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First the vision forwarded to us, called Vision of the Strait Gate, and then my scriptural comments on the vision, that were sent to NetChurch afterwards (These comments were sent to Meri herself, by someone on our list). Next will be Oil and Water (much shorter)

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Vision of the Strait Gate

Some months ago while in a prayer service, the Lord gave me a vision. This morning He brought that vision again, expounded on it, and told me to send it out. I humbly submit this before all:

A huge flowing river with wide open banks, so inviting to all who see. People in the river frolicking, laughing, playing underneath a beautiful sunny day. Looking up I see two huge very dark objects coming down through the skies with great intensity and force. Very frightening to witness, yet no life is hurt and they land farther down the river from where the people are. They appear to be giant blocks of black onyx the height of a five story building and eight feet wide. They are perfect in form and were not cast randomly, but set with precision from the edge of each bank in line with one another almost meeting in the middle of the river, but there is a narrow opening left between them.

As the river takes the people closer to the blocks of stone, the shadow they cast across the river becomes apparent to the people. The temperature of the water changes to much colder, and the darkness seems to intensify within the proximity of the stones. Within yards of the cut stones, they appear as walls, and the water has backed up now and getting deeper.

Also the water is no longer flowing, except through the opening between the stones. There it is narrow and the current extremely swift and strong. The pressure is intense and it is almost a violent surge coming through such a narrow place. The people are closer to the banks away from the current, and they look fearful instead of the joy once present.

What is this Lord, I cried? Is this from the enemy? "No" was the answer." These are the rock of offense and the stone of stumbling."

He continued,"My people enjoy the river, until My Word comes to prove them." Then He pointed to the narrow opening. "This is the strait gate. narrow is the way, and few be that find it."

Then He showed me the force of the current rushing through the narrow place. " This is the Word that will come from My prophets that will usher those into My kingdom with such intensity that only their life can squeeze through, and none of their fleshly accompaniments will be able to enter. Anything not of Me will become as dead weight and will pull them down into death, and no one will be spared."

This morning this vision again was brought to me, and I heard Him say "Tell the pastors, tell the elders, tell the leadership of My church-

 The foremost thing:   It is My church, not yours

 Up until now, you have tried to control the flow of my Holy Spirit. Now you will hit the wall.  Now you will be beached; now you will die to the uttermost along with all I have given you lest you repent for stoning my prophets.  You did not receive me when I came.  You stumbled at my appearance.  You were offended that I came as common to your eyesight.  You proud, arrogant, stiff-necked rebellious people.  You honor me with your lips.  Yea, but when I tried you by fire, you scream at the devil.  You lack discernment and accuse the new thing I choose to do in the earth as  a thing of the devil.

 I tell you now the master of the house is risen up. You have played in the river with my gifts, and think because you flow in them, because you have eaten and drunk in my presence, that you can enter in through this narrow gate.  Yet I tell you now, those that have followed me are seated with me in heavenly places.  It is the place of my glory.  Does not the spirit and the bride already beckon you?  Many have been called but few are chosen.  Many are in the river, but few will come through the strait gate.  Many of you have been first, and will now be last.  Those that have been last will find themselves being made first.

 I am changing the order. Don't you know this outpouring is to reveal me to my people? Don't you know this glory is for my kingdom, and I will not accept  the order of man? Put away your childish things, that which is perfect is come, My love, and let it cast out all fear of the unknown.  You will be stretched to enter into the strait gate.  You will be matured, focused, and  disciplined to get into the strait gate.

 Those who remain in their childish  ways will be cast into the outer darkness around the outside of the gate, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Those hidden sins, those iniquities, you will no longer be able to hide. For I have come to reveal all in this hour.

 Take my gift of repentance and give up those things that so easily beset you.  My house is a house of prayer, return to your first love  and do not make  merchandise of it.  You will either be a repentant whore at my feet or you will become that which is of Babylon.

 I say unto you this day, I  stand at the door and knock. Today is the day of your salvation.

 Whom will you serve?

 The traditions of man have made my word of none effect.  My word is alive and full of power, yet some are more comfortable with the dead letter.  This will be the last call for some of you before the great harvest.  Take heed and let no man deceive you.

 Enter in I say, and leave those traditions  behind. Enter in I say and leave anything that would hinder my  life in you. Be stretched, be unencumbered, and be free in me Be free to serve me and only me.  You cannot serve two masters. Behold I have brought you to the day of your reckoning.

 Meri Burlingame: Moderator
 The Apostolic Prophetic List   ICQ#43228319

The two main Scriptures I notice this vision is based on is Matt. 7:13-14, which is a scripture JUST PRIOR to the warning about false prophets in Matt. 7:15-23, and the warning not to be immature/foolish in Matt. 7:24-27, which speaks of storms, which has been prophesied already and dreamed about by many who have been in or close to the renewal.

Furthermore, it sounds like God is asking His people to go back to the Cross. Jesus is the Cornerstone and stumbling block.

Finally, the reference at the end about no man can serving two masters refers to the god of Mammon.

There is also the reference to the Pastors who are thinking of Jesus's church as THEIR church (and this includes 'renewal' folks too, in spite of all the claim to be 'noncontrolling'!) If you will study Matt. 23 and notice the progression of sins, you will notice the promise to leave the house 'desolate' (dead) in verse 38, right after the stoning of the prophets. The whole chapter reveal the sins of the true 'Pharisees'.

These things have been said in various ways over the last five years. Now the Lord is giving His warning, and since it is about the outer darkness, I believe it is quite serious! I hope it is passed on to wherever it will or can be, so that there will be true salvations and not shallow ones which are of no eternal value or reward.

God bless!

Footnote comment by myself in answer to the question, "What is the outer darkness" on our list: Most equate it with the same as the hell of fire and brimstone, while some wonder if it is a different kind of hell, because Jesus consistently described and called it something different than the Lake of Fire, yet does sometimes refer to the 'eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels" (Matt. 25:41). In any case, most agree it is some kind of hell, as it is definitely apart from God! Here's one of the scriptures on it: Matt. 25:30

Teri Lee Earl

Oil And Water

From:            "carolyn wyman" <>
To:              "Teri Lee Earl" <>

On March 9, 2001, the LORD told me that the Toronto, Brownsville, Kansas City "Revivals," etc.  are oil and water.  He said that they took what He gave them as a wonderful gift and mixed it with their own desire for constant spiritual highs.  He said that since oil and water don't mix, it is necessary to keep shaking them together so they appear to be mixed, and that that is what is happening in these meetings.  He is giving His gifts as promised, but they are being mixed with fleshy effort and even demonic manifestations.  I asked Him why He continues to give His gifts to men who obviously are perverting His blessing.  He reminded me that His gifts and calling are irrevocable, just as He gave water to the people after Moses struck the rock instead of speaking to it.  He will not turn His back on those who seek Him with all their hearts, but those who are deceiving His loved ones will answer for it in the Judgment.

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