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About the 'New Apostolic Reformation'
by Teri Lee Earl 
(originally written in year 2000, shortened in 2006, See Oct. 2006 Update)

In the past decade or more, there has been a heightened interest in the Eph. 4:11 ministry. Many people who have testified that God was speaking to them about a new kind of leadership or a new way of fellowshipping with one another. Some even prophesied it and/or wrote about it, and this would include myself.

However, since about 1997, I noticed an almost methodical 'build-up' of expectation over the 'coming prophetic and apostolic', announced by many of the same people, all of whom began to host different conferences together. Because of the fact that certain ministries became aggressive in advertisements and in promoting their presence across the internet, I began to get private complaints and questions from both friends and acquaintances. Some of those questions were posted on our unmoderated e-mail list at the time. By this time it certainly had become an exercise in futility on my part to "beat around the bush" about my concerns and discernments.

I realized there were a lot of books being sold and a lot of people encouraged to attend expensive expensive conferences, without anyone necessarily knowing what was being taught in those books or what they would encounter when they got to those conferences. Believing it only a matter of time before certain things developed more fully, I decided to start posting enough information for people to at least be aware of what they might be getting into. Since then, people or ministries have thanked me for these posts. I leave the links to these pages here, as an older section of the website, for the sake of history and for those who still need them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am pro-Spiritual gifts, and these pages below were written as gently as possible. Some of these are brief, almost informal, -- a "look what's coming at you" notification. All links contain much information, often quoting directly from the sources they speak about.

New Wave?Apostles/Prophets page

This page is self-explanatory. Contains a 'collection' of prophetic warnings in addition to my own actions.

Just So You Know: Regarding some 'Apostolic Summits'

Gives a synopsis of what the Wagner gang taught at a January, 1999 conference, gathered from informal internet reports that were compiled mostly by people who obviously either felt blessed enough to make their informal reports, or just that it was important enough to pass on. I accomplished this by deleting all the prophecies to cut through to the actual announcements/teachings. This is representative enough of what is taught at these conferences.

About Wagner's Apostles page

Gives the account of an eye-opening interview with C. Peter Wagner, previously published on the internet in his GI Newsletter Jan/Feb 2000. By the way, this ministry had a Blazing Trails page well before the subtitle of the publication of the GI Newsletter Jan/Feb 2000.

Some of the key books written by some main participants in the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation), would be Churchquake  by C. Peter Wagner, The Life-Giving Church by Ted Haggard (pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs)  and Apostles, Prophets and The Coming Moves of God by Dr. Bill Hamon.  Please access quotes and thought provoking comments taken from Churchquake reviews and the NAR, focusing on Wagner's plans. Also, feel free to access my review and quotes from the book, "The Last Apostles on Earth" -- a book I have read, which C. Peter Wagner is quoted as endorsing as having, "valuable biblical information for building a theological framework to understand this work of the Holy Spirit in our day."

Final note (originally written in year 2000):

I have witnessed and known Charismatic, Spirit-filled enthusiasms before, and am not theologically opposed to signs and wonders, and yet I urge the believer to scratch beyond the surface to check out the Biblical stability and foundational belief systems of it all.

© Copyright 2000-2006  by Teri Lee Earl All Rights Reserved

Oct. 2006 Update: 

Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement
by Stephen Crosby

I was priviledged to receive an early copy of this book from the publisher. This is the only printed book on this subject that I recommend, yet it is extremely useful for all groups. See my amazon review of it!

Book description:

There is a new apostolic movement afoot, and it is leading many from the simplicity of the pure gospel. To be legitimate, the teaching emphasis and ministry expression of present-day apostles and prophets must reflect a correct gospel foundation:

• the person and work of Christ as its focus,
• spiritual death and resurrection as its method,
• and the indwelling Spirit as its power.

Instead, the new apostolic reformation movement, with its emphasis on apostolic authority, “spiritual covering,” loyalty, honor, submission, and government, has become the vehicle to build the philosophies and kingdoms of men.

Dr. Stephen Crosby’s third book, Authority, Accountability, and the Apostolic Movement, probes these and other authority/submission issues from a biblically disciplined, Christ-centered, New Covenant perspective. Within these pages, every believer, church leader, apostle, or prophet who may have wandered from the simplicity of the gospel can find the road to recovery.


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