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Now! Is The Time To Build!

For many years, I have personally struggled to comprehend what God is doing in our generation. From my personal studies of history, I know that God does something in every generation. In order for any man of God, to be a voice for God he must first be able to hear God, and then he must be able to comprehend what God is saying and doing in his generation.

Hearing God is the easy part. Comprehending what the source of all wisdom is actually saying about what He is doing in a generation is the hard part. Often it takes years of personal soul searching, coupled with additional seeking, in order to grow to a level of maturity before the Holy Spirit will give the understanding.

To get to this point I have spent 20 years seeking the Master for understanding.  
Please take the time to read this carefully.

I suspect that if you will carefully read this letter, many of you will recognize your own Kingdom purpose in this letter as well. The King has been working for many years stirring the hearts of thousands all over the world. Are you one?

I have seen the end of my own purpose and it appears that I have too much work to do. I do not need any further understanding about the spiritual condition of the church, or instruction on what I am to spend the remainder of my life doing. Within the wisdom of being shown the end of my own purpose, I now comprehend fully what the Master is doing in our generation. In our individual quests to find the will of God for our lives, we must realize that once you obtain the answer (the end of your own purpose) there is nothing past that understanding.

If I was to say that there is one thing missing from the lives of most believers today, it is the simple fact that most still do not know why they are on the planet. (Hence the manifestation of the useless churches of our day.) Few today fail to comprehend why they are here, much less a Kingdom of God purpose for their lives. Many think they have found purpose in driving a bus load of kids to church, teaching Sunday school, witnessing, attending church, pew sitting, paying tithes, praise and worship, or just being a "good overall" Christian. (What a religious deception.)

In each generation, God may do anything from a small movement to a full reformation. If we examine the condition of the church today, it appears to the natural eye as if all reformations were nothing more than an exercise in futility. The churches we see today are corrupt, in blatant scriptural error, and massive sin. They are at best nothing more than reprobate silver unfit for the Master's use.

Institutions fashioned by the carnal minds of men.  
Institutions that make people twice the sons of
hell than if they had left them alone. Institutions full of dead men's bones.  
Institutions that are open graves where the blind are plundered by the blind.

If Martin Luther were alive today he would start another reformation by nailing a list of 95 things wrong on the Lutheran Institutions doors. Lutherans are now ordaining homosexuals along with the Episcopalians and Presbyterians. Who could remain a member in such a place except for those who are spiritually dead or blind?

Reformation birthed by the Spirit of God has never been about building another denomination. Often people think reformation was all about the birth of a new and better denomination. A more excellent way (if you will) than the preceding denomination. Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterian, Episcopalians, Methodist, Baptist, Assemblies, Charismatics, and so on until we arrive at where we are today, the wonderful title of NON-denominational.

Our use of the word reformation is grossly misused. We call it reformation because today we see the physical structures built by religious men after each revelation of truth from the Holy Spirit of God. In every instance historically when spiritual truths were revealed by God, religious men immediately begin to package those truths into another man made religious denomination. Everything we see today is nothing more than religious structure built around past revealed truths. (Read that again)

If you think about what actually happened in every "reformation," you will see that God kept revealing truth to expose the religious evils that were practiced by a particular denomination. A new denomination would begin with each revelation of truth. In time, even this new denomination would itself become part of another reformation because the Spirit of God would reveal more truth. Sound like a plan?

Like the quilting together of a blanket piece by piece, the Master has been revealing truth after spiritual truth down through the centuries. A constant pattern of revealed truth that is about to climax soon. I know that for most of you it will be difficult to comprehend that we (most believers) have been spiritually blind for nearly 2000 years. Of course I realize that none of you has ever been spiritually blinded in your life. :)

Out of each "reformation" only the revealed truths remain.

Truth is His own entity.  
He is sustained by His own power.  
He is not upheld by the flesh of man.  
Truth is sustained within Himself.  
For He is Truth.

Most people who study church history often fail to realize that long before a reformation actually happened, the Spirit of God had been actively preparing the hearts of many people for years. It appears in many instances that God allowed the corrupt sin of a religious institution to grow to its fullness before He revealed truth and exposed the lies and deceptions. In some instances, an entire generation appears to be left spiritually blind so that the next generation might see and understand just a little more than the previous generation. For instance, long before the Holy Spirit revealed to Martin Luther that salvation was by grace and not of works, God was working in the hearts of thousands who were hungry for the truth. Otherwise, Luther would only have had a following of nothing more than his own shadow.

There is one common trait prior to every movement of the Holy Spirit.  
As a believer, are you hungry?

A lost soul just before salvation craves for understanding, reality, and answers for the meaning and purpose of life. Never realizing that it is the Master of Heaven Himself that has created the very craving within their own soul and the circumstances in life that will lead them to the final answer.

Every movement by the Spirit of God invariably begins with hungry hearts craving for the truth by the believers. This happens individually and corporately to the children of God. When the religious institutions fail to deliver a genuine reality of God, the children of God historically have always become hungry for the truth apart from the pulpit. (Read that last sentence again.) Is this you?

An appetite for nothing less than the FULL purity of truth will satisfy the heart of a truth seeker. Oh, the cravings within a hungry heart that is in search of truth in these days of such unreality. Historians love to study the moves of Luther, Wesley, Wycliff, and Huss. Pulpits love to talk about these great men of God. I want to talk to you. I was sent to find you. Are you one? Are you hungry for the truth?

If you are hungry for truth, you quite possibly are a part of the biggest move by the Spirit of God thus far in history. I am not speaking about something that I do not know. I know what I have heard and been shown by the Holy Spirit. God has always prepared the hearts of thousands who were hungry for the truth long before any reformation ever begins. This will not be a reformation from but a reformation to. The last thing we need is another denominational structure built by religious men.

If you have been Hungry for Truth,  
This Prophecy is
to you & about you.

Today is one of the greatest days to be alive in terms of a legitimate movement by the Spirit of God. I said legitimate move of God. Not this garbage you have heard from some charlatan. You know the ones that tell you about a "soon coming mighty move by the Spirit of God" where everyone gets saved, healed, and the church magically becomes this vibrant beautiful virgin bride of Christ again.

That is not going to happen!

You know the ones that I speak about, the "I have a word for you" crowd. The false prophets like Paul Cain, Rick Joyner, Mike Bickle, Clem Clement, Jezebel Juanita Bynum, and every liar on TBN. Let us not leave out of this mess the useless words of doomsday prophet David Wilkerson and his many false prophesies. How many years have you heard them tell you that "revival is coming brother!" Not here yet ... and it ain't gonna come the way they tell you!

Do you know why this is such a great day to be alive in terms of a legitimate  
Move by the Spirit of God?

Never before, in all of history has there been such blatant deception and intentional error by the pulpits and the televangelists. All they have to offer the children of God are helium filled balloons with a blow up version of Jesus that does not work. You know the kind I am speaking about from false prosperity gospels, rapture escapism, healing for everyone, touch not mine anointed, tithing, sowing and reaping, to mandatory church attendance.

Pulpits give them out once a week or more. "Here take this helium filled Jesus balloon home, try this out, and see if this will work for you. Next week after the helium has gone out of that "Blow Up Jesus," come back and I will give you another one just like it." Every bit of it is nothing more than a religious HELIUM HOAX.

When the religious institutions fail to deliver a genuine reality of God,  
The children of God historically,  
Have always become hungry for the truth  
Apart from the culprit in the

The full manifestation of this pulpit stench has reached the Master's throne. He was not taken by surprise. He was waiting patiently for this day. This blow up version of Jesus that does not work is about to be POPPED by the Holy Spirit. From church attendance to prosperity, all of it is about to vomit in a convulsion from the sickness found within itself. Even as a sinner finally has it revealed to him that he was in sin, so shall it be to the children of God in this generation.

I trust that if you are a truth seeker that you will hear.  
This Prophecy is about you.

In addition to my studies of church history, I have discovered that the Kingdom of God has always moved when the "spiritual hour" in history seemed to be at the absolute darkest point. I have never seen a darker hour spiritually than the one we are living in at this very moment. In ALL of church history, there has never been more focus on materialism, greed, and blatant prostitution of the Gospel of Christ by the PULPIT. This day is so spiritually dark that it makes all of the physical murders committed by the Catholic Institution throughout history look like child's play.

In his spiritually dark hour Martin Luther was doing penitence on stone steps with bloody knees when he heard the soft wind of the Holy Spirit whisper the revelation to his heart, "It is of grace Martin, not works." Today, we do not think of this revelation as being so profound. Why, because we have not sat in such darkness craving (what we now think) is such a simple spiritual answer. Today we are far above that simple knowledge in our own spiritual vanity. It is exactly that pride that has kept us from comprehending what the Master has been doing down through the centuries.

Do not miss what I am saying.

Many biblical scholars will tell you that there is nothing left to be revealed by the Holy Spirit. When you mention that you have revelation by the Spirit of God, they run to get their King Jimmy. You know who I am speaking about. The ones that smile at you (Baptist) with INK on their teeth from eating their Big King Jimmy for breakfast each morning. Most of them are clueless about the things of the Spirit of God. They have long ago killed the Holy Spirit within the carnal reasoning of their own minds. What should stagger a person who eats ink for breakfast is that this is the same carnal logic of every preceding denomination. This is exactly what the Spirit of God "reformed" Himself away from all throughout history. Each time God used the same method revealed truth from the Holy Spirit. Like the Pharisees of old and all Popes, the INK King Jimmy crowd has arrived. You know how they speak. "Well, you see brother, it says here in First Yanna Hanna, One Two Hike." They have an answer for everything according to what their carnal religious mind can comprehend from INK on a page.

God help them to understand that Abraham walked with God  
Without a Big King Jimmy.

The children of the early church had a spiritual substance in their lives that transcended any INK version of King Jimmy on a page. They never had a New Testament when they allowed even their children to be offered up as living sacrifices for Christ. What are we? What have we become? What a bunch of vanity and pride are the men in this generation. Men who love to quote scripture without a relationship with a living God. Men who have it all figured out. You know the kind that will smile at you with not a hair out of place and tell you "Jesus loves you," then take your money using Old Testament Law as a tool from their bag of tricks. Businessmen with every church program to keep you busy. Men who have never sat in darkness craving a simple answer as every reformer before them have done.

Men like me scare them because I say I can hear God. I suppose that Abraham would have to be classified as a freak in their eyes as well, since he talked with God and did not have a Big King Jimmy bible. They READ about Abraham talking with God but are void of that reality. The men in this generation cannot hear God. They have become nothing more than storytellers with a joke or two thrown into a "five point sermon." In most cases, someone else has written the five-point sermon. Nothing is more dead than a Baptist/Methodist system of spit and polish, fake smiles, tithing, and church attendance.

Oh no! I just heard that Baptist Helium blow up version of Jesus go POP!

The revelation that Martin received by the Holy Spirit was also revealed to thousands just like Martin. (None of them had a bible) Remarkably, every one of them began with an internal individual craving for REALITY and TRUTH. In the midst of such dark perverse teachings from the pulpit, the Holy Spirit moved upon those that He was preparing for a reformation. You must understand that no one seeks truth in his own strength. Every truth seeker is compelled to do so by the urging of the Holy Spirit.

Truth seeker ... are you one?  
If you are, I will explain later why you are in BIG trouble.

Physical death is one thing.

A spiritual picture also emerges historically (over the last 2000 yr.) of what appears to be this fierce battle between the dark kingdom and the Kingdom of God. Every time truth was revealed to the children of God, it always brought about physical persecution and death. The dark kingdom started at the advent of the church trying to kill off the believers. From the early church martyrs to the murders by the numerous popes, the pattern was always the same. Kill them physically. Remember this if you are a truth seeker. Truth will always extract FULL payment from the soul that possesses truth. Later, it is almost as if the enemy finally realized that he could not stop them by killing them physically.

Spiritual death is yet another.

Eventually, it appears as if the dark kingdom working through the flesh of religious men moved quickly to create structure, doctrine, and religious ceremony after every reformation. Religious men will always build structure around what God has done. That alone is the birthplace of all religious deception. It is time that most of you fully accept that some spirit is behind the religious deception that you sit in year after year.

As a baby Christian I used to walk into churches and the Spirit of God would begin to show me many things. So disturbing were many of them that I would come home and cry for hours begging God please, I do not want to see anymore. Today all I see is spiritual death everywhere. The kingdom of darkness now offers people a casket in the shape of a PEW. Everyone that is born of the Spirit of God has a purpose in the Kingdom family business. Few ever find the real purpose of God for their life. The theft of purpose from the life of a believer is as subtle as the deception of Eve.

Give them an offering plate and a tithe envelope in place of an ability to hear God in the simplest of all matters. Face the truth about yourself; if you cannot hear God in the carnal realm of what to do with the least of all things (money), you cannot hear God at all! Give them a feel good sermon in exchange for a genuine reality of Christ. Ever wonder why the same people go to the altar repeatedly? If the Master was really in the house, would they have to go back? Give them a doctrine that tolerates sins, "Once saved always saved" without being able to find the power of Christ within to rule over sin. Give them another Hype instead of reality. When they come back next week, give them another HELIUM HOAX. Never let them find out why they are here or what is their kingdom purpose. Keep them physically alive but spiritually dead.

Without a doubt, every time the hour was dark God moved.  
Without a doubt, we are on the edge of the biggest move of God in ALL of history.  
Without a doubt, this is the greatest hour to be alive.  
Without a doubt, it will not be what they have told you it will be.  
May God grant me the years  
To see the beauty of His work in this generation.

One day while climbing a mountain near my home I was fussing with God about the fact that He needs to do more against the evil men of this generation who prostitute the Gospel of Christ for a dollar. (an argument I often have with Him.) Never before has there been such blatant spiritual wickedness committed in the name of Christ.

I reminded Him once again that if He does not do something about the men of this generation that He would have to apologize to the Pharisees on judgment day for saying that they were of "their father the devil." I also reminded Him that the evil men of this generation make the Pharisees of old look like a bunch of "schoolboys." At the end of my complaint, I always close with spiritual truth. "Father, in the end I know that there will not be any hypocrisy found in you." In other words, it would be very hypocritical for God to condemn the Pharisees and look the other way at the antics of the evil men in our generation who prostitute the Gospel for a dollar.

Most believers fail to realize that Christ accomplished two things with His ministry: salvation for mankind, and the complete destruction of organized religion. Even when God had ordained that religious system and put the religious leaders in authority.

(Jesus speaking to the Pharisees)  
John 8:42-47  
44 "You are of
your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

In one short sentence Jesus revealed to us that the devil himself had so infiltrated the very system originally ordained by God that the leaders of God's Ordained Temple were under the total control of satan and not God.

Why would you find it hard to believe that satan can still do this today?  
He will smile at you with every hair in place and say,  
"I believe that the bible is the complete word of God."  
"It is so nice to see you here in the house of the Lord today."  
"Remember, Jesus loves you."

Most Christians do not comprehend that there really are such things as wolves in sheep's clothing. Much less are they able to comprehend that satan's ministers can and really do Masquerade as angels of light. They think many of the men they see are just good men in general but perhaps just a little off here or there in doctrine or truth. That is why they are referred to as angels that would masquerade as angels of light.

2 Cor 11:13-15  
13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers,
transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.  
14 And no wonder! For Satan himself
transforms himself into an angel of light.  
15 Therefore it is no great thing
if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.

How blind can you be? As blind as you want to be! Just how long have you sat on a PEW without reality, much less, finding your Kingdom purpose? (How many years?) Answer the question. Many PEW sitters have been preprogrammed with a pulpit lying version of restoration and judgment that is unscriptural. Do not judge. You had better. Restore them. Pray for them. What farmer would pray for the restoration of the wolf that had been eating his sheep? How blind are you?

Enough to purchase spiritual death from those that Masquerade as angels of light.  
WAKE UP from your PEW sitting slumber!

For years I continued to search for what the King of Heaven was doing in our generation. While climbing the mountain I was often depressed and disturbed because of the things He continued to show me. One day I arrived at this understanding after praying and asking this question many, many times. "So Lord tell me if everyone reads Lie of the Tithe and quits tithing and the whole evil mess is exposed and falls to the ground ... then what?" "What do we do?"

Finally, one day the answer came.

"You cannot be afraid to remove what you see because you do not comprehend what I will build from the ashes." "Even as I created Adam from the dust so shall I raise from the ashes the desires of my heart."

That answer sustained me for a while with the understanding of just going and doing what I had been told to do by faith. Even as Abraham had gone by faith so was I to continue to stand and speak. Abraham never knew where he was going and I did not need to know the end of all things either. I was just to do my part and be content with that.

Faith never completely reveals the journey. Otherwise, it would not be a walk of faith.  
Today people have
knowledge of faith but do not have faith.  
Faith has become a subject when it is a

However, it was not long before I was back on the mountain asking for more understanding and complaining once again about the wicked men of this generation. Often it seemed that I was becoming just another unsigned complaint tossed in the "company" suggestion box. Except with me, I was signing every complaint and some were in BIG BOLD print.

There seems to be within me this driving relentless force that will not let me rest until I get an answer. I must have full truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Is this in you as well? In the beginning, for several years all I did was cry with great depression and concern over the things that I was shown by the Spirit of God. Often I thought the mess was even bigger than God Himself. Moreover, I began to believe that even God was short on having enough power to clean up this garbage.

I became sick within my own heart. It was at this point that I began to tell Him to stop sticking HIS mess in front of my face. I was growing weary of the hardheaded stiff-necked children of God. It still never ceases to amaze me how stubborn they are when Truth confronts their hypocrisy. I still cannot comprehend the stupidity of fighting to tithe under the Law. I began to pray don't show me another thing! I do not want to see anymore!

Just LEAVE me alone! They are your people and this mess is your problem and not mine! Why should anyone even give a flip about this garbage if you do not care and you do not get up and do something about what these charlatans are doing yourself? Then tell me why I should care? I just want my life back. I want to live my life without you repeatedly bugging me with YOUR problem. Just LEAVE me alone!

A thousand times I have quit Him and walked away with an "I don't care" attitude.  
And a thousand times, He has pulled me back.  
There is no winning with Him ... and there is no escaping Him.

I wish I knew a way to explain to you how understanding comes to me, but I cannot. No matter how I try, I have never been able to explain it to anyone. Sometimes I think God dropped the whole understanding of His purpose for my life inside of me at the point of my salvation. Then His all-consuming internal force took over as I continued to struggle and fight with Him for revelation and understanding year after year. As I continued to seek him over the years, He revealed His plan to me a little at a time. Just enough at exactly the right time to keep me interested. God knows how I hated the here a little, there a little, dry times. I never realized that the little pieces would eventually lead me to the answers of the questions that had held me captive for 20 years of my life.

The entire journey has been kind of like putting a giant puzzle together. Many times I thought several of the pieces were missing. (The times "I quit") I would look for them on the floor and did not find any. Then the puzzle would draw me back to it once again compelling me to try and figure it out with the remaining pieces. After a while I would begin to think that the manufacturer surely had not included all of the pieces in the box. (The times I gave up) The other problem with solving this puzzle was the obvious serious gravity of completing the puzzle. Did I really want the final answer? I found out from the beginning that this was an all-consuming puzzle that would cost me everything in life if I really wanted to obtain the final piece.

Truth will always extract its full price from the soul that really possesses truth.  
I have finally obtained the
final piece of the puzzle for my life.

I also understand why it was necessary that He put the driving force within me to seek Him. Without that, I would never have been in a position to understand His purpose for my life and this generation. In a strange almost sadistic way, I am going to miss the seeking, the fighting, and the quitting. Have you found your final piece? Here is a hint; you will not find it sitting on a pew. Happy trails to you. :)

It was a little over a year ago that I finally got a strong confirmation that judgment was on the way. Up until that time, I had little optimism that I would live long enough to see God really move in our generation. You know that we are each given only so many ticks and tocks on the clock of life.

When it came to me  
It did not come as an approaching
horrendous judgment.

It came to me in a different manner than what we normally think of judgment coming from the Almighty. You know the doomsday scenarios of destruction we hear so often from the culprits in the pulpits about how God is going to judge the nations and the lost. Or even worse are the scenarios of the "last days" and those "left behind" as God judges the world. None of that is from God at all. God will never be charged with the sin of hypocrisy by judging the spiritually blind and NOT his own children who are the obvious hypocrites. The judgment that I was shown will come over many years. More importantly, what precedes the judgment will be more consequential than the actual judgment.

What will actually precede the judgment will in essence be the judgment.

Later during my search for the missing pieces of the puzzle, on several occasions I was told "Now is the time to build." Build what I thought. You told me to go. Need I remind you that you also told me that I did not have to know where I was going? Now you tell me that it is time to build! Build what? Hello ... would someone up there please make up your mind.

Just as Noah built an Ark before physical destruction came,  
I assure you that the Holy Spirit  
Has been working diligently for years building a
Spiritual Ark.

As the Holy Spirit continues to build this Spiritual Ark, it will effectively be ushering in the impending judgment against those who prostitute the Gospel and rob the children of purpose and destiny. What will actually precede the judgment will in essence be the judgment. While Noah was building the physical Ark all of his labors were a constant witness and a testimony that God was bringing ominous judgment on that generation. With every board that was cut and every peg that was driven, Noah drew that wicked generation closer to judgment. So will it be unto this wicked generation. ALL Kingdom judgment begins with the children of God. Many at this point do not have the eyes to see but many in the coming days shall see.

Everything we now see that says, "I am Christian" will perish including the King Jimmy INK crowd. (The Pharisees of our day.) The term "Christian" has become a dirty word and a mockery in the earth because of the "Christians." Even those you think are doing "good works" by feeding the hungry will perish along with the works of every other religious goat. A religious goat is a "Christian" that does not know how to identify the needs of the true sheep. The goats will claim Lord, Lord, didn't I? The gift of repentance will not be given to many. Many will seek to repent but the gift will not be given to them. Even if they seek repentance with tears, the gift will not come because they are known in heaven in the same manner as Esau is known.

Heb 12:16-17  
16 lest there be any fornicator or profane person like Esau, who for
one morsel of food sold his birthright.  
17 For you know that afterward, when he wanted to inherit the blessing, he was rejected, for he found
no place for repentance, though he sought it diligently with tears.

As I have explained, the judgment that is coming will not be this devastating horrendous thing that we expect when we think of judgment from the Almighty. It will not be an over night sensation, but a generation of building before the destruction and total collapse of what we now see that calls itself "Christian," a church, a ministry, and especially "Christian" television.

In the days ahead the Holy Spirit will stir more and more hearts. For years He has been calling these unknown leaders, these Spiritual ARK builders unto Himself. Are you one? I know many that are working diligently each day building a place. Thousands are out in the woods chopping down trees and making a clear path to the ARK. Each leader is being prepared to take into the ARK those that will come.

Most of these God chosen leaders do not know how they got to where they are spiritually. However, you can spot them above all others because they have no where to go back to. These leaders will not be in it for a dollar, fame, or a self-serving reputation. Many that I know for the past few years are just beginning to cut the wood in preparation to build. Most have been living in what they think is the wilderness as an outcast. Thinking that something is wrong with them because they do not fit into the system or that God was in some way mad at them. Often labeled a rebel and a troublemaker by the "church" leaders, you know what I mean, "the ones that resist "church" authority." The ones that see error and will not just sit down and shut up. Is this you? Good, you were not supposed to fit! Quit trying!

In the years ahead, many more will come to assemble the greatest move by the Spirit of God that will ever be recorded in the entire history of mankind thus far. Many at this point do not have the eyes to see but many in the coming days shall see.

Once the structure of the ARK is in place  
Millions will walk away from the illusion we now see,  
And that
illusion will collapse!

This Is Restoration Not Reformation!

Every reformation throughout ALL of church history will climax with this move of the Spirit of God. There is no need of another reformation. What could we reform ourselves into ... another denomination? We cannot because we have reached the end of reformation. We have made NON denomination into a denomination!

All previous reformations were foundational to arrive at this hour. "Martin, it is by grace and not of works." The spiritual dimension that true believers are headed towards is staggering. As the Holy Spirit continues to open the eyes of the children they will become more and more disillusioned with the institution they are attending. The largest movement by God in history thus far will begin in the black community. At this point they have been ripped off both culturally and spiritually more than anyone else. They will walk away from the hucksters faster than all other races will walk away from their religious institutions. God will prepare a place for the children long before He opens their eyes to the deception. He always prepares a way for those who really seek Him.

What stuns me is that many of the stubborn religious will remain that way and many will die in their stubbornness. Many of the Pharisees remained in their vanity and pride and many forsook the evils of manmade religion. I cannot imagine how anyone could have witnessed the miracles that the Pharisees saw and still chose death over life. As our Father continues to grow his children to maturity in Christ, I can assure you of two things.

The Master has allowed the illusion we see to grow to its fullness. He is going to POP this whole thing just like a nasty pimple. Like sin, He allowed it to grow with all of its deceptions, religious traditions, and evil trappings. He allowed it to grow all the way to this present day, where we see the blatant
open prostitution of the Glorious Gospel of Christ.

Remember that God had allowed the Temple and the Pharisees to come under the total control of satan just before Christ pronounced judgment upon them. At that very pinnacle of corruption God exposed its infected evil and went entirely another direction by the Power of the Holy Spirit. When Christ did that, it took a full generation to prepare a more excellent way. As the more excellent way was built the judgment was being ushered forth until the temple, its rulers, and the bondage they stood for was totally destroyed. So shall it be with this generation.

This evil we now see will never appear again. Just as the Temple and the Pharisees were destroyed, so will be the
"ministries" and the false seeds of corruption that have been spewed like venom from the mouths of Oral, Creflo, Jakes, Copeland, Hagin, Price, Hinn, TBN, Meyer, Bynum, Falwell, Robertson, and every other false prophet. Please add anyone you know to the list.

Most of you realize that if Christ were to enter any of these places that we think is a "ministry" or a "church" today He would be both stoned and crucified by today's charlatans. Stoned as a worldly failure, because he would not be able to demonstrate his faith to others and measure up in the realm of mammon, tithing, and the seed faith gospel of our day. Crucified as a heretic because He would STILL preach that you cannot serve God and mammon. Every one of them would seek to crucify Him because He would say the same thing to the corrupt leaders and "ministries" of our day that He said to the Pharisees.

John 8:42-47 "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do.

If God has opened your eyes to the many lies of tithing, rapture, and Christian politics you may be on your way to becoming a part of what the Holy Spirit IS already doing. If you are in a dead religious system and you are tired of PEW SITTING, ever learning and never coming to the knowledge, then you may be one of the builders. Do you understand that you were never called to sit around and read the Epistles year after year? NO! You were supposed to become a living Epistle of life ... that others read.

I know thousands of people all over the world that has left the "church" in search of the truth. Are you one? Everyday people contact me to tell me what the Holy Spirit has been showing them. "Then I came across your website" they will say "and I could not believe that I was not the only one who saw this." "Do you mean to tell me there are others?" You bet! I personally know that there are hundreds of thousands all over the world who have been building for years. Many are meeting in bible studies in homes and many have started NON Tithing Churches. Remember that when the pulpit fails to deliver a living reality of Christ to the children of God the children have always sought for truth apart from the pulpit. Leave the place. You are better off eating bread with a few truth seekers than feasting with a thousand religious hypocrites.

In closing, I would like to say a few words to those of you that "say you see."  
I have known and talked to many of you over the past few years.

John 9:39-41  
39 And Jesus said, "For judgment I have come into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may be made blind."  
40 Then some of the Pharisees who were with Him heard these words, and said to Him, "Are we blind also?"  
41 Jesus said to them, "If you were blind, you would have no sin;
but now you say, 'We see.' Therefore your sin remains.

Ask yourself why you, out of all the other people that you know, have had your eyes opened by the Spirit of God. What is so special about you? Why were you chosen to see above family members and friends? Why are they still blind? What have you done with the truth that has been revealed to you? Truth is your only weapon! Do you deny that it was God who opened your spiritually blind eyes? Why do you sit with excuses of my wife, my kids, my job, while you say with your own mouth that you say you see?

If I understand you correctly, you are telling God that you see the molestation of the children of God. You are saying that you see them being deceived. You say that you have been shown both the errors and the deceptions in these Institutions of Mammon. You are saying that you know the house is on fire and your brothers and sisters are in the house but you choose to watch it burn to the ground. What is your excuse? Do you know, oh foolish man, that you will give account for what you have done with what you have been shown? Do you now attempt to deny that it was God Himself who opened your spiritually blind eyes?

Luke 12:46-47  
46 "the master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not aware,
and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

571 apistos (ap'-is-tos);  
disbelieving, i.e. without Christian faith (specially, a heathen); (passively) untrustworthy (person), or incredible (thing):

KJV-- that believeth not, faithless, incredible thing, infidel, unbeliever (-ing).

At the very least, you can get yourself a paper sword and fight with that. My friend Ron takes his paper sword (a poster sign) to the street often and stands in front of the Institutions of Mammon exposing the lies that are within them. Oh I see ... that is way above YOU. I understand that you are waiting for "The Lord to open the doors." It is pride of life and your fear that makes you sit and watch the children of God being deceived by these charlatans and you know it! You say you see ... so do I! Hypocrite! I am fully convinced that the greater accountability will be charged to your account.

You go ahead and sit week after week in your comfort zone "waiting on the Lord" in the chambers of your carnal reasoning mind. You sit and wait until you figure it all out. You sit as the children of God are robbed of money. You sit as the children are sold a false Gospel each and every Sunday. You sit as the children are spiritually molested of their Kingdom purpose and destiny. You sit as the building is on fire and watch as a SPECTATOR. You sit for I am sure we will find no smell of smoke or blisters on you! I will tell you who will burn more. But then why I should tell you anything? After all, you say you see.

For if YOU were blind YOU would have no sin.

To me there are only two types of people on the planet. (players and spectators.) As the New Year approached, I told my wife that I would no longer waste my time with the thousands of spectators that come my way. If you say you see this mess, what are you doing about it?

To the many NON Tithing churches and bible study groups that are working diligently building a place each day. Be careful not to follow the path of the goats. You can be a NON Tithing and become religious. Teach the people to hear God for themselves. If you build a place where the children are there for more than three years on a PEW, you have failed. The King desires that in the days ahead that everyone knows God the Father in their own neighborhood under their own tree. Teach them to become living Epistles that are full of the river of life.

I know that in the years ahead the Master will empower you with power from on High, a Power from the Holy Spirit, that the world has never witnessed since the advent of the early church. It will be a very serious Power with quick judgment for the Ananias and Sapphiras who will surely appear.

Now! Is The Time To Build!

Contend for the Real Faith

Rick Johnston 

Note: This article was once published at by Rick Johnson, but his website later came down without explanation. Please see THE NEED FOR OPEN PUBLIC CONFRONTATION for another article by him.

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