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Pharisees vs. Anointing

 "Chains"--A personal exhortation prophecy given to a believer who struggled with this issue


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Top Ten Signs You Have The Anointing
Two Perspectives: Under Law vs. Under Grace
Pharisee Parable
 about the accusation of 'Legalism' Spirituality vs. Religion
Sacrifice vs Sanctification
             Prophets vs. Pharisees
Profile of A Pharisee

Listen to four short messages about grace by Terry Virgo

"... Can’t you see that the trail you’re on doesn’t go where you’ve been told it goes? It will make you a good Christian in the eyes of others, but it will not let you know him." ... 

quoted from Chapter 3 of a new on-line book,(2004) written in story form ,at
Some printed book recommendations:
 Spiritual Burnout, (When Doing All You Can...Isn't Enough) by Malcolm Smith, Publisher: Albury Publishing, ISBN: 1880089246

Grace Plus Nothing, by Jeff Harkin, Tyndale Publisher, ISBN 0842311440, © 1990,1992

God's Lavish Grace by Terry Virgo, Publisher: Monarch Books, ISBN: 0825460530


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