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 Some of my visions or dreams depicting STORMS/FLOODS/TORNADOS 


Because so many other Christians were having these types of dreams, I decided to post a few of them on another webpage:  VISIONS OR DREAMS REGARDING STORMS/TORNADOES  Eventually, I  decided to post a few of my own.  In this way, others could benefit from them too.  Those who have had similar dreams in the last ten years now have the advantage of reading the fulfillments or interpretations after each dream as I discovered them.  

-Teri Lee Earl
(started 2004)


General introductory thoughts:

A storm or flood in a vision or dream is most likely an alleghory or symbolic message.  Although we are often shown right by the Holy Spirit what something means, checking the Bible for anything that applies is a good start.  Confirmations can often be found there, and it is not unusual for the Holy Spirit to lead us to a scripture that applies. Could the storm represent a severe rebuke and a judgment, such as in Isaiah 28:15-28? This seems the most likely option. Might the Lord himself be "enthroned over the flood" and will He protect us during it (Psalm 29:10 and Psalm 124)? Does a storm represent a beneficial manifestation of His power as He saves us from the hand of man (2 Samuel 2: 7-25)? Or is the storm and the accompanying rain it brings, symbolize a much needed refreshment after an extremely dry period (1 Kings 18:41-46)?

It is important to wait upon the Lord, even if it takes years, to understand what God is saying to them. This is far more wise than rushing to conclusions. We do not have to know all the answers when God has not given them to us, regardless of either internal or external pressures to do so.  By respecting God's Sovereign ways and His decisions to reveal when and how He wants to, we can guard ourselves from becoming deceived or foolish.

Some of these are very old. However, I am quite certain I accurately reported them since in many cases, I had written myself e-mails or otherwise recorded them.

Quick Overview- from first becoming a Christian (1977) until 1995

My first vision as a young Christian began with the Lord in His power as an extremely large hurricane-like storm.  This vision was given while I slept and required no interpretation from myself, since I understood the messages in the vision as I experienced them.  The experience was a lot like the end of the Raiders Of The Lost Ark movie (although that movie did not come out until over 5 years later). As a result, I am amazed to this day at 'Christians' who have no fear of the Lord!

I had no dreams or visions which had storms in them again until nine years later--This time at the end of the vision the Lord spoke to me from the gathering storm above.  Again, this vision required little interpretation on most of the parts of it. I have decided not to reproduce it here on this website because most of it is too personal and it would serve no usefulness for the Christian public.

There were no storms at all in any of my dreams until seven years later.  I do not typically dream of storms anyhow. Then, over the next 10 years, I occasionally dreamed about storms or massive amounts of water.  I could tell these dreams were obviously from God. However, I was often puzzled as to some or all of their meaning.  By happenstance, I discovered other people at the time were also having dreams or visions with similar symbols, and were sometimes similarly puzzled.  (see VISIONS OR DREAMS REGARDING STORMS/TORNADOES  in our 'prophecies' section, for a few of these examples)


 First Dream- The Flood into the Octagon shaped building- 1995

During a period of lots of intercession over my local church, I had an astonishing dream. The dream opened up with an inside view of a windowless building with bare walls.  I saw the people playing around in a little bit of water in this building. They were members of my church (I.C. - institutional church).  They splashed around in this water and made much of it, even though there was not a whole lot of water. The view then pulled back to a much larger view.  For a moment, I saw this building's structure and the structure of other buildings connected to it. This building was connected to another building by a hall, which was then connected to another, and another, and another-- too many for me to count in the dream. Each building was octagon shaped and exactly like the others.

There was a whole ocean full of water around the building, and my impression was that no one knew about this water outside of the building(s). They only had their small amount of water to play in on the inside.  Then everyone in the building (I did not see the leaders, though) moved into a small hall of the building. They all stood up, lined up against the wall, almost rigidly. They were waiting for another wave--a bigger one, that the leaders told them to anticipate. The hall was dark with little light.

Suddenly I cried out to them. I knew there was very little time left and I shouted to them a warning.  At the same time, I opened a previously unknown side door in the hall that they were standing in. I stood in the door after I had opened it, and shouted to them very loudly, "GET OUT, GET OUT! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IS COMING!" The door I opened was the way out and there was light outside. The light on the outside shown on their faces in the darkened hall. They looked puzzled at me, and talked amongst themselves. They seemed to think I was a little crazy. I was frantically waving to them, knowing that they only had a few seconds before I had to close the door and exit completely. Then some of them shrugged their shoulders, "Well," they said, "We will let our children go to her...Surely she can't do them too much harm (as if I was a baby-sitter and they needed to do church anyhow? I don't know) Then they released their children, and the children ran to my open arms--Just in time. I closed the door, but the adult church members were left in this tightly sealed hall.

I could see through the door and the wall even though I had closed the door. As soon as I closed the door--WHOOSH! a powerful wave ran through the hall--as high and strong and fast as a tidal wave. It went all the way to the roof as it completely submerged the people in the hall.  My feelings at the time were of great alarm. The wave was very quick and powerful and then it was gone. I totally expected that all the people inside were drowned in the wave--swept away. Yet to my surprise the wave did not sweep them away. I opened the door as soon as the wave passed through. They were still standing in their places, yet they were as overwhelmed as anyone would be who had just gone through a tidal wave. They sputtering and coughing and gasped for air. Most of all they were very surprised--It was clear that they had all indeed almost drowned. I went back inside to help them.

End of dream and I woke up, very distressed by the dream. I could not sleep for the rest of the night. I knew that if I warned the people of the church. I also knew that they would not listen.  Even so, it seemed I was to warn them.

Fulfillment and interpretation:

The building and the wave

First of all it seemed to me that the water represented the Holy Spirit. The people there were playing in a small amount of water yet thinking they had a lot, although they did not. At that time this local church boasted it was not a denomination.  However, even at the time of the dream, I was quite certain that the 'cookie cutter'  buildings, all exactly the same yet connected, indicated a very strict organization. Public events of its organizational headquarters later proved that the buildings in the dream most definitely spoke of the strict 'shape' of a denomination. Only a denomination would fly it's American founder and leader up to Canada to 'excommunicate' an entire church -- a church who at the time was in controversy and was therefore an embarrassment to them. The American leader superceded the autonomy of the Canadian leaders in order to do so, too, which was against their structural policy at the time.  

You may notice that the leaders had everyone line up in a nice little row against the hall, telling them to expect the next 'wave'.  All of this could be said to have occurred after the dream.  In fact, the "wave" terminology has been used since by many. This is all I can say without putright revealing the name of the denomination.

Even though I did not have full interpretation of the dream at the time, I knew that neither the contents of the dream nor the partial interpretation as I knew it then would be accepted. I had many good reasons for knowing this, not the least of which was the the dream itself. For one thing, the Lord had already told me about a year earlier that this church was in spiritual pride over their denomination and their original founder. When He told me this, I wanted to leave the church immediately. However, the Lord said "No."  Instead, He told me a few other things to do and to expect, over the course of the next year or so.

When I had this dream,  I called an intercessor leader and shared it with him. His response was that he had a quick vision from the Lord while in the church itself. This vision was of a tornado that struck the church.  When the tornado was done the only thing left was a single red flower in a vase, on top of a small table. He shared it with the leaders privately and they chuckled at his dream and told him he was definitely not a prophet.  Quite a few other people had dreams of warning or prophecies that the church leaders would not accept. Eventually the intercessor leader stepped down as elder and then left the church.

Hostility and dismissal

Just as in the dream, I ended up not being completely quiet toward this church. I did share some things. However, at the time, I did not know those things would be so difficult for certain church leaders to hear.  This was because they were in line with what they said they stood for, and what their main headquarters already taught to be true. I did not imagine the hostility to come from my sharing. It would take many pages to tell the extent of it all, even though I departed from attending their church rather quickly and in a peaceful manner. They had no cause to further concern themselves with me, and yet slander and other acts continued for a full seven months after I had left! It was so intense that we even considered moving out of town, but the Lord had other plans.   

The Lord guided me through this process of rejection and notified me of certain things ahead of time. I suppose this was His Grace, to prepare me for it.  This dream was one of those notifications.  Indeed, the dream was an indicator that it was time for me to leave, and not to be surprised by how members of the church would perceive me as I left.

The children  

 There were only a couple of people who would continue to talk to me after the slander. One of them was a younger person I ministered to after I left the church.  A full five years later or so,  she came to our house and announced that it was my husband and I who had really been her 'pastor' all along.  Afterwards she left that church, the town, and then the state. She and a few others might have represented by the "children" in the dream. I have no explanation for "going back inside" except that I have talked to a number of people afterwards about the other things the Lord showed me about the denomination. A couple of those people have included prominent leaders within the organization, either while they were still in or after they had left. 

Many years afterwards

As for me, I was happy to have left the church and have gone on to the much better adventure the Lord had for me outside of its walls.  Certainly the "ocean" outside was much larger and 'wetter'. So, I soon gave the Senior Pastor and others involved little thought during the years following.  However, by a series of strange coincidences, about ten years later, I met with a woman revivalist I knew who was coming into town.  Her meetings were originally scheduled to be held in a homechurch. However, members of my old local church wanted her to come there instead.  According to what was told me by the homechurch people, the members of my old local church complained that they felt "dry" and had been for years, and were desparate.  I recognized the names of people who had been at that church so many years ago while I was there-- people who knew about at least some of this Senior Pastor's activities, and people whose faces I had seen in the hall, in the dream.

After some deliberation I decided to tell this revivalist about the letter I had gotten from that church's Senior Pastor, the one which disinviting me from ever walking into that church again, or for that matter any other church in town who was involved in any way with that church. This included their city-wide renewal meetings those years ago, although at the time I certainly was not against their renewal.

After this revivalist came to town, we ended up meeting her on our own. It was at that time that my husband and I found out that this same Senior Pastor was in the hospital, dying of cancer. Of course, I do not rejoice in this. I have tried not to think about it since.  However, naturally I'm sure such an event is a traumatic one for those church members I used to know. Soon after my meeting with this revivalist, the pastor did die an early death. I believe the interpretation of the shock and pain of the people in the dream who had stayed behind, is now an obvious one.


Just after I had this dream about the octagon building,  I found out that other people were starting to have dreams about storms and they were sharing them on the internet.  Most of these people were in the same denomination I spoke about above. I noticed that if you paid attention to their theme, these dreams often mirrored the principle of 1 Corinth 3:10-15 and Matt. 7:24-27. I have frequently counseled people who were astonished by the dreams and visions they have had from God, telling them to leave this denomination, or their local church of this denomination. When they contacted me, they generally had no idea that I once attended a church of this denomination once ago, or had similar warnings and revealings about the common problems of this denomination.

Brothers and sisters, we should not be too astonished at these types of dreams and subsequent developments. Others have experienced and known this type of thing before. 

The question is, will the compromising Christians of today begin to repudiate wicked leadership and seek God again? Will they humble themselves in sorrow and in tears? Or, are they too satisfied with religious distractions, content to instead frolic around in the superficial, and unwilling to recognize their sin and departure from the New Testament faith?  When the Lord has so taken effort to warn, entreating them to once again make Him their first love as He did through myself and others (all at the same time)--- How can we expect the Lord to not them to their idols, and to what they prefer? Many folks do not believe that the Spirit will forsake religious men and their groups, but scriptures shows He sometimes does.  As Jesus says, "...the house is left to you desolate." Matt. 23:38

Two Dreams given in August, 1996:

Dream #1:

There were 'companions' with me. The sky was dark, and tornados were popping up and traveling in many different directions all over the landscape.  In the dream, I was leading to the 'safest' place to get out of the way from each tornado as they were coming. I had the ability to 'spot' the next tornado coming, and know which way it was going to travel, and so did some of the others with me. It was very clear that I was not the only one to lead in this way. In fact, we took turns, as various people were also able to 'see' and know where to go next. Whoever was the 'spotter' at the time would point to the next place to go, and the rest of us would take the direction. I noticed many of these 'spotters' were women, yet the men did not have a problem with this. There was a great sense of unity, and all of us functioned together to keep out of danger.
This happened throughout the dream. The last tornado was quite large. It was my turn again at that time to be the 'spotter' and I knew that this tornado was going to travel along the ditch we were in! I was a little anxious, but then understood that God would keep us safe while we stayed in the ditch. This did not make sense in the natural at all, since the tornado was heading right toward us in all its fury. Even so, I informed the other 'companions' of what we need to do, and we all stood waist deep in the water of the ditch as the tornado traveled toward us. I knew we would be safe, and the tornado did not touch us. End.

Initial Interpretation (within and just after the dream):

This is about prophetic gifting and direction. It is important to remain humble and in unity. Even those who are 'spotters' will take a rest and listen to others. We are not to be alone and it is wise to work cooperatively, respecting what God has given each. We are to heed whatever the Lord says. The water in the ditch represented the Holy Spirit. 

Later understanding:

As a child and teenager, I lived in Florida where tornados were not often known except as "spin-offs" of a hurricane. My father has always had an understanding and appreciation of the weather, and was quite good at 'predicting' the weather with his knowledge of it. We lived in a trailer, and trailers are well-known to be tornado fodder. I remember that once when I was a teenager, my father made it a point to tell me that if a tornado comes, the safest place would not be inside, but rather in any ditch by our trailer. He said don't be embarrassed to get in a ditch, and get as low to the ground as you can, for it can save your life. 
The ditch represented the 'lowest' point, or true, disciplined humility.

I believe that as we listen to our heavenly Father, the weather will be known to us --enough so that we will not be caught unawares (Matt. 16:2-3). Since I was outside of what later became known as the "I.C." at the time of the dream, we were 'outside' in the dream too. The interactive and cooperative way we changed leadership according to the gifts (instead of depending on one person all the time) also represented the ideal of the way co-leadership (Eph. 4:11) as we worked outside of the non-I.C. There was no gender biased because we were outside of the I.C. 

Dream 2:

I was inside a sturdy house. I was the only one downstairs while everyone else (I didn't see them) was upstairs. It was obvious that these people were not my family members as in my earthly family, but they were my 'companions'. I did not go upstairs in the dream. I saw a huge approaching tornado coming from the side. There was no way to avoid it. There were evil spirits that looked like wisps of air, and they came ahead of the tornado. However, I had no indications that there was tornado itself was demonic. It actually seemed to be of God. It was safest to stay away from the windows until they were shut completely, yet I was there to do a job. I had a set amount of time, and my job was to close the storm windows. If I did not close them well, some of the 'wisps' would get in and cause destruction inside the house. I had to work fast, yet I did not have to be perfect in my work. The 'wisps' were actually quite easy to keep out. I only had to make sure both the regular window and storm window was closed. I was able to get my job done, just in time. After getting the windows shut, there was like a brief 'skip' in time, and I was shown the next scene as doing CPR on someone, and calling on another with more knowledge to help. At that time, people were filtering downstairs too. It seemed that once my 'job' at the windows was done, then the other people did not have to stay upstairs any more. Also, since my job of closing the windows was done, I would be able to walk freely in the house just as the others were now able to. End.


This refers to the role of gift of discernment in the coming storm. It was important to keep anything not of God out of the dwelling place. I have already experienced some of this coming true, with another vision/dream which notified me of an attack and the nature of a demonic-like attack that 'got through' a window. This referred to an actual event shortly thereafter, involving a brother who pretended to be unified with us. However, once he could not get us to be loyal followers of Gene Edwards, he responded by viciously slandering and rejecting. Because of the warning in my dream just before he started his slander, I understood his activities were demonicly inspired and was therefore prepared for the confrontation.

The CPR refers to counseling/first aid mercy for those who have fainted. This is also related to the gift of discernment, since we are alerted by God about who is 'in trouble'. I understood this because of other spiritual indications of the past, related to my being a nurse (I am a nurse and have been trained in actual CPR) I believe the upstairs room refers to waiting upon the Holy Spirit, as in the Upper Room.

Fulfillment, 2001: This dream has come true, metaphorically speaking. By listening to the gift of discernment and through emergency intervention, actual lives were saved, including more than one suicide prevention. These events were just as 'up close and personal' as CPR would be. The prophetic gift/discernment was used (words of knowledge/ us personally). Our interventions were accompanied by difficulties (trials and tribulations), some of which were generated by church elders and a legalistic youth leader of an I.C. church we did not attend, and some because a teenager lied because he was afraid of his parents (he later confessed this to myself, in private). Although the hostilities were also directed at one of our children, our family came through okay with quite a lot of effort on our part. Even though the unseen 'companions' were all adults in the dream, it is possible that the dream loosely represented our house and the protection of our family and friends. It is possible that this dream, like others have been, had what I call a "double layer" meaning -- In this one, one fulfillment for the present and another for the future.

SIDENOTE: BASIC EDUCATION REGARDING TORNADOS (not a prophecy, dream, or vision):

Tornados form in a 'storm cell' made from two conflicting fronts (Usually from cold front and warm front)-- Powerful 'storm cells' can generate many tornados. One storm in Texas generated 25 tornadoes before they stopped counting. Hurricanes can also generate tornados. Tornados have a rather predictable life cycle. They form,then the 'mature stage', then the 'rope' (the tornadoe becomes tighter and the wind velocity faster at the same time) then the dissipation. There is also the phenomenom known as 'multiple vortexes'. People used to think this was rare, but video proof shows that it is not that rare. These vortexes appear and disappear unpredicatably and rapidly--The vortexes themselves rotating in the standard direction (counterclockwise) as they form and dissipate. It looks like a 'circle of destruction' and within that circle are many tornados rotating. It is very destructive. I also saw video of a smaller tornado come horizontally out of the side of a larger one. And one spectacular vortex that went from the far up into the storm, HORIZONTAL over the heads of the viewers for a great length, and then eventually touch down on the ground. Of course, unlike the movie "TWISTER", even the professional storm chasers do not get too close to a powerful storm that is ripe for spawning tornados. They just film from a distance.  However, recent visions and dreams about tornados or storms coming upon the Church in the U.S. show that The Church won't have the option of keeping at a 'safe' distance.

Dream of a Personal 'Flood'- May 21, 2004

Many months prior to this dream I am about to relate, I had a sudden dream about an unexpected storm rolling in, with lightening and black clouds.  I woke up knowing that I should start paying closer attention to these dreams about storms. How could I interpret them, I wondered, if I was never quite sure what they might mean?  It always seemed like I was on the verge of understanding something yet never quite there.  I began my own long Bible study and research, but my study and writing was interrupted because of certain events that happened for the next two years. For one thing,  ministry outside of the internet took up my time (sometimes people were guests in our home), Our family also suffered quite a good many illness -related problems, one after another. Since I am a nurse, I was the primary care giver and this left me with little time for myself. Therefore I never got back to the 'final draft' of the study for a long time.  A few times, people spontaneously sent me very encouraging words from the Lord during this time. These were of great help.

Other dreams I have had contain too much personal instruction to me and not published here right now.

See also: Dream - Pure & Impure Water by Deborah of Footstool Ministries, as a dream that demonstrated a 'flood' of contaminated water. My dreams have not been about contaminated water, but this dream is interesting nevertheless.

-Teri Lee Earl

The following is a quote from chapter four of  "IN THE DAY OF THY POWER, The Scriptural Principles of Revival" by Arthur Wallis:

"In picture language this is revival; in fact it is the sort of picture language that Scripture uses to convey the irresistible power of God. Often in the period just preceding the movement, the stream of power and blessing has been unusually low. The people of God and the work of God have been "in great affliction and reproach", despised or ignored by those around them. In response, however, to the prayers of a burdened remnant God has been quietly hearing the flood. The watchful eye has seen "a cloud as small as a man's hand". The listening ear has caught "the sound of abundance of rain". Then suddenly, when the majority had no expectation of it, God opened the windows of heaven and poured out the blessing so that in the channels of organized Christianity there was not room enough to receive it.

Like the river that issued from the sanctuary in the vision of Ezekiel (chap. 47), the waters that were at first to the ankles are before long, in the full tide of revival, "waters to swim in". The flood of life and blessing has now become an object of awe and wonder. Works of darkness and strongholds of Satan that have long resisted the normal influences of the Spirit are swept away. Stubborn wills that have long withstood the overtures of the gospel, the pleadings and the prayers of loved ones, now bend and break before the irresistible flow of the Spirit, to be engulfed themselves and borne along in the stream of blessing.

What God has said of a coming time of judgment and revival for Israel and the earth, is in measure true of all such displays of God's power: "So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun: for He shall come as a rushing stream, which the breath of the Lord driveth" (Isa. 59:19). Thus does God see fit to use revival to create spiritual momentum, to accomplish in days what could never otherwise be achieved in years of normal Christian activity. "

This section of "Diary of Dreams" is part of our Prophet 'Un'School

  "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy  both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart  from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." (Matt. 10:29-31)

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