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Onward and Upward

Got a few mountains to pass over after you leave Organized Religion (or "I.C.")?
You are not alone! Below are some teachings, messages, and resources to help you on your way!


What's the use of just changing the scenery if we are going to do the same ol' stuff?

He who forgets his own history is condemned to repeat it.

-Sir Walter Scott

  Recovery from spiritual abuse:

Mentoring and Accountability
by Teri Lee Earl
(this isn't about the false 'covering' doctrine.  This is, instead, a Biblically substantiated look into the healthy dynamics of a loosely knitted 'mentoring' relationship, and what to look for as symptoms of the false 'mentor')
See also Controlaholic by Jim at Mt. Tamor 

Help! My House Church is Worse Than The Institutionalized Church Ever Was!
by Tracey Amino 

Leaving The Institutional Church? Now Find A Garbage Can, Please! by Steve Morris (addresses the fears that kept you in the Institutional Church)

Paradigm shifting

Blazing Trails Too page
(compilation of prophecies, revelations, and dissertations, most often written by those who have left the I.C. or "System")

A Celebration of Koinonia (Community)
by Teri Lee Earl
(a scriptural celebration of community. Includes many links therein)

Fellowship page

contains relevant links to articles about homechurching 

Change Form & Substance!
by Teri Lee Earl
(changing the meeting 'place' (to homes) does NOT guarantee a change of substance. Some symptoms to look for) short article

Good Structure/Bad Structure
by Teri Lee Earl
(short revelation about the fallacy of anti-structure)

See our Unity And Nonsectarianism section) 

Why have we come out? contributed anonymously, Jan., 2001- a strong exhortation and Word regarding railing against the I.C.'s


The 'house church movement' as it may be called, is sometimes perceived as a cohesive or organized generic 'movement'. The truth is that there are countless house churches all across the world representing a wide variety of teachings and practices. Some of these strands have sparked controversy and appropriate public concern:

Gene Edwards: The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly
(with additional links)

March 20, 2004, Meeting With Gene Edwards
by Jon Zens


Neither Jew nor Gentile but "One New Man"
By George Davis & Michael Clark
Quoting: "Many who ascribe to Messianic Judaism today, teach, either by implication or openly, that special privileges go with being a natural Jew, that Christianity is Jewish, and that any return to primitive Christianity must include a return to our Jewish roots..."

Anti-covering letters: These open letters to the Body were written by a friend of a popular so-called non-I.C.teacher 

Although we were previously unaware of the "emerging church" movement, we've recently discovered their influence. A Time magazine reporter described their journey as: "Their goal: to deconstruct traditional church culture yet remain true to scripture." (pg 45 of the Feb 7, 2005 Time magazine issue)  It is my opinion that if any 'postmodern' movement that does not address Pastoral Rule is just rearranging window dressings. Also, any fellowship that embraces gnosticism as part of their 'early church' experience, is woefully unfamiliar with the controversies and problems in the early church. So please look closely at any 'postmodern' movement as compared to scripture.

-Teri Lee Earl


Various and Miscellaneous:

Looking for the Right Church in the Wrong Places - by David Wilkerson. Wilkerson is an I.C.'er, but nevertheless openly acknowledged the sad state of the U.S. churches in this 1999 sermon. He prophesies God raising up a godly Zadok priesthood, reaffirms our 'royal priesthood', and makes some suggestions for 'coping' with this evil generation of churches we live in today.
It's Not Enough to Get Out of Babylon!  another by D.W.--a call to activism after leaving the "dead, Babylonian church system."

See some words/visions specific for non-I.C. (target goes to bottom part of Blazing Trails Too page)