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Controlaholic: Symptoms: Characteristics of "these wolves in sheep’s clothing":
1. Racism 8. Gossip/Mocking 15. Self pity 22. Shame
2. Confusion 9. Jealousy/Expectation 16. False Sacrifice 23. Guilt
3. Rejection/Control 10. Ungratefulness 17. Bitterness 24. Envy
4. Fear of rejection 11. Division/Strife 18. Unforgiveness 25. Greed/Taking
5. Fear/Threats/Rage 12. Judgment/Legalism 19. Possessiveness 26. Lust
6. Anger/Violence 13. No discernment 20. Unworthiness 27. Revenge
7. Pride/Vanity/Flattery 14. Dominance/Demand 21. Condemnation  28. Retaliation 
In Eph. 3:17 … we are called to be rooted and grounded in love; not religion, anointing, knowledge or scripture … only love, "God is love".  In Gal. 5:6,22 the primary and most important fruit is love, out of which flows other dependent manifestations of that love such as the fruit of self-control by the Holy Spirit, "through love," not at all "our own restraint, or suppressing and denying from our soul." Faith also works through love, love being the greatest casts out fear.
1st John 4:18; 1st Cor.13:13.

(submitted to the HarvestNet upload  by a 'non-ICer' )

See also: Blazing Trails Too ('initial' dissertations/ leaving IC), and Onward and Upward (for the trouble spots afterwards)

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