This is an addendum to what is commonly known as the Open Rebuke to Rick Joyner and Morningstar
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These quotes from Morningstar regarding 'levels', happened to be in my e-mail files. They are here to just give a very brief idea of how frequently the term 'levels' is used, for what, and approx. when it started. Placed in order of date. These are not a catalogue of all the times that Joyner uses the promises of new 'levels' or introduces coming 'levels' in the MorningStar Journal

From Shepherd's Rod, 1995, by Bob Jones--NO mention of 'levels' in this Shepherd's Rod

From my own notes from Morning Star Prophetic Conference-Charlotte, 1996, May 30-June 1
 (speaker: Steve Thompson) that obedience in faith increases our own faith, and equals greater prophetic 'levels' in
the gifting as we stepped out. (like the parable of the talents--faithful in a little, more is given)...

Shepherd's Rod, 1996, is missing from their website now, although I know I've seen it and viewed it in 1998. Recall it may be the one that talked about the 'level' that John G. Lake reached, and numerous other references to 'levels'. Still have the e-mail where I mentioned this to someone.

From "Words for the Coming Times #3," Dec. 31,1997, by Rick Joyner, just before introducing a Jone's prophecy

".Bob would fall into a trance as soon as he crossed the S. Carolina border, and an incredible prophetic anointing would come upon him. And we're flying along, Bob's talking, and all of the sudden the anointing comes on the airplane and Bob goes, and he's in it and he starts prophesying and believe me when he hits that anointing it is a high level..."

From, WHAT WILL YOU BE?-ISHMAEL OR ISAAC, MorningStar Internet Ministries Word from Bob Jones (given on 17July98)]
 "When you are taken to new levels in the Spirit you will also encounter new Devils"...

From Shepherd's Rod, 1997 by Bob Jones-all of the 'levels' talk
Strong delusion will be released on a level like never before...This anointing is a level of spiritual authority essential to the fulfillment of an individual's call...One of the greatest benefits of understanding authority and anointing’s is to realize the high level of faith that comes with this understanding and the dismissal of presumption.When we recognize that the Lord has commissioned and anointed us to accomplish a specific task then a higher level of faith comes with that understanding...

From Shepherd's Rod, 1998, by Bob Jones--all of the 'levels' talk:
Through this, the Lord is also extending the invitation for intimate relationship on a much higher level.  It is as though the
Lord is extending an invitation to dine with Him and He with us in order to acquaint ourselves through this intimate
fellowship on a much more personal level... Those who are presently in leadership that have been faithful and humble and made certain that they transferred all praise and glory to the Lord, will be allowed to progress and taken to a higher level.... The church must enter in to a higher level of  intercession so as to lift the coming judgements... New and higher levels of praise will be experienced in the church that will ultimately overcome the enemy and the schemes of the devil... The Kirk will turn their eyes toward God and cry for help and the Lord will put a division between the Kirk and the world when they do.  This will mark a release in the demonic realm on a higher level that we have not been accustomed to before now...The church will now enter in to a new level of unity as a result of these things that are coming...In the natural realm we will see many blood infections and infectious diseases spreading on a new level...AND I WILL MAKE JUSTICE THE MEASURING LINE, AND RIGHTEOUSNESS THE LEVEL (quoting Isa. 28:17)

From (no longer available), FAQ section:

 Yes. The April conference will be a level above the previous ones in the depth of teaching and training. We feel we need to use this one to build a "bridge" for crossing over into more in-depth  conferences. The bridge that we are seeking to build is to link the prophetic more strongly to the evangelistic, teaching and pastoral ministries.

The next level of training will involve using the prophetic gifts in evangelism, working with pastors in counseling, and as watchmen. This also involves a greater depth of vision, dream interpretation, and application. To do this we must have strong relationships with the other equipping ministries of the church. Our goal is not just teaching about prophetic gifts, or even releasing people into their gifts or ministry, but to enable them to have an effective ministry for the building up of the body of Christ. We believe that the highest levels of the prophetic gifts can only function in harmony with the other ministries given to the church.

From Shepherd's Rod, 1999 by Bob Jones--all of the 'levels' talk:
This is an egg of the dragon revealing the spirit of anti-Christ on a level that this generation has not seen before...Major catastrophic disasters will escalate in the earth very shortly. These will occur as devastating volcanoes and earthquakes. War, famine, and pestilence will accelerate to new levels with ravaging results... Others who do not will see the power of panic on a new level
heretofore unseen..."And I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the level; then hail shall sweep away
the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the secret place. (Isaiah 28:17--again)

I viewed Joyner's first announcement of his submission of Morningstar's prophecies to the 'Round Table' (international and national leaders) where he discussed 'levels' again at length, how this was a new level, and how some 'prophecies' were not at such a 'high level' and he marked those for the 'Round Table', etc. etc. Do not have this announcement at this time. I believe Morningstar took it down.

From Richard Riss AWAKENING LIST, Fri, 25 Jun 1999

Subject: FWD: 1999 and Beyond - Rick Joyner
Rick Joyner
In 1999 the pattern of each year becoming more extraordinary than the last will continue. This year the church will go to a new level of both fruitfulness and power. Nine is the number of the Holy Spirit fruitfulness and power. (there are 9 gifts and 9 fruits of the Spirit)....

See our brief 1999 section in Yearly Prophecies, for a little more on this particular 1999 writing and others.

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