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(based primarily on the gospel of Luke)
by Teri Lee Earl

Please note: Anointing is not the same as gifts or calling, which are irrevocable. (Rom.11:25-29)

10. A prophet/prophetess anoints you; the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Luke 2:25-38; 3:15-17 (I Sam.2:27-3:18; 9:27-10:1; 16:13)

9. You are led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where you suffer temptation by the devil for lust, greed, and pride. Luke 4:1-2 (Gen. 39:1-10 Daniel 1:3-8)

8. The Spirit of the Lord is upon you, to demonstrate His love in power. Luke 4:17-19 (numerous O.T. examples)

7. You are loved by some and hated by others. Luke 4:22-29 (I Sam 18:6-12; Daniel 6)

6. The religious criticize you for the authority that comes with the anointing, your associates, your freedom from legalism, and otherwise revile you by any means possible, but you are only concerned with the reputation of the Holy Spirit, while remaining unconcerned with your own. Luke 5:20-24;5:5:30-32;6:1-5;12:10--Matt 12:22-32 (Numbers 12:1-3; 2 Sam. 6:20-23)

5. You sincerely rejoice in the impartation of the anointing to others, setting them loose with a few words of wisdom and no attempts to control them or their ministry. Luke 9:1-6;10:1-22 (Numbers 11:16-17)

4. You oppose the hypocrisy of the day, silencing with the Word and the Spirit those who oppose the Spirit. Luke 14:1-6;19:45-46 (I Sam. 17:26-50; I King 18:16-40)

3. You weep over Jerusalem. (His people) Luke 18:15-16;19:35;19:41-44 (I Sam.15:35; Gen. 43:30; Numbers 12:13)

2. A companion and/or a close friend betrays you. Luke 22:48;22:61 (Psalm 55:12-14) Note: Gen. 44; I Sam 26:25; Matt.21:15-17

1. You are delivered into the hands of the enemies of God, and are either martyred or miraculously delivered, whichever is for the greater purposes of God. Luke 24:25-26 (Daniel 3:16-17)

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