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 (Because Prophetic Irresponsibility May Provoke Over-all Despisement of Prophecy)

The following is an observation by someone who has noticed the unfortunate developments in both e-mail lists and churches here in America:

"I have what I have come to believe is a trend today.  As I have talked with Christians and gone to many different services and watched many different religious programs on T.V.  I cannot help but get the impression that there is no difference between going to church to get prophesied over then going across the street to the palm reader.  It seems to me that the fear of the unknown is just as strong in the church and is being masked with spiritual dressing to calm the fears of unbelief by going to the prophet and getting a reading.  What ever happened to asking the Holy Spirit for the answers to one's fears and the future?  If we are a Royal Priesthood with the indwelling Holy Spirit then we should pray and meditate to find out about ourselves and any other future event..." (JD)

Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. Abstain from all appearance of evil. And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thess. 5:19-23 KJV)

Pretending a problem does not exist just gives error more time to spread unchallenged, which ultimately promotes a 'backlash' against the gift of prophecy as a whole.  So what can we do? We can ask ourselves if a ministry truly represents God's heart and ways or if it is a "mixture".  For instance, are those who claim they are prophets self-promoting? Boastful? Callous toward those they have hurt? Irresponsible? Overbearing and abusive? Money focused? Unable to admit when they are wrong? Elitist? 

What about the prophecies themselves? Are they based on silly formulas, misinformation, and superstition? Were they produced under 'duress' or peer-pressure? (i.e. the so-called prophet is expected to prophesy during a certain time or at a certain cue) What language and 'teachings' are worked into a 'prophecy'?

All of us are responsible for asking these questions for ourselves and for teaching others to do the same. That way, people won't blame God, or the prophetic spiritual gift itself, for something that was not of God in the first place.

The examples below are for instructional purposes as far as discernment issues. Not all prophecies noted contain obvious error. Indeed, a few 'high quality' prophecies might just as well be reproduced beside the ridiculous, just to give the reader a taste of the difference.

Yearly prophecies
(Note: These yearly prophecies begin with the year 1996.  Even though they are dated, these prophecies are very instructional. Included is a short report on the explosion of numerology-type prophecies in 1999, centered on, believe it or not, the coincidental number 9. This trend of prophecy-by-number, continues in recent times, often by the same 'prophets'. For instance, Joni Ames and Chuck Pierce focused on "4's" and the leap year, for the year 2004. 
The year 2000 links to to our A Look Back at Y2K prophecies  a report that includes the false scare-tactic prophecies of that year.

Clinton Prophecies Posted are all prophecies we came across regarding President Clinton, before and during his scandal. 

Especially for the Youth: Some "Jesus Movement" prophecies (approximately 1999-2001) and where they came from

New Wave?Apostles/Prophets page
This discusses the differences in some prophecies, with an example of a non-ego 'promise' for new leaders, to compare

See also, our conferences page, for our earlier thoughts on expensive conferences in general.

NOTE: You will find that there are names attached to public quotes and public prophecies. If you are automatically offended by that prospect alone, you may be one of those who believe it is wrong to quote a person's public writings or releases (in context) unless it is done without even the mildest of scrutiny or concern. If this is the case, I urge you to take advantage the articles below. These should help you find your Scriptural bearings regarding the necessity of exposure or open, public rebuke, when appropriate.

brief portion from Chapter 3 
from a book called "Twisted Scriptures"
Two Kinds of Judging author unknown
(short introductory article.More teachings linked at bottom)
The Untouchables:
Are "God's Anointed" Beyond Criticism? by Hendrik H. Hanegraaff
Are Criticisms Appropriate? from
The Berean Inquirer

(an open rebuke that has been sent by HarvestNET in cooperation with E.P.C. to a popular American prophet, supporting footnotes, articles, and updates provided)

It is my hope that by acknowledging poor developments, I may serve to alert others that these very public activities do not represent all of the prophetically gifted, nor are we all apathetic about it. In doing so, I hope to stem the tide of the coming Body-wide 'backlash' despisement against the gift of prophecy. (year 1999)

-Teri Lee Earl

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