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This prophecy of an 'Acts' type church being in the Lord's heart is typical of prophecies I have heard from 'unknown' Christians here in the U.S. for the three years since 1997 and beyond.  Comment below is given by Barry Linville, who alerted us to this prophecy, which he found at

Below is a prophecy reportedly given by Graham Cooke at the Sunderland Prophetic Thunder Conference given in the UK,  3 - 5 October 1997

Sunday was another fantastic day. I want to highlight the evening when Graham Cooke spoke on God's Dream. God has a dream that His Church in the end time will become like the one in Acts. Everything in common and of one mind and soul. Graham prophesied that only when the church becomes a corporate entity, rather than lots of separate entities, can we expect to see a great move of God in our nation. Churches have to sacrifice their own individual preferences for the sake of the Kingdom. This does not mean that they can't have their own calling, as long as the calling is linked together with the callings of the other churches in the area. Also the character of our meetings will have to change. As he put it, "less preaching and more discipling!" He pointed out that we hear on average at least 52 messages per year. What do
we do with them? The church should be discipling the people to walk and live in the truths preached. The leaders in the Church are there to train up the people into the ministry (Eph 4) -not keep them as pew fillers! Then he warned against bolting the new anointing to the old instead of completely abandoning the old to embrace the new:

Isaiah 42:9

Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

Isaiah 43:18-19

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. [19] Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?

The old way of being a church is gone. God has abolished it. He is doing a new thing now. We should not be hanging on to the old. We should let go of it and not consider it anymore. He stirred up the hearts of those who have had enough of religious meetings and who long to see FREEDOM in the church where people come together to meet with the glory of God rather than to "perform" a "service"!


All in all God was doing heart surgery on the people in every meeting. Even between the meetings: His presence was so strong that (on a personal note) when you walked into the meeting hall your knees were struggling to keep you up! It was wonderful. New heights of worship were reached and God is saying to the Church right now to allow Him to
cleanse her and get ready for Revival. He is a Holy God and needs a Holy people. He is also emphasising the fact that we are in a war and need to be very strong in the Lord. God is also wanting to change our church structures to fulfil His dream of a church flowing freely in His Spirit and in perfect unity with one another.


The following is a translation of Isaiah 43:18-19 the Lord gave me (Barry):

18) Do not make it a practice of recalling the way it used to be, recalling those big things I have done in the past, for the purpose of understanding them.

19) Look around you, see the new thing I am doing, a renewing and repairing of your lives.  Like a new plant, it is springing up now. Do you see it? Do you recognize it? I have a construction project going on...a new way of life, a new path through the uninhabited wilderness you are going through. I am causing a new stream, a new river to spring up in the ruined, desolate places of your lives.

They Will Begin To Seek ME
Jo Ann Glasco

From the Fruitful Vine No. 61

My sheep do not recognize where the devil has come to divide, because they are deceived. Their pastors' eyes are blinded to such because areas of their lives have not been conquered for me: such as pride, tradition, and idolatry. I am going to tear down their pride and uncover the deadmen's bones (works) that are now being manifested in My temple. They will turn loose of the rote and tradition that have ensnared them into bondage and captivity.

They have take up works and yet they call this My presence and My spirit. Carnality, pride, and lust take precedence in My services. They are My services, yet I do not attend. My Word is there in a very limited fashion, but My leadership and anointing is not on the order in the established Church.

The people in days to come will feel a dryness - they will know My presence is not there. Through this, they will begin to seek Me. Look for Me in a greater measure. I am calling them back to the secret closet, back to a time alone with Me, worshiping, fasting, back into a place of My freedom where I can manifest in the midst of them; where I can control the service. The hours, time limits will change - so will hearts and attitudes. My Church services will not be just a place to attend at a certain date and time. My people will long to be in My house - they will have great love and compassion for the rest of My body.

Man's order will be thrown out because of the desire of My people. They will want Me. They will want to see My glory. They will want to bask in My presence. They will love Me as a young virgin awaits the bridegroom before a wedding.

SPIRITUAL ADULTERY is prevailing in My Church. - coming to the building and following traditional guidelines is in itself idolatry. They love their form of worship now, but I can tell you it is a stench in My nostrils. I am going to remove My hand from the congregation. The dryness, the tradition, the compromise, man's designs and works will all be felt and seen. This will create a vacuum in the believer's life, and he will begin to seek Me in a greater measure.

OH, REJOICE!! REJOICE! For the bridegroom is in preparation to come back for His bride. I will get those chosen for the bride prepared. She will think only of Him, to make herself beautiful and pleasing - and most of all, her heart will desire to see the Son and be with Him for all eternity. The price to pay is great, but the reward's worth cannot be measured by any man.

In this last hour, My sheep will hear My voice. I am going after those stray sheep who love Me and have ears to hear. I am going to make Myself known to them in greater measure. By My great light and presence, they will move out of the web of deception. They will see satan's scheme for today's powerless, lifeless Church.

My sheep have been in a spiritual wilderness, wandering further and further away from the flock, because they have no guidance from their shepherds. The existing pastors are too preoccupied with the cares of this world and the traditions of man to go after the straying sheep. My heart grieves and longs for My lost sheep. The ARE MY SHEEP, - I want them gathered unto Me, under My instruction, under My voice. My spirit will move on each heart. They will know it; they will hear it. I will woo them back to a place of hunger, desire, and thirst for Me, and I will create within them a new heart.

I am not coming to the traditional edifices of man, the monuments, the shrines, erected by man's hands. The walls have been erected to keep My guidance and leadership out. Man's design and ways are enclosed within the walls in My name. They will speak of My coming. They will sing of My coming they will pray for My coming. Yet, I will not hear them. I am coming for My sheep. I will be found gathering them up. I will be with them and in them.

And yes, I will send them shepherds, pastors, who have been with Me in the secret place. My glory, My anointing will be seen and felt when these special dear ones come and assemble themselves together.

         [Through this word, the Lord spoke to my heart about the present day works of many churches. He is going to call out those who have ears to hear.]

Man's hand will not be seen on the last day Church. My humility will be placed in every believer. I'm pulling down their pride in their gifted members, offerings, donations, and name of respectability.

In My eyes, I see her as a sick old woman. She has gone beyond her years of productivity. She is no longer physically attractive. She does not have the energy or desire to do the works I've called her to do. She is in poor health. Because of this, she doesn't even feel like doing what I've called her to do. She wants to lie down on her bed and rest.

Her mind has been dulled by the many attacks on her physical body. She seldom hears Me and then becomes confused or forgets what I have asked her to do. She is POWERLESS to run this last race. She is no longer effective. Because she still needs to exist, she has her props to hold her up - manmade operations and traditions.

The old woman cannot produce life and nurture new children. She has no milk in her breasts. She thinks about good times of the past, and dreams of what once was or what could be. She is not physically or emotionally capable to act on her dream.

I am raising up an army -- a remnant, preparing a bride to take her place. My anointing, blessings, favors rest here as I prepare her for the coming bridegroom.

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Mr. Somers does not "keep score" on which prophecies come true or not, nor try to exhaustively weigh them--he just publishes them. See his Policy Statement off his front page.

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