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Light The Nation Reports
by Teri Lee Earl

The primary purpose of these first-hand reports on this conference "Light The Nation" conference (Dallas, TX, May 5-8, 1998) was to relay the messages that the Argentine revivalists gave. I'd like to say that it was clear to me that the Lord wanted me to Texas for this conference. In spite of some physical difficulties at the time (a broken hand), He arranged for me to be able to go.

Previously, I had become disappointed with what some in  the U.S. touted as 'revival'.  Love and grace from God are important, yet at the same time I found that too many people had convinced themselves that repentance and humility were not a priority. During this conference I experienced some clarity regarding some of these issues. I was personally comforted by some of what I saw there, and yet at the same time, I discovered how 'revival' had been treated by many Americans --packaged and promoted and merchandised and sold.  

In contrast to that, you will find that my impression of the Argentine revivalists were different. By both actions and words, they treated revival with Christian humility and without merchandising the anointing.

Included in these original reports of my time at there were references to certain some of the Americans, especially the Colorado-based hosts, acted during the conference.  I did not include exact descriptions of everything I observed even though I was greatly grieved by some of them. This was because I did not want my reports to be misunderstood as an attack on the Americans, and I did not want the controversy of naming these hosts at the time. I believed that if I were perceived wrongly then this would encourage some people to discount what I said. However, I did include my spiritual discernment without pointing out or naming the hosts and their specific behaviors. Years later, after the actions and teachings these Colorado-based hosts became more obvious and public, I constructed a page regarding their 'Apostolic Summits'. Some people still thought I was 'over-reacting,' while others privately told me otherwise. I continued to expand this part of the website with a few add-ons, until it became more well-known what these people were teaching and my warnings were no longer necessary. 

In retrospect, I do hope the individual Argentine ministers have not become 'leavened' by any poor American influences since that time in 1998, and that their attitude toward God and the things of God do not change.

Light the Nation Report--held in Dallas Texas, May 5-8- Section 1
written by Teri Lee Earl, who attended the Light The Nation Conference, a conference where the Argentine Christians came to minister and teach on Revival. The Argentines have been experiencing revival with multitudes of salvations, for 15 years.
(Please feel free to pass on each or all reports, with copyrights attached)
Waving Flag
 Prophecy given by the Argentine Christians
who have been praying for the U.S., at Light the Nation Report--held in Dallas Texas, May 5-8, 1998:


This was repeated by the Argentines throughout conference, with a caution and a repeated exhortation.

 PROPHECY from Argentines: NOW IS THE TIME for U.S. revival NOW NOW NOW.
 Revival has been in Argentine for upwards of 15 years--They are here now because NOW is the time for U.S.


Ed Silvoso (of Harvest Evangelism at stated the Argentines missed revival. in '48 it was prophesied. Tommy Hicks came, but in 60's/70's the Hierarchy which was established destroyed it (actually, this is what the Lord showed me concerning the Jesus Movement in U.S.--If you haven't read it yet, you will have to check our Website under 'prophecies'--New Wine Skins, Hierarchy is revealed in another article: "Living Stones" which was given to me about the same time. This is the same hierarchy that destroyed the 70's revival, although I did not made that clear because I had not written something at the time to connect the two writings.)

     After this, it took many sorrows--civil war, etc.--to humble the Argentines enough to receive revival

 EXHORTATIONS:  2 Chron. 7:14 was the first one:

....and My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Then, Ed Silvoso stated we were stuck in Acts 1:6 (And so when they had come together, they were asking Him, saying, "Lord, is it at this time You are restoring the kingdom to Israel?") and haven't moved to Acts 1:8.  (but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.")

Also, Ed Silvoso on that first night made it clear that a spirit of religion was our 'last frontier' in the U.S. This was repeated in many different ways throughout the conference. For instance, one speaker in a workshop could not go on with his point without spending time coming against the cultural stronghold in our mind. So concerned was he that the seed of truth would just be stolen from our minds by the birds of the air, that he refused to continue his preaching until there was victory enough in the Spirit via prayer. The Argentines were clear they were coming against a spirit of religion. 

Disclaimer:  I did not make these reports in order to push Ed Silvoso or any other name or organization.  I made them to give my eye-witness account to these events, to the best of my ability.


I feel it is more than appropriate to share discernment so that we all know how to interceed.  Discernment is not meant as condemnation, but reveals what needs to be dealt with so that we may all 'take stock' both individually and corporately, and even nationally.

Within the first few days of the conference,  I believe I was immediately shown--sometimes in events in front of me--the strongholds of the U.S. which will attempt to stop or handicap revival here.  These strongholds were palpable during the first two days, but by day 3 it was cleared up.  The atmosphere had noticably changed by then.  Since the Argentine Christians seemed very spiritually aware, I  believe little escaped their attention and that they probably prayed for us.

 SO--without mentioning unnecessary or distracting details (there were more than one or two events) I'm going to get to the point of what the Lord gave as discernment:


  While there I had a mini vision of frogs in slowly boiling water.  We all might remember that frogs have simple nervous systems. When they are put in a pot of water where the temperature is slowly raised, they don't feel it. Since the frog doesn't feel the temperature rise, it gets boiled to death without knowing it. It was by this analogy that the Lord explained that we Americans are almost spiritually dead, and don't know it!!! We in the U.S. have gotten so accustomed to the attitude of pride, that we hardly notice our blatant lack of humility.  Since this is so widespread and all have been desensitized, I am not going to pretend that we do not all share in this to some extent. Nevertheless, it was an embarrassment to me to witness American hosts at this conference CONGRATULATE themselves over a very small act of humility which should really be commonplace.  To pat ourselves on the back in such a way, while at the same time stating what big-shots we are in the Kingdom, is not true humility. It is false humility. The ignorance of our true condition was blatantly apparent.

 Fortunately, God is merciful to us and understands that our pride is so great. He lets us get away with thinking we have done something great when our small act of humility is just a baby-step in the right direction. But I tell you--we have a long way to go. That temperature has to get ALOT colder, before we have any concept of how close the water is to boiling now.

The Argentines at the conference were so refreshingly humble and gentle of spirit, the likes of which I have rarely seen in the U.S.   As for the Americans though, there was a reluctance to step aside and let another who is more anointed lead. Certainly there is so much denial that our eyes can't see the severity of our condition, and we need eyesalve. Thinking we are so clothed and rich in our spiritual condition, we have become unteachable in a subtle way, and reluctant to stay aside and let another lead who has the anointing we don't have.  We are the teachers, the big shots, instructing other countries.  It's so foreign for us to think of anyone else having more than us, we are subtlely resistant to the idea of it.  God showed me that this attitude wasn't found only at this conference. Rather, there's an unteachable spirit which has permeated the U.S.

 Although this report will not include Rick Joyner's general session of May 7, 1998 at 10:30 a.m., he did mention this pride of Americans as far as having to receive from another country. I am sharing that because I know some feel more comfortable hearing the assessment of those who are well-known.

 I noticed that this unteachableness seemed to have permeate across the board, manifesting itself as disobedience amongst all the American people who attended the conference. They were sometimes reluctant to listen to follow the directions of the Argentines, presumably because the Argentines are not the big shot American hosts, and were racially and culturally inferior to the Americans. For instance, I was walking by one classroom when an Argentine teacher was trying to get the people to move up closer. They weren't listening. He said the Church had some disobedience. They laughed. He gently said "You are still not obeying" and they finally obeyed and got up.  I saw this type of disobedience a couple of times to the direction of the Argentines who were there to teach us. I couldn't help but wonder what the root of it was.  Would there have been such a disobedience if one of the American  'heroes' were the teacher? I don't know.

Commercialism and Hero worship

  There was a strong presence of commercialism. You could not get away from it.  We were bombarded by it throughout the conference with ads and flyers and postings. The Lord showed me in the Spirit there was a 'mixture' on the part of some for the purposes of God and man's self-interest.

There were author's signing booths for your favorite authors. --Hollywood style?-- HOW much like the world MUST we be before we notice we are like the world?  I understood from the Lord that there again it has gone on so much over the years (at least 20 years)--and this type of worship of men is not uncommon in the U.S. Church--the frog in the slowly boiling water again.  Did anyone know what they were participating in? I don't think so. We are naive to the spirit behind it.

 It was strong and rather shocking--related to the accolades and the pride, and I was glad to not have to feel it anymore by the second day. But I was personally embarrassed that other Christians from other countries were there to see our pride and exaltation of men.

 To the best of my knowledge, the Argentines did not participate in the author's signing booths.

Lastly was religion, of course--this manifested itself in an adherence to the set program and the Spirit was quenched a few times. Now I know program is necessary for organization, and organization is an excellent tool.  But it is not our master, nor should it be.
 This spirit too, was interdependent with the others.  By the second day, the Spirit was not quenched by the Americans anymore. I am sorry to say it that way, but it was the American 'revivalists' who were quenching the Spirit. Anyway, Program was set aside when the power of God hit, later. The back and forth 'powerstruggles' between the Holy Spirit and the strongholds in the U.S. were telling and visible. The Lord instructed me to pay attention--this was a micro example of what would confront Revival.

 Revival is not a 'bless me/ feel good' thing. Many are returning to their cities with the hope of revival--As the Argentines prophesied--This is our last chance for revival in this generation, and this is The TIME for it too. I felt that we Americans should  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. We should be calling out to the Lord--but not as the all knowledgeable Americans--but on our knees and on our faces, and as children who need the apostolic guidance from those who are more humble than we. If we had been praying, we would have recognized them as answer to our prayers.

I have sent this report via internet e-mail to anyone who asked.  Many responded with hearty 'amens' over my observation of U.S. pride.  Also, shortly after this conference, a friend of mine told me by phone that in the 80's during her service in YWAM, there was a prophecy concerning the U.S.  It was prophesied that because the Americans had sent many missionaries to other countries, we were becoming arrogant. Therefore God would next be sending missionaries to us from third world countries like South America.

The remainder of reports will not have as many personal observations, --but filled with key info. --revelation our Argentine brothers/humble apostles brought to us.

These reports are brief because they are from my notes while there--however I'm sharing  only the things that are 'highlighted' by the Argentines.  Of course, I was not at every workshop.

This Light the Nation report was given by Teri Lee Earl © 1998 Harvest NETwork  (

Light the Nation Report--held in Dallas TX, May 5-8
(Please feel free to pass on each or all reports, with copyrights attached)

From Evangelist Carlos Annacondia:

Carlos Annacondia is an evangelist revivalist. He flew in from Japan to minister/teach us at the conference. The anointing was very strong. Typically, it is reported that thousands come to Christ in each meeting he conducts--The power of God descends, and there are lots of deliverances, healings, and spontaneous repentance of sins.

He has never been to seminary and has no formal training, and used to be a nuts and bolts manufacterer and owned a business before God called him in the evangelist ministry.

Carlos shared the following main points:

-Anointing is received at the altar of God, and we must keep it going by returning to that altar daily (Lev. 6:12)

-Revival begins in the heart, and ends when passion for lost souls stops.

There were many repentence prayers during the conference and Carlos led us to one or two that first night. There were many times the Argentines ministered in prayer over us for anointing as they directed us to the Holy Spirit (not man), so I won't keep mentioning these two facts.

Carlos told testimony of obeying the command in the Bible of the Lord to be as Jesus.  He prayed and cried out to God, and managed to get into a hospital even though the country at the time were not allowing civilians in hospital.  He walked past the guards without them seeing him.  His purpose was to pray for healing as Bible says.

As he asked the people in the ward is anyone wanted prayer, almost all said they did not: "No, I am Roman Catholic...No, I am a witch and don't believe in God." etc. Finally, in the corner was a girl who was paralyzed from waist down. She accepted prayer, and got up and walked. The whole ward got saved.

This is just one of the many testimonies we heard as exhortations throughout conference.

This Light the Nation report was given by Teri Lee Earl © 1998 Harvest NETwork  (

Panel of "Revivalists":

At the conference, they set up a panal for questions of revivalists--one mostly of U.S. and others, one all Argentines/people working with them. This is a BRIEF overveiw, with most important statements

1st panal:
Don't know question they were answering, but John Arnott stated Toronto was still praying for anointing before they go out in streets/ministering outside church. They wanted to have more of Jesus's anointing for miracles like healing lepers, and they were still praying about it.

Michael Brown (Pensecola):
Described the unconscious process re: critics and the defenders get more polarized and both focus on what you shouldn't be focused on ('polarized' is my word to describe it, not his. My notes are sketchy since I understood what he was saying, so I do not have exact quotes here)

Pablo Deiros (Argentine):
quote: "If we commit ourselves to obey what the Lord says in the Word, we will immediately be in revival."

---------- from panal of Argentines :

Why has Argentine revival not stopped?:

1) Totally focused on winning Argentines to the Lord
2) Wariness (wary of) supernatural evil--demonic oppression. They have an 'E.R.' side room during meetings, to help demon-possessed.

Wonderful testimony from twin cities (D. Christensen)- church prayed repentence for 90 days. Wrote letters to all pastors apologizing for not getting to know them..Unity began with those who responded to meeting one another and continued to grow

From Singapore:  great division/suspicion amoungst area churches. Started with 10-20 pastors in prayer meetings--now up to 300.  (Ps. 133--Don't neglect sowing in tears; embrace suffering and humbling)

It is illegal in Singapore for public demonstrations or religious radio programs. So, they broadcasted to the 'houses of prayer' (will be explained) using radio station off the coast.  The broadcast supernaturally came through to areas which could not receive radio signal before or after. Many salvations

From Modesto, Ca.--which has been involved in Argentine 'model' to take cities for Christ: U.S. greatest challenge is to quit worshipping our programs. We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
This Light the Nation report was given by Teri Lee Earl © 1998 Harvest NETwork  (

 On Holiness and Repentance:

I'm almost certain it was Ed Silvoso who prophesied to us in the Tues. May 5th General meeting at the Light the Nation conference a clear directive regarding 'renewal'. He stated quite clearly that the renewal wave is 'over' and now it is time for revival--a revival which would be of holiness.  (Some of us on our list have also felt this in the Spirit for the last few weeks)  Of course as you may have noticed already, all through the conference he and the others spoke on what revival was--humility, passion for the lost, holiness, obeying the Lord, change, etc.

 Michael Brown from Pensecola Fla., ministered on Wed., May 6 at noon. I had not yet been exposed to anything from Pensecola.  His preaching was one of Holiness and he was not gentle on organized religion, either.  It was not only great preaching, but the power of God was upon that meeting and the fire of God was clearly present and there was spontaneous repentance.

 Then we had Sergio Scatagalini at the Thurs. night, May 7 meeting. I did not take notes then either--Sergio has had a visitation from the Lord which stays on him often. He sometimes has to have people hold him up--but there was no 'drunkeness' in a flippant or irreverant manner or demeanor upon him at any time. Although he had to stop sometimes, his preaching was coherently scriptural.  He preached a deeper holiness than what comes from Pensacola (so I was told by the person next to me). He in fact said 98% holiness was unacceptable to God.  His message was on sanctification.

 When he had us all to stand and publicly identify ourselves as in need of repentance, God's power filled the room. Sergio spoke on public confession and if there had been time for it in either this meeting or Mike's meeting before, perhaps we would've done that at the microphone. Spontaneous weeping occurred and crying out in both meetings.

Sergio called the pastors up to be prayed over, and instructed them in turn to move out and pray over the people.  What erupted then was a continuation of the great move of the Holy Spirit already present.  I don't know if I can do it justice by describing what happened. Somehow spontaneously there became small groups of people praying in circles, holding hands.  The Argentines said they've seen this before and encouraged us.  We prayed over each other, prophesied to each other, there was laughter as people were healed of depression or received and expressed the joy of the Lord; a few became incapacitated.

These Light the Nation reports by Teri Lee Earl © 1998 Harvest NETwork  (

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