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Yearly Prophecies

Yearly prophecies are problematic for a variety of reasons. 1) a prophecy or impression for the coming year may not be for the whole Church, but just for oneself for those in one's own life.  Unfortunately, there are those who are so anxious to prophesy that they will take anything and make it for everyone, but that is not how it should be. Just because one has a dream or vision doesn't mean it is for everyone, or to be shared with everyone.  People need to take care with what and how they pronounce anything, and those who aren't true prophets generally don't.   2) The main purpose of Christian prophecy is NOT for telling the future in crystal balls. 3) There are some 'prophets' today who have made it a business of coming up with a yearly prophecy every year, as if they are expected to look into a crystal ball every year at a certain time and come up with the future, and as if we all need them to, or as if God operates that way. He doesn't, and there is no scriptural precedent for it.

SO, with this disclaimer and caution, below are examples of some yearly prophecies. Some of them have Scriptural depth and have come true. Others definitely do not. For those, you'll find quite a few cautions and interesting information about these 'commercialized' ones that tend also to be long-winded. We don't publish all of them (it would be redundant to constantly point out the ridiculous). The order is most recent to least recent, from the top down. Links to each set are provided, with not all sets on this page. Other links that are of additional interest are interspersed in the sets.



Prophetic Word For the Coming Year of 2001 by Stephen W. Morris

Robert Holmes of Storm-Harvest Ministries stated in his "2001, the year ahead in review," (should be published somewhere on his site: that,

"It will be a year with broken down walls (indicating unity) and broken walls (indicating war and turmoil). A year where significant networking will take place (especially among the 'underground' church), and where unity will be established.... "
The "underground church" has been known by ourselves and others to our knowledge, since we've been a part of it, since 1995. Here is just one example of a letter written to us by a lady (L. W.) in New Zealand in 1998, which again refers to the underground church:
"I was very interested to see that you mentioned the "undergound church" in your reply as I had a dream about this a while ago in which the church was underground in a huge cavern/cave but was very organised and modern, it had lights everywhere and was really nice; not quite what you'd expect to find underground!  And everyone was busy doing something! Perhaps this is yet another meaning of the Unchurch?!  Underground, Unstructured, Unlike Church!"
For more on this, go to our Blazing Trails section.


This was apparently the year for numerology for the number nine. In Rick Joyner's, "1999 and Beyond," he states:

"In 1999 the pattern of each year becoming more extraordinary than the last will continue. This year the church will go to a new level of both fruitfulness and power. Nine is the number of the Holy Spirit (there are 9 gifts and 9 fruits of the Spirit). Often those who know the power of the Spirit do not display much of the fruit of the Spirit, and those who have the fruit of the Spirit do not know the power of the Spirit. That will change in a great way this year. Those with the fruit of the Spirit will start walking in power, and those with the power will start having the fruit of the Spirit."

Joni Ames of Moravian Falls, who is connected with Joyner et all because of her obvious location and because when I met her, she had almost completed ordination by them, really got into the 'nines' for 1999-- Not only did she list the 9 gifts and the 9 fruits of the Spirit, but spoke of 9 months for pregnancy, and so the date, 9/9/99 was "significant" because further number play seemed to tell her there was a "changing of the guard" when more "apostolic fullness" would be "birthed". Her first paragraph is a exercise in various additions of numbers to come up with the number, "one" which according to her proves among other things that "all the world will begin to realize that and the fact that His Word is true." Her 1999 numbers explosion is still published at:

'Apostle' Chuck Pierce's April 1999 newsletter promised great things too:

"I want to share with you a word the Lord began to put in my heart at the end of last year.  This word seems very significant and interpretive regarding what is happening in the Body right now.  He began to say: "I am beginning a time of reorganization
of My People.  I will realign within their minds, their ministries and their relationships. I must create My authority in the earth.  I will promote some and create new spheres of authority for others.  I will begin the year with this realignment and it should be completed by mid-March."

Presently, this portion of the April 1999 newsletter is no longer posted on his site (Newsletters now at: This portion is still there though: "I can't tell you how much I appreciate co-laboring with you on behalf of the Good News of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Your giving assists me so I can communicate.  We had gotten low in finances over the last several months.  That is why I have not been able to communicate as frequently as I would like to... Your giving not only allows me to communicate, but to go where the Lord sends me. Also, please include your prayer requests or prophetic insights in the enclosed envelope," so I know it is the same newsletter.

But before the April newsletter, Chuck was at the Jan. 1999 Apostolic Summit (link has report and comments), predicting that the "transition" will end in "October 1999."

2004 Update addendum:

Joni Ames and "Apostle" Chuck Pierce, at least, repeated this formula of using coincidental numbers or play on words for in the new year for their "yearly" prophecies, in 2004.  Chuck Pierce's prophecy, "Leap Forward! New Doors in 2004: A 29-Day Prayer Focus" was web-published on Feb. 1, 2004 and can be found at:  In it he focused extensively on the number 4 and leaping through metaphorical "doors" because 2004 is a leap year.  The number 29 was focused on since a a leap year such as 2004, has 29 days instead of 28. Joni Ames' "leap" prophecy can be found at the website. It was posted Feb 02, 2004 and is called "TAKE A LEAP!(OUT OF THE SHADOWS)" From the title you can guess how much it focuses on the word "leap".


Date sent:         Tue, 30 Dec 1997
From:    (Ronald R. Ott)
Subject:          [NETchurch]:  FWD Prophetic List Re: INSIGHTS INTO 1998?

Teri and others,
This seems to follow, somewhat, your "living stones" yet with a time for it.  God Bless.  Ron

Date:          Sun, 28 Dec 1997 13:04:26 -0500
Subject:       A 1998 Vision.

  Andrew and others,
          This morning, Sunday December 28, 1997, I awoke to a vision and God said it was for 1998. I saw a city(built by men) in which there was a great cathedral type temple(built by men), the city was encompassed by a great wall with many gates (built by men). There were people leaving the city from every gate, in small numbers, like families and sometimes just individuals. Away from the city, all over the countryside and beyond were what looked like houses, some small and others that were larger, some much larger like inns or hotels. What I began to notice was that the light from the windows of these houses was shining brightly like little beacons all over the countryside as far as you could see. Then I noticed that the city was crumbling, the walls, the buildings and the temple. The people that were still inside the city did not seem to know what to do about it, some didn't even seem to notice and even others tried not to notice, ignoring what was happening all around them. Some of the people tried to repair the walls and buildings and the temple but it appeared that they did not have the right tools nor did they have the correct recipe for thr mortar. As a result,everything continued to colapse around them. This created a cloud of dust over the entire city so that any light from this great city appeared as a dim, hazey, barely visible light. I realized that many of the people would never leave, the numbers of those leaving began to be fewer and fewer and less and less often. As all of this unfolded before me, the lights from the houses scattered across the countryside began to glow brighter and brighter and God said," I am calling my people out. I am calling them out of the structure and the system that has been made with the hands of men. This is the year of The Calling Out of My People. I am calling them out to Myself. What is about to take place will take place outside of the church system of men it will take place outside the gate outside of the walls. I will tear down the work of men and use those that are called out, those who hear My Voice, those who truly love Me and know me as thier Father, I will use them to build and plant and reap a harvest. For they will be the Living Stones that I will use to build My City, My Temple, My Kingdom."
         I will not add another word to this, I'll just say Amen for now.

                                          God bless.  In Christ, Alan Senecal
from PROPHETIC/REVIVAL' Discussion List:-


*See also our 'New Wine Skins' Prophecy section

To:              Multiple recipients of list NETchurch <>
From:    (Michael A Kovach)
Date sent:         Sun, 04 Jan 1998 15:21:35 EST

I believe that this year will be the year of release.  A year of speaking what has been kept quiet.  A year the persecutions begin, first in Europe then in North America.  It will spread slowly here because the Lord has required work to do.  This year marks the beginning of the most significant weather patterns the earth has ever seen.  It will be confusing at first because there will be periods of dryness and then periods of violent storms.  Not all of this will take place here in the US, this is global in nature and will stun the world climatologists'.  Yes this year is the year that great sorrows begin.  It will take the form of prosperity and stability and will be short lived.  The Lord is the Lord of war this time, not peace and we must prepare the body for the battle before us.  Watch for things to begin changing throughout our judicial, governmental and religious settings.  You will be antinomianism become more wide spread.  Some churches will attempt to blend in with the change and will succeed for a short while.  Listen to those who are prophesying now under their own spirit, the Lord will do away with each and every one of them, they have followed the way of Balaam.  Watch for those who have been maintaining God's word with their prophecy, they will become bolder, more direct with their prophecy.

All these years have not been for nothing, the Lord is wise and knows the proper time and place to let things be known. I believe It has now begun, this year the release of those things kept quite, those things the institutional church does not wish to hear, those things spoken to those outside the camps of Jacob and Juda that are hard on the ears will now

Mike Kovach
footnote on the word, "antinomianism", also by Mike Kovach:
antinomianism - anti meaning "against," and nomos, "law" contend that the covenant of grace, even as the Abrahamic Covenant of the O.T., is not established on conditions; therefore, man cannot be held accountable to any moral law.  It is only required for the believer to believe that they are justified.

In 1st John, the Apostle strikes a deadly blow at two erroneous doctrines which from his own time until now have been prevalent.  One being antinomianism and the other perfectionism.   The so-called perfectionists believe that the sin nature is eradicated from them as though surgically removed as a cancer.  The life of the believer, in spite of occasionally missing the mark and bearing responsibility for it, is equivalent to the Sinaitic Covenant of God in the O.T.  In 1 John 2:1 John strikes a blow at these doctrines in the command, "My little children, I am writing these things to you that you may not sin.  And if anyone (of us) sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous."

This is a more definitive explanation of the word and its counter part.  Both of which are very active today and if you read 1 John you will see they are NOT OF GOD.

See also:

A WORD FOR THE U.S.A. by  Robert Holmes (25 Nov 1998).
This prophecy predicted the Columbine High School Massacre

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996
From: crmartin@SunBelt.Net (C. Alan Martin)

On the night of Thanksgiving, I had a very unusual dream that is very important. It involves several other revelations that I have received over the last 25 years, and links with some current events and events which you will see come to pass in the next two months.

On the night of thanksgiving, I had a dream. In this dream I was looking into the sky and saw something very troubling. There were what appeared to be some sort of "lights" or "stars" moving across the sky. As I looked at them I thought to myself "Wow... these can't be UFOs!" I have since come to understand that they are/were not. The lights were an eerie "green" color and were moving in "formations" across the sky. Each formation was in the shape of an arrow with a strange "letter" super-imposed in the outline of the letter (I am going to produce an animated POV gif that will display what I saw and post it on our web sites). But these strange formations had something eerie and _evil_ about them. I don't like to glorify or draw attention to any sort of "evil" or work of the devil, so I have hesitated sharing this with the list (sometimes the Lord just shows things so that I can intercede against them). I discussed the dream with a friend on AOL the day after (, and just waited for some sort of understanding to come concerning the dream. That night in prayer I had a spiritual vision. In this dream I saw that same eerie green color-glow. But it was not in the sky this time. It was a LION who was advancing on a prey. I then knew that these were spiritual forces that had been let loose in the USA, and which would manifest during this season. The Lord reminded me of the spiritual vision I had last March:

"...The first one started out with many Christmas and wintery items in view. Snowmen dressed in red and white, presents, Santa, etc.. Suddenly, it all vanished and I saw two rows of ghoulish looking creatures in dark robes. They were descending to the earth from what looked like a throne in the sky. The throne had bright light coming from it, but I knew it was evil. I think this could point to something spiritual taking place during the December Christmas season." The Lord reminded me of this experience, and chastised me for not doing more to call for intercession against this attack. The symbols I saw in my Thanksgiving dream were the symbols for "anger" and "frustration". These forces have been unleashed as a part of the "horn" judgements as revealed on June 6. There exists a throne of "spiritual darkness in high places" over the USA, and these forces have released this attack. My word for you today is to understand what is happening, to be aware of the forces that are attempting to affect you, and most of all... to intercede against these powers. You have great power and authority in the name of Jesus and should go into prayer against these forces. If we do not halt this attack... we may see some very bad things occur in the cities and among different groups this season. I feel like the attack was initiated on Thanksgiving night, and will continue through the end of January. Life is becoming very difficult for many people in these days. Many people will be very susceptible to these forces. Be in prayer and most importantly IN PRAISE AND WORSHIP! Praise and worship has a profound effect on the powers of darkness. Begin to praise God for what He has done for us in Christ Jesus!!!. Worship His name and thank Him for His shed blood. Sing songs about the blood of Jesus. THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD!!!

The Lord says He wants us to start thinking of terms of being soldiers in an army. We must have self discipline. We must be willing to sacrifice pride, ego, and even position. We must become hardened to difficulties and attacks. But most of all, we must be loyal to Him and to each other! He told me (some years ago) that one thing that would draw (press?) us together would be persecution. Some of this persecution will come from fellow believers!!! Be aware! Do not be caught off guard! Recent events on this very list have shown how easy it is to fall prey to powers of darkness that seek to divide us. If we had been tough, these things would not have effected us so. Many were offended... but praise God, many _more_ stood up and stood fast! But the end result were that some fell away while the rest unified and solidified!! IT WILL BE SO IN THE COMING DAYS!!! Be awake! Be aware! Be Prepared!

The Horn Judgements to date are these: 1. The Triple Hurricanes which struck the USA in the late summer. 2. The opening of the ozone over the great lakes... which will continue. 3. A continuing failure of technology, air transportation, and every sort of high tech industry 4. The present (since Thanksgiving) assault of darkness in the USA: ANGER & FRUSTRATION. Watch for violence. INTERCEDE!

There are others which I see, including:

The last item is exciting. LOOK FOR SIGNIFICANT MOVES AMONG THE NAMELESS AND FACELESS. Not the big names or the mega ministries. Look for team evangelism and team ministering where there are "facilitators" but not "leaders". These will be the ones who jump the hedges and leap the fences! They are going to shock the world with signs and wonders and mighty deeds. IF YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED TO PROPHESY... START SEEKING!!!! These miracle workers will know how to speak out of the spirit!!! (((Your spirit might have jumped when you read this paragraph... because mine jumped when I wrote it!!!)))

Oh my friends and brothers and sisters.... we are on the edge of a great and terrible time. A time of great upheavals and great opportunity!

Oh My people! I have called you to harden yourselves to adversity. Harden yourself to difficulty and rejection. Turn your face into the wind oh my people hear my voice and let the fire burn!

A gray time, and time of shaking and upheaval saith the Lord A time of desolation and breaking up The time of the plow and the hammer The breaker up of the hard ground The smashing to bits of the stoney heart

And who will I send saith the Lord? Who will hear my call and heed these words? Those who are obedient and willing even those who have forsaken the comforts the pleasures and distractions: and sought the life of the trooper.

Shoulder to shoulder arm to arm. Face forward, and lock step. I will shout the command and they will obey. This is my army which I am training. Forward my people! Onward to victory! For I have won the day, and the battle is ours! The enemy is fallen; he is in confusion before my army! he is in derision! he flees before the face of my army! Great terror is on his face, and the strength goes out of him. He is helpless and paralyzed before the army the army which is called by my name the army which is washed in my blood.

Such is the victory that we have in our Lord Jesus. The Lord of Lord and King of Kings. Raise your hands to Him and Praise Him in the midst of the congregation. Worship Him in the great hall, and in the vestibule make His name known. Spare not the jubilation, and let the celebration be heard among the heathens. Publish His Mighty Name for ALL to hear. His name is JESUS!!

Praise Him!

See also House Vision Of The Night by C.Alan Martin. At one time he had this vision up on his own website, but then the website disappeared. We found a copy of the vision and now have linked to it again..

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