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Various pages, articles, etc., that relate to the miracle of atonement, given to us by Christ's death and resurrection

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In  the beginning... God

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Please allow me to introduce you to Jesus
by Howard Morgan
(a simple exhortation about how to pray to start your life in Christ)

Getting to Know God
by Suzanne Gore 
A 5-lesson Bible course. Lessons cover the existence of God, God's plan to redeem man from sin, the life of Jesus, and Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. Lesson 5 uses the New Testament to answer the question, "How then shall we live?" It can be downloaded without cost or obligation, but an Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view or print the material. 

On The Physical Death Of Jesus Christ (Reprinted from JAMA - The Journal of the American Medical Association March 21, 1986, Volume 256  Copyright 1986, American Medical Association
We sometimes take forgiveness and grace too lightly;  Jesus paid a tremendous personal price to obtain these gifts for us. 


There do exist OPPONENTS today against the doctrine of Atonement, even while claiming to work 'within' Christianity. For instance, the very (in)famous maverick Episcopal bishop (Diocese of Newark, New Jersey), John Shelby Spong.  He has written several books, all against orthodox, conservative Christian beliefs and doctrines. According to our reports he has written, ""The view of the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the world is a barbaric idea ... that must be dismissed" (Why Christianity Must Change or Die), and stated, "If Christianity requires this view of the meaning of Jesus' death, I, for one would no longer choose this household of faith... Indeed, this idea must be aggressively dislodged or nothing new and more appealing will ever emerge. That is why the Christian Church today requires, I believe, a new and mighty reformation that must not stop until it has examined and reformulated the most basic core doctrines of the Christian faith ("Reforming Christology: He Did Not Die for My Sins!" November/December 1999, p. 7).

Looking for a better understanding of the relationship between atonement and forgiveness?  Read Part One of
Fourth Dimensional Forgiveness by Teri Lee Earl

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