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Important disclaimer: The prophecies below are posted for the education of the reader. In truth, many of them were never considered true prophecies by myself or my friends--- especially those from the prophets for profit (Balaams), the boastful prophets (this includes those who boast on their own behalf or who clearly tolerate outrageous build-ups, introductions, or "letters of commendations" from others), or those whose prophecies included questionable content.

Overview: I thought it would be instructive to gather and post most of the prophecies that came to my attention either before or during the Clinton administration, concerning that administration. This gives a sort of 'history' of what occurred here amongst the (mostly American) so-called 'prophets' during this time. At the end is a brief commentary with links, The Prior Clinton Administration and The U.S. Christian Reaction To It.

FIRST, Below are some prophecies that people stated they had received from the Lord prior to the President's personal/political crises:

This was once on our 'America Prophecies' page--It was updated and placed here after the link to a prophecy by Eric Wright went defunct:

On the day of the election of President Clinton to his second term of office (1996), I unmistakably felt the judgment of God drawing nigh on this country, since of the leadership that We The People had chosen a as President.  Personally, politics had held VERY little interest to me, and  I was not thinking about any of it at all when the Spirit stunned me with a sense of God's grief, his disappointment, over OUR choice, especially the choice of women who had voted with the intent of keeping their 'right' to abortion. The sense I got was that He looks to women as the last "indicator" of a society's capacity for nurturing and mercy, and this nation had failed. Again, I was not thinking about this at all and previously had little regard for the abortion issue being incredibly important, since this nation  had already had so many years without any serious challenge to it. So when I 'heard'  trumpets sounding as a warning and saw some 'spiritual' hordes advancing against us because of this election, I was most surprised!  It was as if something had been released and could not be taken back, and we were to make sure our spiritual armor was on. Within a few days, I discovered some others also experienced warnings and this grieving in the Spirit. However, just like me, they were not sure what to make of it and certainly felt that no one would believe them even if they were to speak out. Indeed, the feeling for me was to hold back for even the Church would not believe something was wrong until fruition became more and more obvious regarding Clinton's administration and his character and what he would bring, and even at that many would not believe something could not be undone or be better than it was, and we were in for a rough ride of some kind. I also had some repenting to do regarding my own apathy, which is pretty well described above and why I was so taken off guard. Much later than that, I discovered on the internet an account by Eric Wright (someone I did not know...the original is no longer on the Net), which described the feeling I got from these trumpet blasts which said of them:

"In my spirit I can hear a trumpet sounding off. It is different from the trumpet blast of the return of the King, it is the alarm sound of the horn. I feel the alert is now sounding off and the King is Calling forth His Army NOW to take position and ready themselves for what has begun. I feel we are like 'Minute Men' and Paul Revere has just rode through declaring "The Redcoats are Coming! The Red Coats are Coming!" Only in this impression He is also blowing on a ram's horn as he is going through."

At that point I took the time to say something briefly and link to his description as something similar to what I had experienced.

-Teri Lee Earl

See  House Vision Of The Night by C.Alan Martin. At one time he had this vision up on his own website, but then the website disappeared. We found a copy of the vision and now have linked to it again..

The following is a letter originally from Kevin Powers, which I found on a website by Bill Somers. He gave me permission to post it. Even though it is not dated, it is a good example of someone who felt very strongly that the Clinton's coming to power was not a good thing for the nation, and was a precursor to judgment:

Brother Martin,

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of things that the Lord has really been trying to impress upon me and to see what you

First, that "Bill and Hillary" are America's Ahab and Jezebel. This concerns me because the Lord DID NOT say that they were
like Ahab and Jezebel, He said they are America's Ahab and Jezebel.

Second, for about 2 weeks the Lord has been saying 3 words to me, which I did not understand. He said, "Behold, it comes". I kept praying and asking what this meant. One day while I was on a long walk, the Lord told what it meant. In my thoughts, I
speculated about being either His judgment or the long prayed for revival of the church. The Lord told it is BOTH! He said, "the darkness of my judgment shall be so great that it shall send many to their knees in true repentance. It will also harden the hearts of many others who claim to be mine. Out of the darkness, shall I bring a revival that shall burn brighter than the sun itself. The price of this revival shall be true death to self! I will no longer tolerate the sin of the religious! Tell my people to stand and behold the majesty of the Lord."

Yours in Christ,
Kevin Powers

Jim Goll relates a dream he had several years ago about the president and gives an exhortation as follows. This message can be found on his Fall 1998 quarterly update tape, source below.


In 1993, I was given several dreams concerning President Clinton, one of which I saw a national television broadcast on which he openly confessed adultery, asked forgiveness of his wife and family and his political party and the nation and there was great contrition.

Obviously, many things have now come to light concerning these issues. In a public manner perhaps the degree of contrition has not yet occurred that I did see in this dream, and in this dream this event was used to open a window for the spirit of conviction of sin as it fell upon our national leader, then a window was opened where the spirit of conviction of sin then came upon (and) blew across the nation.

So I make an appeal that we continue to intercede for the deeper work of God to occur through this whole event.  Let us not let the devil have his way, but let us continue to intercede for those who are in authority that God will have His way even though there is such major mixture on both sides of the coin here.

Let's cry out for mercy for the country and let's lift up the hands of those who are in authority because some people become so intolerant and they hardly realize that Daniel who was a prophetic person, a man of an excellent spirit did not demonstrate himself in a self-righteous manner, nor did Joseph, but they served under a leadership of Nebuchaddnezzar and under Pharaoh which was absolutely totalitarian and evil.

We do not dwell in such a place. We are blessed to dwell in another time, in another understanding. So let us be careful that on one hand we pray for truth to prevail, while on the other hand, to honor the king and all those who are in

Jim Goll / Ministry to the Nations
PO Box 338
Antioch, TN 37011-0338

NEXT, Below are the prophecies that were said to have been received during the "Presidential Crisis". I have made some comments where appropriate. The comments are about history or scripture. Undergirding premises in the prophecies are also brought up if applicable. Some of the prophecies below could use more comment than given, but I wanted to be brief.  Of course, as always the reader is encouraged to weigh everything on this page according to their own discernment and the Scripture.

From Morningstar, who had a lot to say about the President:

After Joyner had submitted revelations to a "roundtable meeting of 24 leaders who have national or international influence in the church" , Morningstar then put out an extensive prophecy and comment located was located on Morningstar website at, until a few days after this page was posted. The prophecy was very long and so short excerpts are quoted below to get the gist of it. Spaces in between quotes indicate the parts that were not quoted:

"Regardless of what we feel about his politics, Bill Clinton could not have been elected without God allowing it. Therefore, we must now ask ourselves,  "Why did the Lord want Bill Clinton to be president and how should we respond to him?"  We will answer the latter question first. Romans 13:1 tells us how the church should respond: "Let every soul be subject to the governing  authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God."   If we believe in the integrity of the Scriptures we must believe that Bill Clinton is the Lord’s choice for our next president. Even though we might debate  why God "appointed" him, we cannot debate that he did. The Lord stated to Paul Cain in his dream that it was His intention to use Clinton for good and not for evil, but it will depend on how the church responds to him….

"THE MOST AMAZING AND WONDERFUL ASPECT OF THIS DREAM WAS THAT PAUL CAIN SAW THE LORD PUTTING HIS   SPIRIT UPON BILL CLINTON AND CHANGING HIM INTO ANOTHER MAN, JUST AS HE DID KING SAUL IN I SAMUEL!"  Why did the Lord choose Bill Clinton? Because He intends to put His Spirit upon him and make him into a new man. He is going to give him the power of the Holy Spirit to lead this country. What some people in the church regarded as a defeat is actually a blessing from the Lord. If the church will pray for this it will come to pass. "God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble" (James 4:6). If a man has wrong beliefs but has humility, he can change. The Lord showed Paul Cain that some of the characteristics in Bill Clinton that were interpreted as "waffling on the issues" were really a genuine openness and desire to do what is right and fair. The Lord said that he was "a listener." The ability to listen to others, especially those with opposing views, is a demonstration of humility—and God will give His grace to the humble. Because the Lord has given Bill Clinton the gift of humility to listen, we must  pray for the Lord to surround the president and other leaders with those who speak His Word and His counsel…"

"The Lord is calling His church to look to His government, not the world’s government, as the source of power. The Lord is calling His people to repent of their unbelief and their complaining spirit, and to believe that He is the One who rules. The reason for much of the degeneration of morals in America is not the government’s fault, but the church’s, for complaining instead of praying, fearing instead of believing. When the church stops complaining about the government and starts repenting of her own sin, the Lord will begin to move in spite of the most resistant government leaders. The Lord said that He was giving us a new president who is better than we deserve. He represents a reprieve from a New World Order that the church is not prepared to face at this time. If we do not stop complaining we will end up with something to grieve about, not just complain about."

And then it continues with:

An Enemy in the Church

 Many who may appear to be on the right side of moral issues have a spirit of intolerance that is potentially more dangerous than the moral issues they so vehemently oppose. This spirit of intolerance is a combination of unrighteous judgment, spiritual pride and a spirit of control that will not tolerate differences in others. When this spirit has gained influence in a political or religious movement, the most tyrannical governments in history have been the result. This spirit has been gaining influence in the church in America through political movements that have been seeking to mobilize the church…."

"…There are many in the "religious right" political movements who have made great sacrifices and stood with courage against the corrupting tide of evil.  This is certainly commendable and it has resulted in some noteworthy accomplishments. It is right that we should hate sin, but the spirit of intolerance  that has gained influence in the church and in some of the right wing political movements has pushed them across the line into extremism causing them  to sow hatred and division between people…"

"...Milton Meyer, in his book They Thought They Were Free, made an important observation about the rise of The Third Reich: "Fascism came as an ‘angel of light’ and German Christians, both Protestant and Catholic, welcomed Hitler as a gift from God. Nazism was seen as redemptive of a decadent society; and came as a puritanism to the majority sick of perversions and license parading as liberty." Hitler was able to use the church in Germany as a springboard to power, because even though they wanted the right things, they did not discern the spirit of the one who had come to give those things. Of course, not all Christians were deceived by the spirit of Nazism, and there were a few such as Bonhoeffer who stood courageously against that diabolical power, but the overwhelming majority of Christians were deceived by it. The religious right political movement is unquestionably seeking to be on the right side of the great political and moral issues of our time, but much of it has started to succumb to a wrong spirit. Like Germany so tragically experienced, we can accomplish certain moral goals, but if we do it in the wrong spirit we can open the door to a far more devastating evil. Satan does often come as "an angel of light." It is the enemy’s strategy to use some of the leaders of the religious right and political right movements just as he did the church in Germany during the 1930's. The spirit of intolerance is one of the main footholds the enemy needs to promote his dark strategy. We must stand up for righteousness, but it will be a terrible tragedy if we do not do it in the right spirit and discern the spirit of those we promote for leadership..."

"…The religious right political movement is unquestionably seeking to be on the right side of the great political and moral issues of our time, but much of it has started to succumb to a wrong spirit. Like Germany so tragically experienced, we can accomplish certain moral goals, but if we do it in the wrong spirit we can open the door to a far more devastating evil. Satan does often come as "an angel of light."...

The prophecy apexed with a promise of a "New Beginning":

"The Lord showed Paul Cain that He wanted to use Bill Clinton to bring blessing to America, not judgment, but this word is conditional on how His people respond. If we will trust the Lord, humble ourselves and pray for our leaders, seek the Lord’s face instead of just political power, and turn from our own wicked ways—there will be a national new birth, a new spiritual beginning, and it will be reflected in our president."

The prophecy above is very 'pro-Clinton' as far as faith in his character (humility) and God's appointment of him. It also included Joyner's teaching (with brief quotes from a couple of historical books) about Germany's Hitler and the call for legislated morality by the people of that time. He compares that with the Church's failure to discern right or 'good' things coming through a wrong source. This long section ended with Joyner eventually comparing this history of Germany with some of today's 'religious right' of America, who are in the 'wrong spirit' (spirit of intolerance).

Certainly, some of the 'religious right' in America could be just as intolerant as some of the populace in Germany of Hitler's time.  Even so, extreme 'moral intolerance' and therefore the embrace of any means to enforce 'morality', would be only one factor of Germany's spiritual climate before and after the rise of Hitler. (Their society was reportedly also 'intolerant' of the cripple, the communist, the elderly or sick, the Jew, the …..)

Romans 13:1 has been used in this prophecy to undergird support of the President. This scripture was also a large part of the belief system of the German church before the rise of Hitler. After his election, it was used as a rationale to support Hitler without question. He was 'God's chosen', after all.  It was also commonplace in German Protestantism to preach that Christians should not be active in politics.

To put it succinctly, the majority of the German Church in both pre-Nazi and days and throughout the war held to:  Authoritarianism, unquestioned support of leadership, apathy for the amorality of leadership (secular or religious), and a religious culture of stated, though not really practiced, separation of church and state into their different 'spheres'. Therefore, the historical analogy as used against the 'religious right' of America is so incomplete that it fails.

Ironically, one could loosely analyze the Third Reich Church's political statements (who were often veiled as profound spiritual proclamations) and compare that to this prophecy, and be just as correct about it. In other words, if I were to turn the same warning and historical analogy against the author(s) of this prophecy, it could be considered just as unfair and just as much of an overreach.

(Source for historical facts above: "Dietrich  Bonhoeffer, A Spoke In The Wheel", by Renate Wind, a German historian.)

Date sent:        Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:25:35 +0000
Subject:          Bob Jones:  Clinton holding back crash

- Bob Jones,
Written by Keith Davis

This is a new Bob Jones word - 9/23/98 -
taken from:

A vision given to Bob Jones written by Keith Davis

In a recent prophetic experience the Lord unveiled to Bob the schemes of the enemy involving our president and the cloud of controversy surrounding his leadership.  Presently, there is a stream of perversity flooding this nation from its leadership fueled by the media.  The open and unrestrained terminology inundating our media 24 hours a day has opened the door to Satan to release a flood gate of perverse thoughts and images permeating the minds of the saved and unsaved alike.  Many people, including Christians, are finding themselves having dreams or unsanctified thoughts in their imaginations supported by the sexually explicit language that is giving access to Satan and his hordes of tormenting spirits.

Thankfully, the Christian has the word of God to use as a weapon against these perverse thoughts and images.  However, the spiritual consequences for this nation and its youth are significant.  The standards have been reduced to an all time low, removing the already diminished boundaries of decency within the media.  We as a church must recognize this and its satanic sponsorship and begin to wage war through intercessory prayer.  We must pray that divine restraints be released by the Holy Spirit through intercession lifting a standard against this evil flood-- when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.

Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things; and the God of peace shall be with you.  Phil. 4:8-9 (NAS)

We are given the admonition in Scripture to set our minds on those things that are good and pure.  In so doing, we will be taking the first step in girding ourselves for this battle.

Secondly, we must pray for our president.  Not only is this a Scriptural mandate but it is also the Lord's directive for this battle.  Satan is desiring to prematurely bring to pass the economic shaking that imminently faces this nation.  The impeachment or resignation of President Clinton would almost surely accommodate that end.  President Clinton, even with all of his faults and failures, is the Lord's choice for this hour.  We are given a second opportunity to be obedient to the Lord and pray for this man's salvation and divine deliverance.  We must be willing to pray for the Lord's intervention to sustain him especially between now and November.  The season of time between now and November is extremely crucial.

First of all, then, I urge that entreaties {and} prayers, petitions {and} thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.

This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 1 Tim 2:1-4 (NAS)

Through this experience the Lord also told Bob to look at the Divine promises that were made in 1992 for those promises are now beginning to be fulfilled.  One of the most difficult times is between the release of a promise and its fulfillment.  That season of time serves as a test of one's maturity, faith and obedience.  The promises of six years ago have matured and will be released from heaven, for many.

Here's one that was inspired by the mention of 1992 Divine promises by Bob Jones:

From: (Tommy Thompson)


I was reading a word from Bob Jones and he was saying, "that which was prophesied in 1992 is now coming to pass."  I believe he was referring to Paul Cain's prophecy concerning Pres.  Bill Clinton, which is listed on Rick Joyner's home page.  As I was reading this article the Lord gave me a word concerning Bill Clinton and China.  He gave this to me three weeks ago but would not allow me to release it until now.

PRESIDENT CLINTON AND CHINA - Word given to Tommy Thompson

"Those that are wanting to overthrow Bill Clinton the President that I have chosen will not succeed.  They have exalted their opinions above my will and in their arrogance are rebellious to authority. They do not know my will because in their independence they do not know me or my thoughts and desires.  I have used their evil desires to humble my servant Bill Clinton so that he would find the grace for repentance. I have heard his cry and I will answer him.

I have also heard the prayers of the saints who have prayed for their leader and their prayers shall be answered.  Repentance for a nation must start with the leader and many in this nation shall follow the example of their leader and repent.  I will hear their cries and answer.  I will use this President to bring repentance to the nation and those who will follow his example will be restored.  This Nation will not escape judgment and those that refuse to repent will feel the brunt of this judgment.

I will turn this President into another man and those that judge him will be judged. Those who recognize my grace and spirit upon his life will receive that grace for their own lives.

Those that have said that China will attack the United States do not understand my thoughts and desires.  These are their thoughts not mine.  The Chinese will understand authority.  The Roman Centerrian was not under righteous authority, but he understood authority and had great faith.  The Chinese people are people of great faith.

The alliance between President Clinton and China is a holy alliance. Communism will come down but not by being over thrown, but because the leaders will receive those who are submitting unto me. Those who want to overthrow the kingdoms of this world with their own strength will end up resisting the establishing of my kingdom upon this earth."  Says the Lord of host.

The Lord also showed me that as Ireland was receiving Bill Clinton that grace was being poured out on the nation.  There will be a mighty outpouring of his spirit and Ireland will never be the same.  Where men and religion have failed to bring lasting peace the prince of peace will be glorified.

Many believe there is a revival going on in the underground church in China because there are thousands who are being saved daily.  This is just preparation like a stirring volcano which will erupt to the surface.  Just as the leaders have received Pres. Bill Clinton they too will also receive the apostles of this final move of God.  Millions will be saved in a short period of time which will effect much of the rest of the world.

The final move of God will begin in America and Canada, then explode in China and Ireland quickly moving to New Zealand and Australia.  This move has not started yet, the Lord is still joining his governmental apostles and prophets together.  Until they begin to recognize each other and receive each other with truly open hearts the oil will not flow for it will flow from the head to the body.

The prophets are still preparing the way for the apostles, but prophets and musicians have a tendency to be independent, and are very cautious when it come to issues like authority and submission.  They will find
out that the narrow way is the only true way to freedom and it leads to the father.

Servant of The Lord

Tommy Thompson

Upon simple research into this 'prophet' Tommy, I found a letter written by him posted in the comments section of this site:

This indicates enough of his end-time positions. Relevant quotes to follow:

The outpouring of God's spirit prophesied by Joel only began in 30 AD it will end on Pentecost 2001. The restoration of David's Tabernacle prophesied in Amos began at the same time and will also be completed on Pentecost 2001. This will be the complete restoration of worship and of God's governments....

The river of God's grace is being diverted and will be poured out through the restored five-fold ministry. This will be the last of the former rain and will complete the outpouring of the spirit prophesied by Joel and the restoration of David's Tabernacle Prophesied by Amos...

In summary:

1.Last Days (two one thousand year days)

2.Pentecost (two thousand biblical years)

3.1997-2001 (start of 7th great day)
    a.End of church age (age of grace)
    b.Harvest (firstfruits of wheat)
    c.Last of former rain (through 5 fold)
    d.Measuring the Most Holy Place (1.Those who will go on with Christ)
    e.Completion of Joels prophecy
    f.Completion of David's Tabernacle
    g.Opening of third & fourth seal
              1.famines & wars
                 a.between fall 1999 & fall 2000 nuclear war Israel & Syria   (Damascus)
4. 2001-2007
    a.Signing of 7 year peace treaty (delaying the third World War)
    b.Completing the last 7 years of the age of the Jews (delayed)
    c.Great Tribulation
    d.Coronation of Jesus
               1.United Nations rule simultaneous with the rule of Christ.
               2.Increase of Christ Kingdom with the final battle at Armageddon   in fall 2007
    e.Opening of 5th Seal
    f.Fall of 2006 (opening of 6th Seal)
               1.First resurrection
               2.Day of the Lord (between the fall of 2006  & the fall of 2007)
            (7 trumpets)
     g.Fall 2007 the 7 bowls(Armageddon
     h.Fall of 2007 start of Feast of Tabernacles
         (2000 prophetic years)

1517-2007 = 490 years of restoration
1967-2007 = 40 years last generation
1993-2007 = 7 good years & 7 lean
1997-2007 = 10 years(Days of Awe)

If anyone is really curious, they can go to the URL and see for themselves how he arrives at all these very specific conclusions of what will happen when. (a lot  of numbers --and the Hebrew calendar I think is 364 days or 13 lunar months--not 360. This inaccuracy is minor but seems odd since he depends so much on numbers to interpret with)  Anyway, as you can tell this 'prophet' believes he knows about the time Christ is returning. He is also convinced that Christ will be ruling on earth with the United Nations. This is adding to the book of Revelations, which we are warned not to do.  Tommy's website at the time of this search promised greater things in the future in a 'latter rain' for a last generation, but did not mention his end-time position as in this letter quoted above. (BTW, because of the prophecy itself, we were not surprised about the end-time doctrine. However, we were thankful that we were able to find it as confirmation!)

The promises of 'good things happening' (including Clinton's salvation, economy being sustained, and the prevention of the New World Order, etc.) if you pray or 'bad things happening' if you don't is a premise to take note of. If all things go bad, then it is the Christian's fault because they did not adequately support or pray for their (humble) President against his political enemies.  If all things go well for America, it is again because we prayed hard enough for President Clinton, who was God's chosen vessel.  In this scenerio, he becomes saved and the whole nation and the world goes into revival because of his shining example as a new man. All thanks to us! That's all a paraphrase of course, but this concept of pass/fail has shown up in enough of these type of prophecies to mention. Absent in prophecies like this is the concept of a person being responsible for their own spiritual health or repentance, apart from the pressure of the prayers of many and without having their political position defended or intact. Or, the fact that another vessel could be chosen other than Bill Clinton (as God did to Saul and David) for the turning around of the nation. Or, that the Lord needs no secular leader to spurn repentence.

Below is another prophecy reported as being from Jones, at about the same time as the earlier one by Jones quoted above:

Thru: "[Rivermail]" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998
From: "Trudy Higginson" <>

Taken from the site:
Subject: MOBILE, (

Bob Jones also gave a prophetic word over President Bill Clinton.  "I had a dream where I saw the color of three flags.  The blue flag dealt with his policies on abortion.  The red flag dealt with the use of fetal tissue by doctors which the President would endorse; and the pale flag would represent his acceptance of the homosexual community. He said his presidency would be marked by war and it would actually turn into a hell on earth for him before he finished it."  Jones was very quick to say he also saw the vision of a pure white flag and that the President would be purified.

Editor Jerrell Miller of The Remnant was in the audience and shared a prophetic dream he had about the president.  "I was standing outside the Oval Office and I went in and led the President to Christ…"Just as President Clinton's dirty laundry is being hung before the American people, so will the men of God who have chosen to criticize the president and not pray for him," said Joyner.  Joyner went on to say that Jesus told people to pay taxes and pray for the leadership in control.  "The Caesar who was in Rome at the time Jesus made these statements was worse than the leadership we have and even Jesus commanded those who heard him at the time to pray for him."

And, a different kind of prophecy reported as being from Paul Cain. (This one does not necessarily give the air of being in full political support of President Bill Clinton):

by Steve Shultz, Moderator
November 7, 1998

I just returned from the Pastor's luncheon
with Jack Deere and Paul Cain in Portland, OR today.

Several questions were asked about some of these things.
These are a few things Paul Cain said:

1) Terrorists have plans to take advantage of the y2k situation to create terrible devastation in the U.S. (this is my paraphrase, not a direct quote). We need to pray here.

2) The middle east is in an extremely dangerous situation at this time and God is telling him (Paul Cain) --to tell the church, so we will pray.  And that we should pray that the peace plans will be extended that is, peace will last) a little longer.

3) The Y2K situation is going to create some bad problems as are predicted.  However, it will not be as bad as some of the more extreme reports are saying.  Paul said this was a "warm up" for the church, to get them ready for the really bad times coming, which will make the Y2k problem seem mild (my paraphrase).  The y2k situation will contribute to getting the church ready for tougher times in the future.

4) Re: Clinton.  He has surrounded himself with intellectuals who will only tell him what he wants to hear.  When he is desperate, he will ONLY THEN be willing to hear from the Lord and what HE wants for him. Right now, Clinton is not in a place to be listening to the Lord.  (my paraphrase.).  However, there is a seed of the Lord/Christianity in Clinton and we should continue to extend mercy to and pray for him. The reason we need to extend mercy, quite simply is that we NEED mercy and we won't get it (inferred from what he is saying) from the Lord, if we don't extend it.  There are pastors who are guilty of what Clinton has done and more, but they have not yet been exposed.  Those who show no mercy will not get mercy.

I've tried to accurately portray what he has said, not as quotes, but with the essence of his message. I hope this helps.

Steve Shultz

Overall, there were many prophecies that urged Christians to pray during the Clinton scandal crises. All Christians should pray for their gov't leaders at all times, as the Bible says to. What was disappointing was to see in these prophecies what appeared to be thinly veiled political statements or agendas, broad license with end-time scenarios, religious authoritarian 'doctrine', and the even worse, 'carrot/stick' promises based on of all things, support of the man Clinton in some of the writings or prophecies. Thankfully, not all of the prophecies above or below could be said to include such content!

It is clear though, that we need to be aware of the messages incorporated or included into the Biblical exhortation to "pray for our President and our nation!" The difference between godly prophetic exhortation and manipulation is something to be discerned by His Spirit and His Word. Mixing our flesh or another spirit into a 'Word' of God equals a false prophecy. This is because we have 'added to' the Word of the Lord and misrepresented Him, or we have just made it up from our own imaginations or other sources. Lord.

Some prophecies related Clinton to Biblical characters in their urge to pray for him. A few of these prophecies and/or comments from people equated Clinton with the Biblical character of 'David'. This was apparently because he had been 'caught in adultery'. Not all people who are caught in adultery can be compared with the character of David, by any stretch of the imagination. (It is noteworthy that when David was challenged, he immediately confessed fully in spite of all consequences. This was different than the Biblical character of Saul.) It would take an extensive commentary to acknowledge that no one can judge a man's heart but God. Yet also, can expect the heart to demonstrate itself in the actions and words of a free man, and one should be able to discern what is an act of true repentance and what is not.

Here is a prophecy that equates the President with Daniel. However, the 'prophet' was careful to indicate that Clinton was no Daniel (as far as his devotion to God):

From: "moonman" <>
Subject: Bill Clinton in the Lion's Den
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 10:35:52 -0700

Last night the Lord said to me: "Bill Clinton is in the lions den". As I meditated on this word, and thought back to Daniel, I noticed some parallels.  (Granted I would not equate Bill Clinton's level of devotion to God with Daniel's', but I also know that only God knows a man's heart).

It was a twisting of the law by plotters against Daniel that created a legal snare.  In the same manner, it has been a twisting of law and procedures, (under the banner 'rule of law')  that has placed Bill Clinton in a precarious position beyond the reaping and sowing of his own conduct.  I am one who believes that manifest personal malice toward Bill Clinton, among both Christian leaders and freemason politicians, should serve as a grave warning signal to the Body of Christ and the Bride.  We need to come out from among this unholy mixture and malice and be separate.  The personal anger of these men will not fulfill the righteousness of God. Morality, and the appearance of standing up for morality, is a shallow substitute for right standing with Almighty God, and redemption through Jesus Christ.

It is clear that there is a uncontrollable fury toward our President that goes beyond  scripture.

We need to pray for Bill Clinton and his family.  Pray for protection. Pray that he will hear the voice of the Lord in the midst of this lions den experience.   I believe that he will be delivered and that there will be an exposing of the conspiracy that will shock even the most sincere of conservative believers in Jesus.  The 'red flag' of the future totalitarianism has been raised, make note of it!

The Prior Clinton Administration And U.S. Christian Reaction To It

With over 176 pardons passed around like candy snatched from the clutches of the tired hands of dogged prosecutors, Clinton finally ends the last day of his Presidency.  Even Salon - a usually liberal Democratic-leaning publication - began to print scathing editorials against Clinton. (see, no long available. A factual news article of those last days would be Congressional panel launches investigation of Clinton's pardon of financier, by CNN)
Other subsequent essays (challenging and well worth the read) are:

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August 9, 2002
(warning: this one is hard-hitting with a typification of some Christians and their exit from social conscience. For a thorough scriptural study on apathy, please see: Apathy, The Final Death Blow, by Teri Lee Earl)

Clinton's legacy can't help but remind historians of one of our former Presidents, Warren Harding. Here is a quote reproduced here from an earlier article by the Christian History Society:

"The story of Babylon is a Sunday school story compared with the story of Washington ... from June 1919 to July 1923." The president was Warren G. Harding.

There's been a lot of debate about Harding recently, especially with the recent Lewinsky scandal. And there's a lot of parallels -- Harding reportedly had several mistresses, including one with a 20-year-old that involved sex in a closet off the Oval Office. The woman, Nan Britton, also claimed that Harding used his influence to try to get her a job (at the U.S. Steel Corporation). And the sex scandals were the least of his problems -- his administration had been plagued by scandal from the beginning (ever hear of Teapot Dome?). Harding suddenly died as the scandals came to a point (one incessant theory holds that Harding's powerful and controlling wife poisoned him). But by this time, Americans--especially women--had come to love the man.

They called him a second Lincoln. Historians still criticize Harding as America's worst president (though that tide is turning), but when he died, Americans grieved someone they considered one of American history's best.

Why? One biographer attributes Harding's appeal to Christian faith. "It is my conviction," he said in response to the scandals, "that the fundamental trouble with the people of the United States is that they have gotten too far away from Almighty God."

Ironically, Nixon did the exact opposite when he was in trouble. Called the "chief priest of the public faith" for his support of civic religion (a role helped by his friendship with evangelist Billy Graham and famously condemned by Senator Mark Hatfield), Nixon seemed to lose his faith as the Watergate scandal got larger and larger. This Quaker who had once said, "Let us remember that [this is] a Christian nation enriched by other faiths" was now saying, "We pray perhaps to different gods--but really the same God in a sense." (This story is told well in _Civil Religion and the Presidency_ by Richard Pierard and Robert Linder (Zondervan, 1988).) When he left office, Americans were either outraged with him or, like Graham, very disappointed in him. No one called him another Lincoln.

Though presidential scandals aren't formally "church history," they do reflect on the current state of Christianity in America, and it is interesting to reflect both on the religious affirmations of presidents and the response of the church and nation to their misdeeds.

Ted Olsen, Assistant Editor
Christian History Society"

I found President Clinton's personal conduct while in office quite disturbing, of course. However, even more disturbing were the reactions to him and his conduct, and I believe they revealed some things about this nation at the time. Many people got angry, but some Christians supported this man by rationalizing his behavior away or making excuses for them. They argued with anyone who disagreed with their thoughts, and tried to 'guilt-trip' people into not being upset over the appalling behavior of a man who goes to church one day and professes his "Christianity" to the world, while every other day lies, cheats, and shames the very name of Christ.  As proven above, some even 'prophesied' as if he were some Biblical character, would repent, and would usher in salvation and revival to the United States!

Well, by the time of his leaving his administration and his conduct with the pardons just prior, it was clear he did none of those things and never showed any signs that he would. Their reaction to him and their acceptance of any of these prophecies was a testament to the fact that large numbers of U.S. Christians today are completely uneducated as far as the fact that silent or open consent to misbehavior and misconduct is simply a winking at evil.

Please Christians, we ended with a legacy from Clinton that has made adultery and lying about it while in public service of no account, and we indeed should be concerned about the behaviors of someone in public office.

-Teri Lee Earl

(Note: Investigative books have also been written and are available by their authors. One is "The Year of the Rat" : How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash. , by Edward Timperlake and William C. Triplett / Hardcover / Published 1998 Another one regarding the same subject is "Betrayal" by Bill Gertz of the Washington Times. Both are available at http://

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