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1. Prophecy
2. Chains
3. Patricia Kruest
4. June 10, 1996-Pueblo West, Colorado
5. Background Information: Seeking the Lord for direction.
6. Submitted by: Patricia Kruest
7. Text:

Do you think Paul apologized to anyone after getting thrown off his horse and being blinded by my light?  (No Lord) So I say to you..You have no one to apologize to for experiencing the Power of my Holy Spirit.

( I was shown shackles and chains ) There are those who also want to chain and shackle my people who are full of My Holy Spirit.  Just as Paul was sent out by the Pharisees ( Those in power and position in the Jewish temple , church) there are those that are being sent out by the Pharisees of their day to shackle and imprison those who hold to the full Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some in my mercy will be hit with My Power and Learn my Purpose as they go to chain my people.  But there will be many who will try to quiet and muzzle those who are full of my Spirit.  Look and learn how others handled persecution.

To some like Stephen, I give an even greater revelation , to some like Paul..through his persecution My Message went nations beyond even his own time frame.  For some persecution will bring a living reality and desire to see My Power demonstrated on their behalf.   So through persecution I am revealed as a living God and I respond to the cries of my people.  Persecution will bring about the time frame of  signs and wonders upon the earth.

I will cause new areas to open that will be places of protection.  My message will be dispersed this day and hour to new depths with in the world and my people.  Yes when persecution comes there is a sending out as well..and I will send out my people across the face of the earth as never before seen by man.

Just as in the early days (Shown a picture of people meeting in caves) this will only cause my people to meet in secret, and the anointing I have placed with in them will increase as they value My Manifest Presence on a new level because there are those who want to steal, kill and distroy them thinking they are doing me a favor.

I will not allow my vessels who carry my anointing to suffer beyond what they can endure.  Come to me, let me teach you and prepare you for the days ahead.

So I tell you my child when you see and hear and even experience persecution..Get Excited..because I am getting ready to show on behalf of my people Who I Am.

And yes you will see and hear people who say they know me..and I tell you they are like the Pharisees who said of old they know the God of Abraham, Isacc, and Jacob.   They followed rules and procedures.., and were lifted up in pride because they were following traditions of men.  These are the people of today who say they know me..but they never sit at my feet to know me, to hear me speak, or desire to even see me.

I say to you this day whose feet will you sit at?  Will you desire to sit at the gate of learned men /women of your day who are filled with vain imaginations and suppostions.  They do not know me..keep far from these.

There is a time when I will fill your mouth when you open it but now I tell you that as you try to explain your experience with me they can not receive not waste your energy or breath.  They are not looking for me, they are not listening , they have no desire to put my purposes and desires over their own.  They can not hear when you speak to them and share your heart.  They have closed minds they have gone astray into the world’s way, they want to know and adhere to popular opinion.  And in this place you will never find Me.

Come to me, and lie at my feet.  Let me speak My words of love to you.  Let me show you Your Father’s Love.  I can come with great power sometimes and I can come quietly with a still voice.  But you will only hear it when you quiet yourself from man’s ways and opinions.

And yes I desire to strip you bare so you can hear my voice in a new way.  I want you to hear my voice above the voice of your own and man’s.  Will you listen, will you met with me?

8.) Interpretations: The Lord is revealing that there will be those who will not deny the Power of God and will be persecuted for their stand with the Lord. There will be those whose goal is to silence those who are filled with the Holy Spirit, even among believers. Are you persueing man's/women's esteem or are you persueing to know the Lord.

The Lord has a purpose for persecution...

9.) Comments: It is time to press into the Lord and listen, learn, and be taught by the Holy Spirit.
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