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Matt. 9:16-17; Luke 5:37-39

(More accurately: a visitation with announcements/understandings given regarding His call to non-institutionalized meetings and ministries, which included a vision of the whole Body and a resurgence or restoration of the less structured 'portion' and abilities)

         What is described below occurred just before the fall of 1995.    


This began due to a series of events I knew about which can only be rightfully described as spiritual abuse. These events culminated not in the deposing of, but rather the exaltation of someone whom I can only describe as a "Saul"-like character. Therefore as a result of the news I had just heard, I kneeled before the Lord in my living room, weeping and pouring out my heart to him as David often did in the Psalms. I said, "Lord, I am so upset and angry--- I know Your ways are higher than ours, but I just don't understand this..." I was suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted by the Father (Gen. 32:30; Exodus 33:18-23) , who spoke audibly the words, "I have allowed it."  As I spoke a little further with God about the situation, He interrupted me again to confirm that the "Saul" involved was indeed a "Saul" and that he would "wax worse." (an obvious reference to 2 Tim. 3:13:  "But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived." KJV)

The Sovereignity of God both comforted me and brought me up short, because of the absolute, yet stern, confidence He conveyed. Though proud men sin, it was only because of God that they have their time on earth to do so--a time they may use to either prove their works or repent (Romans 2:5-6). After this exchange I no longer cared about the comings and goings of this individual "Saul." Instead, I began to weep and intercede for America as a whole. (additional note, inserted year 2005: Within nine years after this conversation with the Lord, this "Saul" died an early death from a terminal illness) 

This time God did not interrupt my weeping. Instead, He listened as I poured out my anguish to Him over the state of the Church in America. I described the over-all situation as I had observed and experienced it many times over the years, and as so many others had also known. I thanked Him for His moves of the Spirit, but pleaded with Him for more long-term resolutions. I asked Him many questions which essentially boiled down to, "What will You do, if anything, about these problems?!!" 

When the Lord began to answer me, His answers astonished me. They were completely outside of anything I had ever imagined or known. Below is a brief account of what transpired next. Some of what the Lord spoke to me is not included due to its personal focus, and some is not specified because of the length of time it would take for explanation. Over the years, a few links and small edits or additions were inserted afterwards, for the sake of clarification.

Death and Resurrection of an 'prophetic-apostolic type' ministry

At one point during the interactions that followed, the Lord commanded me to worship Him. I felt led to worship Him with "The Lord Is My Shepherd," a song by Keith Green. Whenever the song stopped, I repeated the song to continue worshipping Him with all my heart. This was not easy because the Presence of God both inspires a person to worship Him and also to lie prostrate before Him. Also, the ever-increasing anointing of His Spirit and the joy in His manner caused a release of a wide range of emotions (mourning turned into joy).

God announced that Keith Green was an apostle of the Jesus Movement. By doing so, He defined Keith's ministry as pivotal for the Jesus Movement. I saw Keith's plane crash in a vision, and God said, "When Keith Green fell to the earth like a grain of wheat, it was not the end of his ministry, but the beginning (of a new phase of it)..." God explained that He was secretly multiplying His purposes according to the scriptural principle of John 12: 24 : "Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains by itself alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit." God announced that He was raising up prophets to continue the apostolic ministry He had begun with Keith Green. He used a variable number when speaking about these prophets because  He was certain that a minimum number would triumph and continue on in His purposes, yet hoped that He would have more than this minimal number, and that all would remain operational for His purposes.  Even so, because He was so determined to intervene in America's Church woes, He would have His agents of change, and anyone who fell behind because of pride, bitterness, or other hindrances, would simply be replaced. (Important note: Of course I have never released this number because it would be too tempting for people to try to fit themselves or others into that set number of people.  Additional note: Do not assume that these American prophets will have similar musical talents or will have a ministry exactly like Keith Green's at all, or that they will all be  white males.)

What I was shown was that Keith Green's death was spiritually related to the 'death' of the Jesus Movement itself, and these prophets had also all been thrust into a sort of 'death' along with the man and the movement. In other words, since all were spiritually 'related' to each other, these prophets suffered during the Jesus Movement backlash that contributed to the 'death' of the Jesus ovement, and beyond. 

Although these were dark years for visionaries as a whole, the suffering of these prophets was extremely intense. The tribulation came from the enemy, and my impression was that most of it came through false Christians whom the enemy used. (For a good description of the emotional pain these prophets have suffered, please read the paragraph about the "Joseph Generation" in the prophecy/visitation called Old Wells, Fallen Mantles and New Fountains by Michael Edds.)  However, this was part of His preparation and His plan. After the suffering He had allowed, by His hand He had raised them up, and was raising them up now. Now, the prophets would lead the way. Like Keith Green, they would not seek followers or promote themselves by titles, yet God's Spirit would use them greatly. This was God's justice to the prophetic community who, as a whole, had not been 'allowed' to have any real authority by the overbearing 'leaders' of the American Church. These prophetic apostles, or apostolic prophets, would begin the Un (structured) Church.

The word, "Un"Church

During this time, it was not unusual for much to be contained in only a few words. Not only were His meanings rich beyond comparison, but a 'strobe light' effect of flooding knowledge and images would often come into my mind during this exchange. To put it simply, I would say that His words CONTAINED understandings that given our limited language abilities, would take many words to describe.  Indeed, I came to a full understanding of how small my understanding was compared to His-- a condition we all will always have compared to our Heavenly Father. Once, I even had to ask Him to slow down a little --- my mind could not take in so much at once. He graciously kept me from going on "overload" and did slow down His explanations to accomodate my limited mind.

So, when the Lord God spoke the name Un(structured) Church, He somehow conveyed the word "structured" in parenthesis in His voice. This is because the "Un(structured) Church", or the "UnChurch" does have some structure. However, compared to the Structured Church, it will seem as though it has no structure at all.

Vision of the Two Arms:

I saw the two arms of the Body of Christ. God called the right arm the "Structured church", the left He called the "Un(structured) church." I understood that there were functions that ONLY the Structured Church (church as most Americans know it) could accomplish, and there were things that ONLY the "Un(structured) Church' (ministries not dependent on the structured church or structured church government) could accomplish. I understood that BOTH were supposed to be working in some amount of cooperation, but they were not. In fact, for years (perhaps for centuries) the potentially "pure" part of the Structured church suffered from deceptions injected by Satan, causing it to be threatened by the Un(structured) Church, and vice versa.  Neither one realized that they were both designed to to perform similar yet different functions for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

When I speak of any "purity" of either the Stuctured or Un(structured) Church, I do not speak of false leaders of course - these are those who set up or support their own 'kingdoms' built for men's egos and worldly gain. These "Sauls" and their supporters will always oppose the good purposes of God---their mini-kingdoms are always opposed to the Kingdom of God by their very nature.

I then saw a quick vision of what had happened before in the United States. I saw the right arm violently strike the left arm. At approximately the same time and yet somewhat related to this first action, I saw the left arm 'float' independently from the entire Body. Neither action was the perfect will of God. This was the 'death' of the Jesus Movement revival, and it was a result of both the "violence" of the deceived within the "Structured" Church and the resulting confusion and strong sense of independence of those within the Jesus Movement. As a result, this manifestation of the "Un(structured) Church" had not been functional for many years. It was a 'severed' arm which felt disconnected, even 'homeless,' in relation to the rest of the Body.

The raising up of the Un(structured )Church

God, however, was now joyously revealing His plan of restoration. I saw close-up of the left shoulder. The muscles and tendons of the arm were being skillfully reconnected. The Un(structured) Church was being reestablished to work again as the Lord intended. 

Let me make note here the fact that the Structured Church has been unsuccessfully trying to do the work that belonged to the Un(structured) Church for decades. Having opposed the purposes of God, it was now anemic and failing. The truth was that both 'churches' needed each other, but neither one needed false evangelists, pastors, teachers, prophets, or apostles, --of whose "counsel" the people should reject. Indeed, the Lord made clear to me that the same excesses, errors and difficulties could happen in either type of 'church.' No 'system' was able to be fully fool-proof against the error of sin and deception. Still, I was filled with His joy as I witnessed this restoration, and the results of it: The Body of Christ began to walk again.!

Following a brief respite, the last vision and 'flash' of information came. By this time I was laughing with joy because God repeated for me a portion of a vision He gave me in 1980....something I had never understood and even forgotten. Suddenly I understood that I was seeing living room after living room after living room-connected and extending. It was a 'church' of living rooms, different people's living rooms, all connected! There would even be mixes of believers from different denominations in the same 'living room' church.  The leaders/those committed, would not attend Sunday services as we have known it. They would only participate in the network of the Un(structured) Church. At least some of these leaders would relate to willing leaders within the Structured Church, but not in a subservient way at all.  Instead, this connection at the shoulder would be about SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIPS with MUTUAL RESPECT. 

I also saw that the 'wounded' of the Structured church would go to these "living room fellowships" for healing. Some would choose to return to the Structured church once recovered. Their leaving was not to be regarded as a failure but rather a success. Unbelievers could hear the Gospel and become saved too, just as in the Jesus Movement. This part was about a network of homechurches. However, the "Un"(structured) Church includes much more than the homechurch "movement"--God's creativity is not limited in what can be done in situations of little structure.    

Personal Note:

It should be noted that at the time of this revelation, I was completely unaware of any homechurch "movement" that was in place or increasing. However, we never doubted that we were called to this and that God was going to do what He said He was going to do.

As with most things of this nature, we were given confirmation in a variety of ways.  For instance, at the end of the April 24-26, 1997 Daughters of the Lion Conference I had been led to attend, a lady (a stranger to us) posted a note that she needed a ride home. I knew we were supposed to give her that ride. As soon as she got in our car, she began to prophesy how the Lord was calling people back to the days of the early church and meeting in homes, with less 'structure'.  Her name was Jessie Hairston, and she said she was an itinerant minister with a ministry called Good Ground Ministries (currently as of year 2006, her cards simply say, Jessie Pearl Hairston Ministries). We had a lively conversation all the way home and I ended up sending her a copy of my written rough draft of Living Stones .(Note: "Living Stones" was given to me in a series of visions and my own Bible studies just prior to this prophecy above, yet was not posted right away because of the work involved in producing it).

Since then, as the Lord also indicated to me, there has been a mass exodus from dysfunctional churches. Also, the number of people who have had like visions or revelation or callings or writings has grown since the above posting in 1997.  As a result, I eventually posted an entirely new section which included links to the revelations of others that have come to my attention between the years 1995-2000.

In contrast, others have jumped on some sort of bandwagon without true understanding/revelation, or character development. These lack humility and if you pay attention to their teachings and redefinitions, you'll notice increasing error.  Most of them are out there collecting alot of money in hidden speaker's fees for their 'cutting edge' revelations in their conferences and by their books. Always beware of the fake!

A sister in the Lord, Teri Lee Earl

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