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especially for those who have dreams of invasions or bombings from Russia and/or China, a theme that to my knowledge, has been running for at least 20 years.

Over the years, many Christians have reported dreams of a coming judgment to America. First and foremost, I believe that when Christians have dreams such as these, we need to pay close attention as to whether the message is really to us, personally, before we come to rash conclusions or rash actions. Prophesying presumptiously and confidently without God's direction has led to some to be unnecessarily frightened. The practice is usually done by those who stand to make money off of their books and conferences. This is taken note of at the bottom of the the America Prophecy prior to 2001 page.

Before I continue with my commentary, please see the following expositories from other believers. After that, I will more specifically speak about those dreams that have had Chinese soldiers in them, or attacks from Russia or China, or both, a very common theme.

Date sent:        Wed, 23 Dec 1998 10:55:01 -0500
Subject:          Re: Crying for America...
(this e-mail snipped down for length. It is included for it's testimony)

America needs Christians who are willing to pray and perhaps give their life for Christian values if necessary. America does not need people who are afraid. If people want to flee the country because they think impending judgement is at hand, then flee.

I will not flee, I will stay and fight and America shall be saved. This is not about the destruction of America, it is about the salvation of America. If that salvation comes thru judgements then so be it. So what if judgement is coming on America, is that any reason to be afraid? Have the Christian people been given the spirit of fear and of fleeing?

It is good for those few who are called to leave America to do so.  All of us should listen to God and walk in our calling wherever that job takes us, but God has not nor will He call all of us to leave America. I have read many visions about America being invaded by foreign troops. I have had several visions of America being invaded but each vision that I had dealt with my individual spiritual life.

The enemy comes in like a flood, and sometimes God must show us in a unique and graphic way what we are dealing with. I have seen numerous 747's flying over my house and soldiers parachuting out of them and some of the planes crash landing and other soldiers coming out of the planes with machine guns and explosives. I have seen many visions such as this, one of the visions was around 1988 and the soldiers were Arabs, some people thought that the vision was a symbolic depiction of the Gulf War.

However, after careful observation I am convinced that these visions dealt only with me and my spiritual state. Sometimes the enemy comes against us in huge numbers and because they are invisible we never see them but we do feel the weight of the burden. During the time of the invasion vision I was living a selfish life and not a Christian one. God made the vision graphic in order to show me how the enemy had came in like a flood.

God utilizes symbolic images to speak to us because that is the language of the Spirit. How can we understand what God is saying unless we first acknowledge His alphabet? God establishes certain symbols which relate to things in our life, things that we are familiar with and then He allows those symbolic images to keep showing up. How many Christians have dreamed about tornadoes and then worried endlessly about the real thing? Of course the tornadoes never show up in this material reality because the vision of the tornado was not about tornadoes. There are very few instances when tornadoes are meant to convey the real thing..

I write to say this: Yes, I believe judgement is coming upon America, and I believe great salvation is coming upon America. Yes, we do have dreams and visions from God but are we accurate in our understanding of these visions? Have we recognized the symbolism that God uses in our dreams and visions and correctly applied those symbols to our own walk first. Sometimes the visions that we see are only meant for us as an individual and not as a Nation.

I do believe that God reveals things of National importance to His people but I also know that we must have special discernment when interpreting our dreams and visions. Now, is not a time to flee America. Now, is a time to pray for the Congress and the Senate and pray for our leadership. Now is a time to stand strong and fight the adversary with prayer. Now is the time for us not to be afraid but to WIN...

God called me to pray and that is my job. Sometimes I hate my job but always I see results. I have spent the last decade of my life in the gap, interceeding for others and bearing the weight that comes with that intercession. There are many intercessors in this world and their job is not easy. Every Christian should pray because it is a natural part of us but some think themselve's unworthy and that is the devil's lie. All are worthy to pray and we owe it to those who have labored for decades just to get a glimpse of this special time that we are about to enter.

How hard is it to get a list of Senators and Congressmen and pray over that list every morning? We should Speak forth great conviction upon conviction upon their heads and bind all the power of the enemy? We are circling Jericho, who will blow the trumpets?


From the 'PROPHETIC/REVIVAL' Discussion List:-

From:             "Spruill, Ronald" <>
Date sent:        Tue, 29 Dec 1998 14:09:55 -0600

Many are speaking of imminent judgement on America, with a call to flee the country, get out while you can. Please understand at the same time God is calling some of us into the center of the cities to reach out with his hand of mercy and reap the Unwanted Harvest. It literally took God 3 months to convince me that he wanted me to move into the 5th Ward of Houston. This is one of the most notorious areas, known for random violence as well as organized crime and corruption. Black gangs run one side of the Highway while Hispanic gangs run the other. Right on the dividing line is where he called me to be. I have a lovely red-headed wife of 27 years and 3 daughters aged 11, 13, and 17. Surely you can understand my confusion when he told me to move from a lovely suburb, wonderful big brick home, and great paying job to minister to the homeless with AIDS in the inner city area. Anything born by the flesh must be cared for by the flesh, anything born by God, must be cared for by God! These words from a prison inmates letter to me were a great comfort. God has truly chosen to protect my family in the place He has sent us to. If the wrath of God is poured out upon this city, we will be right in the middle of it. I stand on His promise and calling; When thou walkest through the water I will be with thee, through the rivers they shall not overflow thee, when thou passest through the fire, thou shall not be burned, neither shall flame kindle upon thee, for I AM THE LORD THY GOD....................... I thank God for his mercy to change my heart and awake me from my slumber to call me to the city. I am home as long as I am where he has called me. Ron Spruill

Date sent:        Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:13:38 -0800
From:  (Ronald R. Ott)
Subject:          Re: Crying for America...

The Lord has surely called many of us to stay through the time described which I know will surely happen either as a Word of Knowledge or Wisdom (the prophecy below).  Last night the Lord really spoke at a house meeting. We alternate SHEM prayer and share and Evangel house meeting here in Arnold I met young people on fire for Jesus.  One was a boy prophet with a background not unlike mine if I had not rebelled as a boy.  The Lord is saying the same to both of us.
 Besides persecution there will be a street revival led by God's  music and we must be prepared (not unlike articles by Andrew Strom on his web page). The Lord will protect His own who are on fire and doing His business...  I'm also meeting many other children and young people through Evangel Chapel in Sonora that are "strangers and pilgrims" to the world and God will surely use in His coming revival.  I understand that these kind of churches (in the Underground Church)(where you can't really see the ministers, only Jesus) will be used not unlike Wm. Seymour and the Apostolic Faith Mission in LA in 1906.  God will draw people through, ignite them, and send them out.  They will be the outcasts, neglected, dysfunctional, not accepted kind of people that God will use.  Not unlike David's army in the wilderness when Saul was chasing him.
God Bless.
Ron Ott


Commentary continued:

A few of my friends from my brief  'Jesus Movement'-like days back in the 70's had dreams regarding the fall of the nation. Donna, the teenager who witnessed to me, had a sobering vision about martyrdom and a guillotine --  She was rather shaken by it for days, feeling rather corrected in the dream . She said people were forced to choose for Jesus or not. If they did not denounce Jesus, they went to the Guillotine and were martyred. At the last martyr, Christ came back. The 'pastor' at of our small house church (Alan Redrup -- last I knew he was has since been in the People of Destiny group for many years/started by Larry Tomszak/C.J. Mahaney) had a dream in which he was corrected for being 'out of shape' -- He had to run for many miles while these military Chinese people who had invaded the U.S. chased him. An unrelated (to our fellowship) young Charismatic Catholic lady up in N.J. had a dream in which the Chinese military who had taken over the U.S. entered her home and demanded her and her husband renounce Jesus. She was pregnant at the time, and she and her husband refused. They killed them both.  One of the revelations she got out of this dream was that she could trust the Lord that one day she would indeed be married in the future. I knew these people personally and spoke with each of them after their dreams.

Many have reported to me similar dreams, and a sense of not quite knowing what to make of the dreams. For instance, how much of it was symbolism (meaning, how much can be taken literally)? Was it for themselves, or for others too? These are the questions usually asked.

Now that I have been on the internet, more of these dreams have been published or shared. The following is a sampling of dreams given to people which include military conquerors--Whether these images are symbols or literal cannot really be known except by the dreamer, and even then can it really be known until AFTER such an invasion has really occurred, which may be decades or more into the future? I will share my final thoughts after these postings of similar dreams:

Date:   May 26th, 1998   6:15 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time

.... I had never had a dream about judgment coming to America until about two months ago (end of March 98)...

I was standing in a building with someone when I looked out the window and saw an enormous dark and ominous cloud fast approaching.   The cloud covered the whole sky.   On the leading edge of the cloud the earth was heaving upward--with the movement of the earth proceeding quickly forward, always staying in front of the cloud.

I looked again and in front of this movement of the earth were three men on horses, and...this is strange...they were all dressed like American cowboys.

Then I heard a voice say,  "They've set off the biggest underground nuclear blast in history."  (I'd like to note that this dream occurred prior to India's recent nuclear testing.    And, in fact, at the time there was no talk of nuclear weapons or testing in the news.)

Then the woman that I was with in the building turned and said something to me and I don't recall exactly what it was.   However, at the same moment, I SAW NUCLEAR MISSLES FLYING TOWARD MAJOR AMERICAN CITIES AND COULD SEE THOSE CITIES BURNING.   IT WAS DEVASTATING.

Prior to this dream...I won't go into heavy details...but I had dreams that I WAS SEPARATED FROM MY FAMILY AND I KNEW WE HAD LOST OUR FREEDOM AND I WAS FORCED TO LABOR FOR SOMEONE.

I believe your visions are from the Lord.   I pray that many people will find your site.   MOST OF ALL, I PRAY THAT THE PEOPLE OF OUR NATION WOULD REPENT. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL.

A sister in Christ,
Jan W.

The Spirit of the Lord has given me many dreams and visions over the years. I always write them down. In 1986 I had a dream that the United States was living under martial law. We were not allowed to travel nor share the gospel of Jesus Christ with no one. There were so many militant forces, but they were our own people! Houses were monitored by the militant forces. They were trying to get us to deny Christ. They were very serious about it. They would kill you if you did not deny Christ. I was going and warning people to hold on to Jesus. Call upon the Name of the Lord. Some understood and some didn't.
Dream ended.
I know that we will some day face persecution. This country has been blessed. I pray that when that day comes we hold on to our blessed savior JESUS.
Blessings,  Dawn Singelakis

Below is reproduced from the latter portion of Letter #9 , by Ed Hintz titled: "Jesus Christ or Anti-Christ Who Will You Serve"

Today if we are watching we can see a shaking going on in every area of the worlds system.  I would now share with you what I mentioned in my first letter about judgment coming upon America.  America for its pride and its self reliance on her own might and not in God, shall be brought low, but will not be brought to a complete end, not like the goat nations as it is recorded in Mt. 25:32.

Back in the early 80’s a bro. Frank S. had two dreams and the Lord gave me the interpretations.  I did not write them down so I’ll be drawing from memory.  The first dream was this.  Frank was standing out side his house at night, and he saw what looked like some thing flashing and silhouetting the mountains in the distance, end of dream.  The interpretation was this.  The flashes of light were bombs falling on the cities of America.  I would come home from church and go to my room to pray and seek God, and as I did this the Lord began to show me visions of Russian TU 95 Bear bombers.  I saw the capital hill building or white house crumbling.  I kept hearing, Ezek. 38&39 over and over again, indicating I was to study these scriptures.  Also Rev.9 was impressed upon me that this scripture about the 200Mil army of the Kings of the east would be fulfilled at the same time.  I saw in a vision the Russian leader at that time with a hook in his jaw.  His face looked like a pig.   Ezek. 38: 4, "And I will turn thee back and put hooks into thy jaw, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army." What I perceived to be the trigger to this event, would be a war between Israel and Syria.  Ezek.38: 8 and 10-11, These scriptures reveal two Israel’s , v 8 is the Israel in the middle east , v 10 and 11 is America , v 13 a young lion.  America is the only allied nation strong enough to defend Israel.  For any one that would come against and conquer her would have to remove America’s arm of protection.  V-13 says that, They would come to take a spoil, to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take away a great spoil.  Only America has cattle and goods that would be a great spoil.

 Rev. 9: 16, China is the only nation at this present time that has a 200 mil. army.  This is what I perceive will cause this scripture to be fulfilled.  Russia and China at this writing has an alliance, but I believe when Russia begins her campaign against us she will double cross China.  What will cause Russia to take such risk?  Desperation for spoil.  Sink or swim so to speak.  After several weeks of these revelations I woke up one morning about 4:30 am.  I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As I was standing there the presence of the Lord’s Holy Spirit manifested Himself to me.  I was asked a question, "When would be the best time for an enemy to attack America?"  Then in vision I saw little children opening presents, I began to weep profusely.  "Yes said the Lord to me on Christmas between midnight and 8 am and these innocent are the ones who are victims of this evil generation.’ That was the culmination of the first dream.  Satan Claus the materialist god of this age.  Lifted up and paraded through this nation starting on Thanks Giving day.  The second dream is this.  Frank S heard a knock at his front door.  When he opened the door there stood a bear.  He slammed the door shut  in the bears face.  Frank went and got his gun.  He went to the window and opened it, there was the bear in a Russian uniform which he did not have on before.  Frank stuck the gun out the window to shoot the bear, but the gun was knocked out of his hand.  Interpretation—The bear ( Russia ) came the first time in peace (glausenoff parastroyka.)  The second time the bear appears to us is to make war but our defenses will be knocked out of our hands.  I was not shown what year this would happen.

It has been almost two decades since we received these revelations.  In the spring of this year 99 I had an interesting dream, it went like this. There stood before me a Chinese man.  He took my bible from me.  Then he said to me, " If I catch you with a bible again I will put you in jail."  My interpretation is this and I pray I have the mind of Christ in this matter.  Just to speculate on things such as important as this is dangerous.  You  have heard the story of the little boy that cried wolf.  To much speculation of prophecy interpretations will cause the saints to reject the truth when they do hear it.  We can start by examining scripture.  As previously stated in Ezek. 38: v8 & v’s 10-16.  Gog the chief of Meshech and Tubal come against Israel v18 Gods fury against Gog v21, and I will call for a sword against him through out My mountains (nations), saith the Lord God; every man’s sword shall be against his brother.  Here we see GOD using some one to fight against Gog.  Who is this sword God uses against Gog?  Rev. 9:13 and the sixth angle sounded (the worlds trumpet judgments ). V13 and number of the army was 200 mil.  Rev 16:12 the sixth angle poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water there of was dried up, that the way of the Kings of the east (China ) might be prepared.  What it sounds like to me is that Russia invades Israel east at the same time invades Israel west (America).  China is also our enemy and will take advantage at that time to invade the west coast of the U.S.while Russia invades the east coast.  The Lord our God to insure that we will not be completely annihilated will turn them against each other.  In Ezek. 39 Russia is turned back which may mean that China turned them back.  Here we have a possibility of that cruel lord in Isaiah 19 to rule over Egypt (world).  The U.S. the most powerful nation in the world is reduced to nothing will not be able to resist there conquerors.  This would make China # 1 and the rest of the nations submit to him.   I would not be surprised if Mexico joined in the looting like Moab did to Jerusalam when she was over run by the Babylonians.

The judgment we see happening here in the states and all over this world is a wake up sign, and they shall continue to increase in rapidity and intensity and closer together.  The finale crescendo of the judgments of God would be Ezek. 38.  What is the purpose for all this destruction?  What can we look forward to?  The first question has a twofold answer.

#1 is Isa. 2: 4  "And He shall judge among many nations, and shall rebuke many people; and they shall beat their swords into plow shares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more." That deals with the world.

#2 Jesus is coming for a church with out spot or wrinkle.  Isa. 1: 25-28 The Lord speaking to His backslidden people.  "And I will turn my hand upon thee, and purely purge away thy dross, and take away thy tin, and I ‘ll restore thy judges as at first, (deliverers) and thy counselors as at the beginning ; afterwards thou shall be called , the city of righteousness, the faithful city, Zion shall be redeemed with judgment, and her converts with righteousness.  And the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake the Lord shall be consumed." Zeph.1: 6 "And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor inquired for Him.’’

Question #2, "And it shall come to pass, that he that is left in Zion, and he that remaineth in Jerusalem, shall be called holy, even every one that is written among the living in Jerusalem; when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst there of by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning. And the Lord will create on every dwelling place of mount Zion, and upon her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day, and the shining of a flaming fire by night.  And there shall be a tabernacle for a shadow in the day time from the heat, and for a place of refuge, and for a covert from rain and storm."  The presence of the Lord and His Shekinah glory.  Ps. 91.   Whether it rains or freezes we need to know we are in the arms of Jesus, not the anti Christ.  The mark of the beast, I believe will be spiritual.  For example, Ezek. ch. 9, considering the sovereignty of God in all things and Satan is subject to the word of God.  What is communally interpreted in Daniel  9:27 as he (the anti christ) is He (Jesus Christ).  Jesus shall confirm the covenant with many for one week. This covenant represents the church age of two thousand years.  After the church age comes the Kingdom age

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(sent to us and posted by permission of author)

 Prophecy from Prisoner #354-B9

Final Commentary continued (posted after 2001):

The above has been a SMALL sampling of dreams or visions regarding Judgment of America, specifically those which include invasion by China or Russia. By now it is clear that this theme has been a strong one for the past 20 years. By now, is you have had such a dream or vision, you should know you have not been alone.

Now for some challenging questions:
1) If God has been "shouting from the rooftops" in dreams about a coming invasion from Russia or China, why then did he tell no one of the 9/11 terrorist attack, the most significant and brutal attack upon American soil since Pearl Harbor, and each of these attacks were done not by China or Russia, but by Japanese and Muslim/Arab peoples?
Interesting thought.
2) Why is it that most who dream these dreams, seem to question the literacy of these dreams, and often discuss that it may be symbolic?
It is my observation that few are ready to stake their very souls on the dream being literal, and some who were alarmed enough to have gone around speaking of bombs dropping on places, have in retrospect stated it was indeed not literal. (Note: These people are not the ones who make money off their announcements. It has been my long observation that those who make money almost never acknowledge they were amiss in any way! They usually find some way to weasel out of their mispronouncements, either afterwards or within the announcement itself)  Is it really because they are "in denial" as to America being attacked, as I have wondered when I was younger, or is it because by and large God has not allowed them to be so confident in that particular dream?
3) Is there a reason for a personal rebuke often being "felt" in the dream?
I believe there is. I believe that these dreams are not "false" per se, but rather God has chosen an "expected enemy" as a symbol.  Again, you must remember that during the time of most of these dreams, The COLD WAR was on. Everyone was afraid of Russia. In the 1950's we built personal bomb shelters! Even if it were not about Russia, most had a decades long anxiety over Communism. After all, Communist governments were the ones that were most often known at the time for ruthlessly persecuting their Christians! Now that is the Muslim peoples and governments in most nations that are becoming known for ruthless persecution, it will be interesting to find out if the dreams begin to change toward a Muslim nation attack!
4) The most important question of all is: Is it in God's best interest to warn us of the specific people group that may attack us?
I believe NO.  To explain, let me take this down to more mundane matters rather than matters of national security. I have been personally warned by the Holy Spirit at times to pack and get ready to move, for we will be moving soon. My husband has been warned too. It did happen, rather suddenly, and we were prepared for the move each time. During our time here in N. Carolina, I have also been urged by the Holy Spirit to stock food and to urge my husband and kids to stack up the wood pile for the fire place, because we will have a winter 'storm' that year (In N. Carolina, we get a mixture of snow and freezing rain, which then leaves ice on the roads. We have little no snow plows activity, so it is 'storm' enough for us!) When I am not warned by God, I may do the same each winter just because it is wise to "be prepared", but there is no urgency then and nothing really happens. In contrast, when I am warned by God, I am not told the details necessarily at all--I just obey God, my husband and I listen to one another, and my family is not caught unawares.

God doesn't need to tell individuals there will be attacks by certain people groups--He needs to directly tell the military leaders and President if He is really serious about it...but until then, our job is to pray for and elect leaders who may hear from Him, and to listen to His personal instructions or admonishments, whether he uses enemy invasions in our dreams to 'wake us up' about the blessings we now have or our spiritual condition, or not.

I hope this commentary has blessed you.

In Christ,
Teri Lee Earl

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