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Waving FlagMy thoughts, comments, prophetic indications or leanings, about America

compilation of prophetic indications given to Teri Lee Earl for America from the years 1994-2003

informal intro:

One day in 1994 or so, the Lord's Spirit commanded me to study the book of Jeremiah very thoroughly. I took a few months going through it and I paid special attention to anything the Lord wanted me to notice. Among the things that I noted, were the depths of denial of the nation of Israel before their captivity to Babylon, the lies (related to denial) and adultery (related to the lies) of both the secular and religious (no difference between the 'church' and the 'world'), the many false prophets and pastors (priests) of the nation, the loneliness and emotional angst of the prophet Jeremiah, and the fact that Jeremiah called for God's revenge on certain people who tried to kill him and God did answer his call.

I noted that Jeremiah's anger and God's response gives a different viewpoint than is often taught in the 'touch not thy anointed' teachings, which focuses solely on David's relationship with king Saul. This led me to further studies about David and Saul and his best friend Jonathan (as the Lord wanted me to), and then later the book of Hosea. All of these studies helped me tremendously in my own personal walk and call with the Lord.

My point is that at the end of this personal study of Jeremiah, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me clearly that the spiritual condition of Jeremiah's time was very similar to the condition in America. Logically, I thought, there would probably be prophets out there soon who decried sin like Jeremiah did, and there would be America's version of religious resistance to these prophets. Also, there would probably arrive on the scene a huge number of false prophets who would tickle the ears of the people and who would, having no real revelation of their own, trade and steal dreams and visions from others.

This part has come true, but I was not told how far the analogy would carry out. For instance, I was not told if America would stay in denial (and by this, I mean most of all American CHRISTIANS) and see its demise or destruction. Therefore, rather than have people draw wrong conclusions, I decided to keep quiet. I am not one to simply tell all that I know or think I know for entertainment purposes. I don't want people to wait on me for further revelation (you know, check back here for 'part 3' of what I get from God), and I know full well that God can tell others much more than me and therefore, what little I know might be inconsequential. Besides, God simply did not ask me to start blabbing.

Well, now that time has gone by and I have matured, and now that I have enough to say, I believe it is time to start blabbing. I have been asked what I 'know' prophetically about America on more than a few occasions anyhow, and so if I compile it all here I will not put anyone else through writing me an e-mail to try to find out.

So now that you know the background, here is the rest of it.

-Teri Lee Earl

This is what I first wrote after my study of Hosea. It was the old introduction to the American prophecies page.

Biblical precedence for a nation on the verge of judgment can be found in both the major and minor prophets of the Torah, such as the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Hosea. According to scriptural precedent, a spiritual fall happens before it is 'sealed' in the natural -- In other words, there is cause and effect.  A nation that worships idols, for instance, experiences spiritual depravity, which creates a loss of moral center and internal plagues and trouble, and then finally, judgment.

"Idols" today need not be made of wood and stone, nor be called outright 'gods'.  The New Testament, given to us because of the ministry of Jesus, the first century Apostles, and others who both preserved and spread the Word of God even today,  demonstrates rather plainly that other things, including even deceptive ideologies and people, can draw us away from pure and sincere devotion to our Lord.   Misplaced priorities and loyalties will eventually lead anyone down a path of destruction, just as surely as the folly of man will lead to hardship.

There are three areas which play into a spiritual downfall, and therefore these three areas of repentance are addressed by those called by God to deliver messages of warning or exhortation for individuals, fellowships,  communities, or nations in trouble:

1) returning to and seeking after the One true God (He who originally established and gave prosperity to the said nation, instead of giving credit to the works of their hands or their false gods)
2) returning to a zeal for righteousness rather than a zeal for sin
3) returning to the sincere functioning of the Church within the nation, rather than the false and ineffectual

However, before any judgment or downfall, there is a period of grace during which God sends His prophets to call such a nation to repentance.  There is also a state of spiritual depravity, due to the poor spiritual state the nation is already in. This produces a situation in which both false prophets and true prophets vie for the attention of the people, with one representing the heart of the Lord, while the other has only his own interests and glorification in mind.  By 'prophet', we are choosing for the moment the broader definition of anyone who has a timely message for a people or nation.

If the false prophets are successful, there will be no understanding and the people will perish.  If the true prophets are successful, there will be true repentance and moral and spiritual depravity will take a reverse course.  God will then be moved to intervene with restoration, rather than either leaving the nation to certain destruction or hastening that destruction to its final end.  A true prophet is personally successful even if the people do not listen, because he or she obeyed the Lord.

Scripture shows us that God responds with great grace when people humble themselves, and that it is not His heart to allow the destruction of a nation which He has blessed and established. Such is the nation of America, whom God has prospered and protected up until the present times, in spite of our obvious failings.  I pray that we no longer forget Him as we run after other gods offered us by the world, our compromised and corrupted churches and religious institutions, or our own lusts.

-Teri Lee Earl
(January, 2001)

This is also on our "Clinton Prophecies" page (a compilation of many of the crazy prophecies that went out at the time of Clinton and his scandal. I disagreed with these prophecies. I did not see the "Teflon President" Clinton as a righteous man or a spiritual blessing to this country at all)

On the day of the election of President Clinton to his second term of office (1996), I unmistakably felt the judgment of God drawing nigh on this country, since of the leadership that We The People had chosen a as President.  Personally, politics had held VERY little interest to me, and  I was not thinking about any of it at all when the Spirit stunned me with a sense of God's grief, his disappointment, over OUR choice, especially the choice of women who had voted with the intent of keeping their 'right' to abortion. The sense I got was that He looks to women as the last "indicator" of a society's capacity for nurturing and mercy, and this nation had failed. Again, I was not thinking about this at all and previously had little regard for the abortion issue being incredibly important, since this nation  had already had so many years without any serious challenge to it. So when I 'heard'  trumpets sounding as a warning and saw some 'spiritual' hordes advancing against us because of this election, I was most surprised!  It was as if something had been released and could not be taken back, and we were to make sure our spiritual armor was on. Within a few days, I discovered some others also experienced warnings and this grieving in the Spirit. However, just like me, they were not sure what to make of it and certainly felt that no one would believe them even if they were to speak out. Indeed, the feeling for me was to hold back for even the Church would not believe something was wrong until fruition became more and more obvious regarding Clinton's administration and his character and what he would bring, and even at that many would not believe something could not be undone or be better than it was, and we were in for a rough ride of some kind. I also had some repenting to do regarding my own apathy, which is pretty well described above and why I was so taken off guard. Much later than that, I discovered on the internet an account by Eric Wright (someone I did not know...the original is no longer on the Net), which described the feeling I got from these trumpet blasts which said of them:

"In my spirit I can hear a trumpet sounding off. It is different from the trumpet blast of the return of the King, it is the alarm sound of the horn. I feel the alert is now sounding off and the King is Calling forth His Army NOW to take position and ready themselves for what has begun. I feel we are like 'Minute Men' and Paul Revere has just rode through declaring "The Redcoats are Coming! The Red Coats are Coming!" Only in this impression He is also blowing on a ram's horn as he is going through."

At that point I took the time to say something briefly and link to his description as something similar to what I had experienced.-Teri Lee Earl

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon

Draw Near Without Guarantees by Teri Lee Earl

This prophetic directive was given to me as I wrote an e-mail to another ministry. It was the day after Sept. 11. Again, I was completely surprised that the fact the Lord said anything to me at about America nationally.

Here is a quote:
"Instead of bargaining with God, hoping that enough religious activity or exercises in prayer will divert disaster, let us offer true repentence to the Lord, and plead with Him to strengthen us so that we may walk in Him not according to the flesh like we have done, but in the Spirit. Facing an uncertain future with dignity and a clear conscience, with humility, and with conformity to the Spirit of the Lord, is a better option than living in security while in conformity to the world, while double-minded and in bondage to religious hypocrisy, and with unclean hands and hearts."

What was meant by that quote is that we Christians in America have had a wrong attitude. Whenever we have heard that God might bring disaster to the U.S., we have entered a "bargaining stage" where we'd plead and cry and wring our hands and expect that a few waves of our magic 'repentence' wand would chase it all away. That is a sarcastic, brutal, way of putting it, but I am saying it that way to provide a contrast to true submission to the Lord. If we are truly submitted to the Lord's sovereign concerning this nation, we will submit to His discipline. We would throw ourselves at His mercy and repent regardless of whether we thought we could escape all (or any) suffering and discipline. Drawing near to God without the thought of bargaining with Him and His will is a mature Christian approach. It takes not telling Him what to do or expecting of Him certain concessions.  It takes a complete trust of His mercy and wisdom as we submit to any suffering or hardship He is not willing to remove--even things He can't remove because we reap the consequences of our own activities or apathy (what we sow) anyhow. The point of drawing near to Him is not what we can get out of Him, but the fact that we love Him.

Part 3 of "Apathy The Final Death Blow" by Teri Lee Earl

This article is an in-depth Bible study that I wrote out of Christian passion and concern. It is a result of over two decades of such passion over the sin of apathy. It was not written with a purpose to prophesy or comment about America or the recent tragedy of 9/11 at all. However, as I was writing part three, the Lord had different ideas and He had me say a few things.

Informal closing:

Finally, for now, I'd like to say that those who persist in equating America with mystery Babylon are misguided. I do not have the space or time at the moment to fully explain my disagreement with this anti-Americanized version of the book of Revelation. I am thankful for America and for its existence as long as the Lord God shall be pleased to keep it in His Plan.

-Teri Lee Earl

See also the New Wine Skins page in regards to the prophesying of the "un"church (housechurch 'movement' and others). Received while praying/grieving for the spiritual condition of America and her churches.

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