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The End Times

Archangel MichaelBelow are select teachings or articles for your prayerful consideration regarding 'The End Times".  General information on differing views are presented, as well as essays or articles on a variety of topics.

666 Anyone? by Randall A. Terry

A New Scriptural Investigation into the Timing of the Rapture
(The results just might surprise you!) by Rockey Jackson
In this teaching, unlike any other teaching I have ever encountered, there are no scriptures cut out that would weigh in to the subject of the 'Rapture' . The author clearly invites the reader to explore the Bible and convince themselves by Scripture, with a style that leaves dogmatism behind. This would be an excellent a tool for your own individual study or for group studies, whether you agree with all things in it or not.

The Need for Overcoming Faith - a letter by Corrie Ten Boom written in 1974, survivor of the Holocaust of WWII

The "Latter Rain" Scripture - James 5:7-8   by Teri Lee Earl
Too many have spent more time argueing over the 1940's "Latter Rain" movement rather then the scripture it was named after.  This is a very comprehensive study of the actual scripture.

Mystery of the Great Babylon by T.Job Anbalagan of

Some interesting facts on various end-time views (Historic, Futurist, Preterist):

One of the most recent people in modern times to influence American Christian thought about the end times was Cyrus Ingerson Scofield (1843-1921), who perpetrated much of the current pre-trib rapture in his Scofield Reference Bible. His personal life was one of "American Fundamentalism's best kept and perhaps most embarrassing secrets." A great book on Scofield is: Analyzing Scofield, The Life And Errors of C.I. Scofield  by Rev. Charles Gilbert Weston and Emma Moore Weston. ISBN 1-883179-07-6 Copyright 1997 by Weston Bible Ministries. The publisher address is: Morgan Brown Ltd. P.O. Box 11 Croton-On-Hudson, NY 10520.

There are a few main schools of eschatology involving the "end-time"scriptures- There is Historicist interpretation - See e.g. - which views Revelation as taking place throughout history. One of the good and well-reasoned explanation for some historicist thought published on the aforementioned site is: Tomorrow: What do the Prophets Say? by A.J.L. Haynes at  This view was actually represented quite frequently by influencial Church figures such as the Reformers and earlier. This is opposed to the Futurist view, which views much of it as yet to be fulfilled, and the Preterist view, which views much of it (or all of it) as already fulfilled. See a reproduction of portions of an outside article for a decent overview synposis of the historical conflict between the Historicist and Futurist end times views. Finally, there has been a movement within the Christian community teaches that death, the second and final advent of Messiah Jesus have occurred in 70 A. D. The advocates of this doctrine call themselves “Preterists.” Please see The 70 A.D. Scenario by Buff Scott for a refutation of this doctrine. In addition, a new gnosticism has risen up called hyper-preterism. One major feature of hyper-preterism is its denial of a future physical resurrection of the believer at the end of history, claiming there was already a 'spiritual' resurrection that again occurred in 70 A.D. See the following scriptures to refute this: 1 Cor 15:12-20; 1 Tim 1:18-20; 2 Tim 2:15-19

For understanding Pre-Millennial, Post-Millenial, A-millenial, see:
Why a Pre-Millennial Return of Christ?
The Differing Theories  by Tribulation Forces website

Beyond Doctrinal discussion:
"...there are two purposes for predictive prophecy. The chief purpose is to affect the conduct of those who hear the prophecy. Another purpose is met only when the prophecy is fulfilled. That purpose is to build faith, to establish confidence in the God who miraculously foretold events (John 13:19; 14:29; 16:4)." (Understanding and Applying the Bible, p. 215, by J.Robertson McQuilken, Moody Press, Chicago, ILL, 1983)

Restoring the Vision of the End-Time Church by Vern Kuenzi
The core message of this on-line book is much needed by many in today's Church, especially of the Western culture, who have been duped into believing that suffering is virtually irrevelant to the end-time Church, in all her anticipated glory. The latter chapters of the book do veer off from what many would consider a 'literal' translation (for instance, that the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3-4 are not two people but may be corporate portions of the Church), which would be hotly contested by some. Yet even with these interpretative flexibilities, the author remains steady on the call to the Cross and Holiness. Over-all, this is a significant call that brings us back to the reality of what 'end times' transformation really means, while also steadying us on the joy of the Cross. 

Someone once said, "We are not yet ready for the second coming of the LORD, because we have not yet fully appropriated the meaning of His first coming"
Three Warnings for the End Times by Annette Capp

The Remnant Bride by Joseph Herrin

The Balance of Truth and Love (In the book of Revelation, Jesus reproved or rebuked the churches for lack of either one) a brief expository by Teri Lee Earl, with links


Nahum 1:7 The LORD is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him. (KJV)

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Other subjects covered in 'Basics':

Triune God
Spiritual Authority

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