivered!!

As THIRD DAY people, we must:
1.  Deal with our greatest fear.
2.  Understand authority
3.  Increase your discernment.
4.  Know who co-labors among you.
5.  Be in the world, but not of the world  -- be wiser than the world 6.
Don't reject the messengers God sends to you.

The new church structure emerged in October, 1997.

                                                                     The New Apostolic Reformation

"The New Apostolic Reformation is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit that is changing the shape of Christianity globally.  It is truly a new day!  The Church is changing.  New names!  New worship expressions!  The Lord is establishing the foundation of the Church for the next millennium.  This foundation is built upon apostles and prophets.  Apostles execute and establish God's plan on the earth.  The time to convene a summit of the different apostolic streams across this nation is now!  This meeting will cause the Body to understand God's 'new' order for this coming era.  I look forward to having you with us in Colorado Springs." -- Peter Wagner

(snipped itinerary. Speakers and leaders included many of the usual players in this group: Peter Wagner, John Kelly (he has an interesting 'tithing' scheme to finance the traveling apostles, last I heard at a conference), Chuck Pierce, Ted Haggard, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, and Mike Bickle)


Team members and leaders, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Teacherss, Pastors, lay leaders and all those interested in the
New Apostolic Reformation


By March 19, 1999               $125 per person, spouse $75
After March 19, 1999           $175 per person, spouse $75
Call for special group rates!

Thru April 1, cancellation fee is $25.  No refunds after April 2. Substitutions may be made through March 31.

Regarding the announcement of 'THE' new church structure that emerged in Oct 1997: My brief tracking of these prophecies and announcements seem to be thinly veiled references to previous or upcoming conferences, or an upcoming plan which included themselves. I had hoped I was wrong, but later information has led me to believe I was not.

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