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Revival is not tied to a place any more than the Holy Spirit is (John 3:8), but occurs as a supernatural grace of God in favorable conditions. When the Holy Spirit is grieved in one place, His Presence withdraws and goes elsewhere. The void is then filled with spiritual deadness and blindness.  Be good stewards of what God gives!

This worthy quote was once on July 2004 update page, "The Elusiveness of Revival," which was published at the Center For Spiritual Renewal :
... In the four years of our existence, it has been exciting to experience the move of God, both as observers and as participants. However, in our intentional pursuit of the spirit of revival, we have come to more fully understand the truth of Jesus' words in John 3:8: "The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes ..." It is the character of true revival that when we think we have the formula figured out, it no longer works. When we know where it is happening, it leaves and goes somewhere else. When we are impressed with the person God is using, he raises up someone different. This unpredictable aspect of revival simply demonstrates its divine origin. Down through history, those who have seen revival up close, many times as the prime participants, have been the first to acknowledge the sovereignty of God as the major factor. In the midst of the First Great Awakening, the mighty move of God that so greatly influenced the principles upon which the United States was founded, one of its leaders, Jonathan Edwards, made this statement: "It appears to me that the great God has wrought like himself in the manner of his carrying on this work; so as very much to show his own glory, exalt his own sovereignty, power and all-sufficiency." ...

Some key revival teachings from past revivalists:
What is Revival?, Breaking up the Fallow Ground
both by Charles Finney

Important note: The two articles by Finney above are among his best, but Finney was a post-millennialist who believed that "the millennium could come soon, was disgusted that it had not already" and was disappointed that "converts of his revivals had not made the progress he expected and that the church had not prevailed in the world as he hoped." He is credited with some far reaching negative impact on the American evangelical scene. See Charles Finney’s Influence on American Evangelicalism by Bob DeWaay

The Nature of Revival by Winkie Pratney

Revival Library
An ever-growing collection of on-line books/biographies about historical revivals/revivalists
The Watchword- revival prayer and history site

*Prayer is vital*!

Read some history on 'concerts of prayer' in major spiritual awakenings here!

Weeping Between the Porch and the Altar by Leonard Ravenhill

The Power of Intercession by Don MacIntyre


Hindrances to Revival - Fear of Emotional Display by J. Edwin Orr, from The Church Must First Repent

The "Latter Rain" Scriptureby Teri Lee Earl (a thorough, objective, study of the James 5:7-8 and all scriptures related to it)

Truth, Reality, and the Anointing by Art Katz (discusses integrity and the Lord's grief for 'unreal' revivals)

Restoration of the Church By Arthur Wallis - a brief overview of Church History and how God has worked to 'revive' dead obscured truths. Acknowledges the easy spiritual pride those who 'restore' can fall into.


Check below for some surprising prophecies that have been present since the early days of 'Renewal'

'Renewal'/Reformation Prophecies
  IMPORTANT NOTE: These are not the 'usual' prophecies you may have heard about. 
Some are prophetic or revelatory, although not strictly a 'prophecy'.  Some of these have been rejected or ignored by many 'renewalists' 
The lastest (and last, to be posted):
Vision of the Strait Gate by Meri Burlingame, dated Sept. 1999.  "My people enjoy the river, until My Word comes to prove them."
followed by Oil and Water by carolyn wyman, dated March, 2001
A message few may have heard of:
I attended the 1998 "Light the Nation" conference in Dallas TX. This conference featured primarily Argentine revivalists and evangelists, who were there to share with Americans. Michael Brown from Pensecola Fla. was also there. Afterwards, I wrote up a report which I made available on this website ever since then.

In that report, I highlighted the fact that on the Tues. May 5th General meeting, an Argentine minister (I believe it was Ed Silvoso, according to my notes) stated (prophesied) very clearly that that the renewal wave is 'over' and now it is time for revival--a revival which would be of holiness. This was followed by Sergio Scatagalini at the Thurs. night, May 7 meeting, whose humble preaching emphasized holiness and sanctification. When he had us all to stand and publicly identify ourselves as in need of repentance, God's power filled the room. Sergio spoke on public confession and if there had been time for it, perhaps we would've done that at the microphone. Spontaneous weeping occurred and crying out in this meeting. Since it was such a large room with many people, it was decided that people should break up into smaller groups to pray for one another, and the  gifts of the Spirit flowed. Throughout this Light The Nations conference, there was little or no the strange "manifestations" that have been associated with Toronto in the past, according to my direct observation.

It has been my observation that this message of a "holiness revival" from the Argentine revivalists was largely ignored by the majority of American and Canadian "renewalist" leaders, who preferred to focus on and encourage "manifestations" instead of repentence, confession of sins, and holiness.

-Teri Lee Earl
Earlier visions/exhortations of the changing process of 'renewal'
 Seek God & Change prophecies
Don MacIntyre's Control and Manipulation, part 1 and 2
(This renewalist intercessor pleads for a change in authority relations for the sake of Revival.  A theme that was present in early renewal) 
A Clear River, June, 1997, Greg Austin


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