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Note: This is but one example of the types of prophecies that were given out regarding youth and revival in between the years of 1995-1998. 
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:45:41
From: crmartin@SunBelt.Net (C. Alan Martin) [Forwarded from]

(Edited for length)

As I was in prayer and meditation this morning, the Lord spoke to me about a couple things pertaining to the coming outpouring. The Youth.

Every outpouring of the Spirit has effected the youth in an increasingly radical way. I recall in the Jesus movement (in which I was saved), we pressed the edges of what was considered "acceptable" by society and even the church world. We cared very little what people and established religion thought, and this disregard for "authority" caused the "Jesus Movement" to also be labeled the "Jesus REVOLUTION". Some called us "Jesus Freaks" and saw what we did as a form of rebellion. It was... rebellion against drugs, promiscuity, and even dead religion. That last one (dead religion) is what got us in the most trouble. The Lord told me that the coming wave is going to move the youth in even greater forms of "radicalism". They will not care what society, the church world, or the government thinks. This is going to create havoc in schools, public places (like parks), and churches across the country. In the Spirit I see young people opening and unashamedly gathering in school rooms before tests and praying and praising GOD! They gather together in the cafeterias to give thanks, sing, and prophesy. The anointing is going to fall powerfully on these young firebrands, and they will actually being to minister healing, and cast out devils in the halls of the public schools.

I say as from the Lord:

I will gather them. I will pour out of my Spirit upon them in a powerful anointing. I will put my words in their mouths and will cause them to do exploits in my name. I will shake the institutions of learning with the power of my Spirit.


They will be very close in fellowship and in the Spirit. The anointing is wonderful! It has a freedom and light in it that allows for a great fluency of speech and outflowing of compassion toward the lost.

This will not have ramifications in the natural. We know that there are forces in the natural that will rise up against this. The Jesus Movement was a manifestation of the youth rising up with the Charismatic anointing. To a large extent the leaders of the church did their best to keep the youth reeled in and under control. They wanted us to be conformed within the acceptable limitations imposed by the church and society. The coming Jesus Youth Army will be as manifestation of the next outpouring. Unlike the Charismatic, there will be very little effort on the part of the leaders to hold back these young people. In fact, they (and all involved in this outpouring) will be encouraged to "jump the hedges and leap the fences". I always thought this meant that they will be zealous for going house to house witnessing. But now I see this means they will not regard the accepted boundaries of culture and society. They are going to jump the hedges that seek to keep them hedged in, and leap the fences that seek to keep them out. They are going to go places that they have been told not to go, and preach Jesus in places that others have told them they could not. This radicalism will not set well with many within the church world who have been effected by the antichrist spirit and the doctrine of "tolerance". Many in the secular antichrist system think the children belong to the state. But this Spirit of freedom and life is going to be so overpowering upon the dead, dry and hopelessness afflicting the youth that the fire will ignite and the flames will burn like a kiln. Which brings me to the second thing.

(2) The coming outpouring is going to be sudden. I mean _all of a sudden_!!! The country will wake up one day to find itself in the middle of the greatest outpouring ever seen!! In a dream I saw a flame coming from the west to the east. Dead and dry weds and land were ablaze with this fire. It was moving incredibly fast! Within a second of my first seeing it on the horizon, it was upon me! Driven by high winds, it came without warning and _NOTHING_ could stop it or stand in it's way. This is the way it will be.

Which brings two points:

I feel this is almost here. I think there will be yet more "drying" activity before it actually comes. The people who are going to get hit by this are going to be so dry as to the point of spiritual desperation and hopelessness. They will easily be ignited and so grateful for the life and fire that they will be unstoppable. They will treasure this anointing above all, and not care who knows.

C Alan Martin <>

My Comments on the youth:
Hardened wine skins and the traditions of men are unable to satisfy the needs or the potential of those on fire for the Lord, regardless of age. Youth should not allow themselves to be discounted in their service for the Lord, the failures of organized religion notwithstanding. See the following pages: Pharisees vs. anointing and spiritual authority  

For a brief description of the tragedy that happened on one person's life who came out of the Jesus Movement, ready to serve God, please access 'one arm striking another' (this is posted as an off-shoot, in conjunction with a visitation/vision that included some things about the Jesus Movement) 

Revival will not come about because of the promises made by flashy ministers who self-exalt themselves.  Beware of irresponsible prophecies that 'mimic' the true movements of today by giving lip service to house churches or even the Jesus Movement. Be careful of movements or fellowships who claim to have nothing in common with the old guard, yet are really cults in their practices.

If equipped well with guidance from the Bible and the Holy Spirit, there isn't anything that cannot be accomplished in Christ! Hallejulah!

-Teri Lee Earl (page author)

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