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America's Last Call
David Wilkerson is well-known for his visions and prophecies regarding the decline of America from within, and the judgment of America without. Much of what is in his book, "The Vision," written in 1974, has already come true.

He has recently completed his new book, "America's Last Call"  It is not available in bookstores at this time. To go to the order form, access: on his website. As far as financial compensation for this book, Bro. David proceeded in a manner similar to Keith Green of times past.  As announced in his newsletter, the suggested dollar amt. to send was $8 with $2 postage and handling.  If you are poor--the widows and unemployed, you were to mark 'X' on the order cards and get it for free. Anyone who can donate more is encouraged to do so, in order to cover the costs. David Wilkerson said  in his newsletter that any and all proceeds go into the charitable ourreaches to the lost in N.Y.C., with he himself not getting a single dollar for it.

Call his ministries office for orders of 25, 50, 100 at greatly
reduced prices: 1-(903)-963-8626
If you do not get his newsletter, you can either write to World Challenge, Inc.
P.O. Box 260
Lindale, TX 75771

or go to on his website.

Bro. Wilkerson says this is a scriptural study, and there is much hope.  He states that his ministry has been getting prophetic confirmations from all over the U.S.

David Wilkerson has also released another book, "God's Plan to Keep His People From The Coming Depression" When introducing this book in his newsletter, he wrote: "The Holy Spirit let me know that is is not enough simply to warn God's people of the perilous times coming, but that it is also imperative that I seek the Lord for a message of hope and deliverance for the Lord's bride through the awful storms...In my book I will show you conclusively that God has made a covenant to keep His people through it all. I am going to prove to you that you have absolutely nothing to fear about a depression, or antichrist, or Armageddon or the mark of the beast."

Others from Wilkerson's Time Square Church Pulpit Series (all are outside of our website ):

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