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The Exodus Out of the Institutional Church
(about those who have left the I. C., or Organized Religion, or as I call it, the 'System')

This exodus is not theory and not prophecy any more.  It is fact.  In my understanding, according to what the Spirit showed me and the Bible studies done afterwards, it is the Lord Himself rejecting an old hardened wineskin (Matt. 9:16-17) full of false prophets, pastors, and priests, as He Himself becomes the Lord of His people again, leading them as He will to safer ground.  Is is also His statement against the carnal religious sheep who have driven other sheep away (Ezek. 34 - the entire chapter).

-Teri Lee Earl

April 2005 update on this trend:

"TREND: Significant increase in out-of-church Christianity"

A nationwide survey conducted by the USA based Barna Research Group indicates that the number of unchurched adults in America  continues to grow by nearly a million people annually. Interestingly, many of these unchurched people are spiritually active...

Having studied church attendance patterns for more than twenty years, researcher George Barna suggests that the consistent resistance to church life in recent years is indicative of a historic shift in the nation's spiritual vision. "A large and growing number of Americans who avoid congregational contact are not rejecting Christianity as much as they are shifting how they interact with God and people in a strategic effort to have a more fulfilling spiritual life. This suggests that we are on the precipice of a new era of spiritual experience and expression."

Barna expects the percentage of adults who are unchurched to grow during the coming decade. "However, the emergence of a national body of spiritual leaders who are assisting unchurched people in their quest for spiritual depth through means and relationships that are outside the usual institutional vehicles is significant. We anticipate substantial growth in the number of people who are not connected to a congregational church but who are committed to God and to their faith."

Source: BARNA website-

Book: "Revolution" by George Barna, released Sept., 2005

From Amazon description:
World renowned pollster George Barna has the numbers, and they indicate a revolution is already taking place within the Church...born again Christians are exiting the established church in massive numbers... Barna predicts how this revolution will impact the organized church, how Christ's body of believers should react, and how individuals who are considering leaving (or those who have already left) can respond. For leaders working for positive change in the church and for believers struggling to find a spiritual community and worship experience that resonates, Revolution is here. Are you ready?

George Barna's Revolution: A Review, (with other useful reviews and links)

A Faith Revolution Is Redefining “Church” According to New Study (dated Oct. 2005)

Rapid Increase in Alternative Forms of The Church Are Changing the Religious Landscape (dated October 24, 2005)

More about, or for, the "Defectors"-- the "Unchurched" :

It has been reported directly to us that especially in the country of New Zealand, a mass exodus from the I.C.'s has occurred at a probably faster rate than in the United States. They have suffered accusations from I.C. pulpits that they are "listening to the devil". It has been reported that pulpit preachers have commanded the people in their congregation to not even speak to these 'defectors'.

Scriptural and Practical Notes For Isolated Believers (outside link)
by Tricia Tillin of Cross and Word "This article is written to address the thoughts, needs and concerns of people who have already made the decision to worship "outside the camp" for good and proper reasons." Contains alot of good scriptural study and little or no of the soapbox material against any particular group that Tricia's writings are famous for.   

Other New Zealand Christians are gathering information about the phenomena and quantifying it. See also   A Churchless Faith and Ten Myths About Church Leavers, both by Alan Jamieson of Reality Magazine at


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